I'm back! And guess what?! I don't suck at writing anymore!

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Okies... I haven't updated any of my stories for the longest time... and I'm starting a new one.

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Very. Anyways... This is just a preview of one of my newer stories and I want to see what everybody thinks of it... so review.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-gi-oh or something of that sort.

-----Chapter One-------

Imagine your life if you were only living with your dad. Imagine that when you were young, your mom and your older brother died. Pretty horrible right? Maybe you wish that it wouldn't happen to anybody.

It's too late now. It's already happened to me.

Life was pretty good, up until I was seven. That was when my mom got into a car to drive my older brother to school. The road was icy that day, and mom lost control of the car and crashed into a pole, killing herself... and my older brother. My brother was eight when he died... and his name was Ryou Bakura.

It's been eight years since that day, so now I'm fifteen years old. I live with my dad, who's usually not home. He's an archeologist, so I never get to see him much. We always move around, so I don't have any friends.

Maybe I should introduce myself. My name's Amane Bakura. I kind of look like my older brother. If I look into a mirror, I can see the long, white hair me and Ryou had. His was a bit wilder, and mine a bit straighter. I could stare into my brown eyes, which resemble my brother's. You can say that I'm like his twin sister. I don't have my brother's accent though.

I live in Domino City, where my father says that we might stay. I'm glad for that, but not glad of the school uniform I have on currently. It's almost the start of school and I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I hate how the pink makes my skin paler than it already is. The skirt is too short, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

"How can girls wear this?" I wonder aloud before grabbing my backpack and going down the stairs. I go outside and lock the door behind me, since my father is out on an archeological dig. I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I walk in the streets, making sure my skirt doesn't show too much of what I don't want to show.

----------End of Chapter One------------

Blah XD Anyways... I just want to know what everybody thinks of it... and if you like it, I'll try to get the second chapter up ASAP!

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