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---Gone... or is it?---

I woke up.

Ouch, I also had a headache. I rubbed the side of my head gently. I also felt tired, but wasn't I just asleep? I didn't even know where I was. I opened my eyes, gazing around the room I was in. Except, I wasn't in a room; I was in a hallway. A hallway?

I got up, suddenly noticing the lightness around my chest area. I peered down, getting the feeling that something was missing. But, this something didn't make me feeling depressed that I had lost it. It made me happy, as if something had been lifted off my back, even if I did lost it.

The Millennium Ring was gone.

And so was Bakura. No trace of him anywhere, and I was even more happier. I walked down the lengthy hallway, wondering where in the castle – if I was in the castle – I was in.

"Hey, Amane!" I heard someone call out. I turned around, gazing into the happy faces of Yugi, Téa (I knew it was fake), Joey and Tristan. I waved at them, rushing over as they asked me where I had been.

"I don't know," I answered sheepishly, "I just woke up in this hallway."

Tristan promptly explained how he had gotten rid of Bakura and the Millennium Ring. When he finished, I reached up and hugged him, thanking him so many times, over and over again. But eventually, I was pulled off, and words couldn't even begin to express my gratitude towards the ridding of Bakura, because that meant I was free from his harm.

But even so, I still couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness. After all, he looked like my brother. I gave a little sigh. Ryou was so kind, always smiling; always helping. But seeing Bakura shattered my innocent image of my big brother, and sometimes I even wonder if he was Ryou.

I glanced around, asking if the others knew the time and, unfortunately, Téa told me it was almost three. Almost three? I wondered what Bakura did during that time and I hoped that it wasn't much. But, knowing him, I knew that there always 'wasn't much' with Bakura. What he exactly did? I don't know, so I just had to keep walking until we reached the balcony. I ran ahead, trying to get out of this confining hallway because I felt trapped and scared.

Mokuba was there, appearing to stir a little when I stepped in front of him and peered closely. His eyes flickered, finally choosing to open themselves and reveal Mokuba's confused looking eyes to the world. Yugi and the others decided to come to the balcony, running in like maniacs. I gave a small smile, knowing that they were chasing after me the moment I had dashed off.

"He's coming around." I said to them as little gasps of air came from the slightly tired group.

"Who'd have thought Pegasus would keep his word?" Tristan said in surprise, the rest of us watching as Yugi asked if the smaller boy was ok and if he could get off this island.

"Not without Seto!" Mokuba protested, who also asked where he was. The rest of us looked at each other, clueless appearances on our faces. The tournament manager took that time to come out, telling us that Pegasus won't be able to come due to a certain illness that he had suddenly came down with. I briefly wondered if Bakura had anything to do with that, and when I glanced at Yugi, he appeared to be thinking the same thing.

Joey voiced his opinion to him, saying that it was just an excuse to avoid the rewarding of the prizes. But Pegasus' goon replied that the prizes would still be rewarded and told Yugi that all three souls had been released, and giving him the three million dollar prize money, along with a card that Pegasus hand-painted himself – The Ties of Friendship.

Yugi grinned, and gave the prize money to Joey, who looked like he was about to cry in happiness. The tournament manager kicked us out of the castle in the nicest way possible – suggesting that we'd leave. And so, we did. Yugi announced happily that he couldn't wait to see his grandpa again.

We walked out of the castle, seeing Kaiba standing there calmly in the sunset. Mokuba ran into his arms, hugging him tightly as sobs racked his body. We heard Joey sniffle beside us, and I giggled.

"Thanks... Yugi, Kaiba said a little sheepishly. "He means everything to me."

He said something about their last duel not really conclusive. So, they'll duel again, watching as Yugi nodded in agreement. The Kaiba brothers turned around, heading to their helicopter as Joey discovers in shock that all the boats had left. Suddenly shocked too by the news, the rest of us started running towards Kaiba, asking if we could get a ride back to Domino with him. He agreed, hesitating as he did so, and we all climbed into the helicopter.

So, when the helicopter took off into the air; when the scenery of the island was below us and speeding along; I didn't notice the little changes that occurred as I gazed happily out the windows.

I didn't notice my pockets getting heavy, being weighted down by something.

I didn't notice when the Millennium Ring materialized underneath my jacket.

I didn't notice... until it was too late.

---The End---

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