The Surprising Return

Sirius Black fell into a dark cold room and he knew instantly that he had fallen behind the veil in the Department of Mysteries. Sirius looked around for a moment. His sleek black long hair was drenched in sweat and his face dirty. He searched in the silvery blue light for his wand. He felt like he had shattered as the spell was cast but the veil had saved him. His heart beat quickly at the thought of never seeing his godson, Ron or Hermione again. But then he saw it: about ten feet away was his wand in perfectly good condition. Sirius seized it and pointed it towards the ground and muttered:

"Dissendium!" Sirius was lifted off his feet and he stayed in tense arms and ankles locked position as he was lifted of the ground and directed back through the veil. He looked around. The room was silent and he saw nothing except a few boxes and dead Death Eaters.

"Where have they gone?" He muttered to himself in the empty department. "The battle couldn't be finished already." But it was. Sirius slowly looked around. He then noticed a dirty calendar hanging up on the wall. It was a charmed calendar in which the day was never wrong. He looked at it and the date read June 7.

"That's from nearly two weeks ago!" Sirius exclaimed to himself, startled. Sirius exited the depressing department and found himself out on the streets wandering down the dark road in the night. Sirius was pleased to be away from the department and the veil but where could he go now? Suddenly he realized that now that he was out of the Ministry's building he could apparate! But he questioned where he should apparate to. He couldn't go to Hogwarts to speak with Dumbledore because Hogwarts is enchanted to let no apparating go on within it. Then Sirius thought, Harry, perhaps? But then Sirius realized that Harry's uncle and aunt wouldn't be too pleased with that.

Then it hit him: Hermione. I'm sure her parents wouldn't mind! Since they're muggles, I'm sure they won't know I'm wanted for murder, and plus, I can just be Snuffles for a while and she can tell them I'm a stray! It's perfect. With no further questioning, there was a loud crack and Sirius found himself landing in chair in Hermione's room abruptly. She was lying on her bed on her stomache doing homework when she looked up to see him.

Her eyes grew wide and she stood up to get a closer look.

"Sirius?" She muttered. "Is that you?" almost afraid that if she said the words he was go away as fast as he came.

"Yes. Yes, it's me." Sirius exclaimed. Sirius was wearing baggy black pants and a white, dirty t-shirt stained with mud and Sirius looked into her face. "Hermione," he continued, "I never died, honest! It's safe to smile..." he teased causing the expression of shock on her face to turn into a small smile. "Sirius... I just... I can't believe it. The past two weeks have been, well, hell actually." She said sadly.

"Aww... You missed me that much, did you?" Sirius said playfully.

"Well, yes! We have been good friends, haven't we?"

"Of course we have. That's why you're going to let me stay with you." Sirius gave her a sweet smile which even made her flush.

"I don't know Sirius... I mean my parents... they... they wouldn't let me have a thirty-five year old man stay in my room with me at night..."

"Well, maybe they may think an old man would hurt you in some way..." he said winking. "However, they'd never suspect an innocent black dog, would they?" Sirius quickly transformed into his big black dog form and gave her sad puppy eyes and started whimpering at her.

"Oh Sirius!" She cried out as the dog leaped on her making her fall back as he licked her face fiercely. Hermione laughed and finally gave in. "Oh all right..." This only caused Sirius to lick her more and begin to bark loudly. Hermione covered the dog's mouth quickly as she jumped up but it was too late. There was a knock on her door and Hermione's mother strode in.

"Hermione Granger! Where did that dog come from?" Said Mrs. Granger pointing at Sirius.

"I.... I er- I found him.... Out—side..." Hermione stuttered.

"So you invited him in for a cup of tea, is that it?" Mrs. Granger said sarcastically.

"No, of course not mother." Hermione said slowly regaining her confidence. "You see, it was barking outside my window and I couldn't concentrate so I just let it in to see what was the matter. It's so nice mother! I named him Snuffles. Isn't he such a handsome dog?" Hermione said hugging Sirius close to her. Mrs. Granger just looked from Hermione to the dog uneasily.

"Mother, please may I keep him?" Hermione pleaded as Snuffles licked her on the cheek and gave Mrs. Granger, what appeared to be a smile.

"Oh, all right." Mrs. Granger said finally. Both Hermione and Snuffles lept onto Mrs. Granger hugging her with thanks.

"Thank you so much mother! I promise he'll be good! Watch!" Hermione gestured for Snuffles to sit and he did so right on cue. Then Hermione gestured for Snuffles to role over and he did so with out hesitation.
"Yes, Yes well, just don't you let your father find out yet," Mrs. Granger said warningly. "We'll have to break it to him softly in a few days." Mrs. Granger then left the room and Snuffles transformed back into Sirius and Sirius gave Hermione a huge hug and thanked her. She held him tightly. He smelled good and felt strong. She was actually rather glad he was going to stay with her for a while.

"So," Sirius said through the hug as he pulled Hermione out to face him, his hands on her shoulders. "Do you really think that I'm handsome?" Hermione hesitated to answer this and looked everywhere except at Sirius.

"I... why.. yes. I do. You're rather good-looking Sirius." She said confidently while straightening her school books. "For an old man that is..." Sirius smirked.

"I'm not that old. I'm only thirty-five now, come on." Sirius responded. Hermione laughed.

"Oh I was only joking now lie down and get some rest. I'll bring you up some food later, and we'll need to wash those clothes." Sirius gave her one last hug and he fell asleep and slept more soundly then he'd slept in years.