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See You Again

Chapter 1: Is That You?

The sun shone brightly at the village of Konoha. The birds are chirping merrily while perching on the trees just outside the house of a 20- year old anbu named Uchiha Sasuke.

The warm sunlight grazed the pale, smooth skin of Sasuke's face, causing him to wake up. Slowly, he sat on his bed and rubbed his eyes. The he stood up and fixed his bed and got ready for his breakfast.

He already got used to waking up alone again... and cooking for himself because it's already been a year after his wife died. He wondered what to eat for today as he scanned the contents of his refrigerator. A half-eaten apple, an almost empty carton of milk, some bread which became rock-hard after storing it in the ref for almost 2 weeks. Nothing edible.

He sighed as he straightened up. He guessed he should go to the marketplace to get himself some food... or maybe stop by at the ramen shop... No, the ramen shop is a bad idea. Naruto was surely there and he was absolutely not in the mood for a conversation right now.

Then he slowly entered his room again and got dressed up. Then he proceeded towards his bedside table and gazed at a certain picture frame. He picked it up and stared at it. The picture shows a very happy scene. The two people in it are smiling. The pink-haired woman was leaning on the shoulder of a certain raven-haired man. Yes, it was Sakura and Sasuke.

He smiled inwardly. How he missed those times when he and Sakura goes out. He missed every bit of it, especially Sakura. Then he sighed. There is no way the dead would come back again, he thought. He decided that he should go now to town because his stomach was already rumbling in protest.

He put the picture frame back where it belongs and he exited his house. His and Sakura's house. He trudged from the house to town.

After a few minutes, he arrived at the town. It seemed as busy as usual. The vendors are shouting the names of their wares hoping that some customer would buy. Everything seemed so normal... so peaceful.

He wandered around town looking for someplace to eat. Then he suddenly heard a rumbling sound. He slowly turned his head to see what was making the noise. A chill went through his spine the moment he saw what it is. The rumbling sound was made by his fangirls hoping to catch him. Out of instinct, he began to run. Fast.

"Don't let him get away this time!!!" Said a random girl.

"Outta my way suckers! He's mine!" said another.

"Who said so?" Came another.

"Me." Said the previous.

And the girls began to have a catfight, arguing who owns Sasuke. Sasuke took advantage of it and ran away.

"Phew... hell with those girls." He sighed. Then he looked around to see where he is. The place isn't familiar. Instead of houses, shacks are there. 'This must be the outskirts of Konoha' he thought as he wandered around the area. He decided that he would just look for a restaurant in the outskirts where he could get his breakfast. He doesn't want his fangirls to bug him again, for heaven's sake. Luckily, he found a place where he could eat. He entered it and was surprised that the restaurant was a big one. It didn't look as big when you look at it from the outside. Nevertheless, he proceeded to the counter and ordered some food. "Ramen, please." he told the lady with blue hair who was taking his order. The lady, the moment he saw Sasuke started blushing like mad accompanied by uncontrollable fidgeting. Obviously, the girl already has a crush on him. "Uhhhmmm... ramen sir... that would be 300 yen..." said the girl. Sasuke handed her the said amount, and as the girl received the money, she began to blush even more, if it was still possible. Then Sasuke took a seat at the far corner of the restaurant and waited for his order to arrive.

at the counter

The blue-haired girl pulled her friend who was working at the restaurant as well. "Sakura! Sakura!" she squeaked as she pulled the pink- haired waitress towards the counter.

"What is it Yoko?" the girl named Sakura asked.

"He's SO hot!!!" Yoko squeaked as she jumped up and down while grasping Sakura's arm.

"Hot? Who?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Oh the guy who ordered ramen!!! He's so cute and handsome and hot!!! You should see him yourself!" the other answered.

Sakura chuckled as she eyed her friend with amusement. Then she put the bowl of steaming ramen onto her tray. She turned to step away from the counter to deliver it when she heard Yoko.

"Sakura! Let your hair down!" Chirped Yoko.

Sakura looked at Yoko. "Why?" she asked.

Yoko sighed as she tugged on Sakura's ponytail causing her long pink tresses to fall down, framing her pretty face exquisitely. "You should let it down because the person who you are going to deliver that to is no other than Mr. Hot Guy! You should look pretty, who knows? He might like you!" she said excitedly.

Sakura smiled as she shook her head and proceeded to deliver the ramen. Truly, letting her hair down made her look even prettier, but whatever style it was, she still looks beautiful.

Sakura didn't have difficulty in finding the customer, because he is the one and only customer that morning. She slowly approached Sasuke, not wanting to spill steaming tray of ramen all over herself.

Sasuke didn't notice the waitress coming because his mind was preoccupied while gazing out of the glass window. He was thinking of someone. Sakura to be exact. He wondered if Sakura were still alive, she would probably be here and eat with him, she would probably beat the hell out of those fangirls until they can no longer walk for chasing after her husband. Sasuke smiled as those thoughts came into his mind. He didn't even notice that Sakura already placed the bowl of ramen before him.

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Sasuke smile. 'Yoko was right. He sure is hot!' she thought as she blushed a little.

Sasuke was still gazing out of the window. He didn't notice Sakura and his food. "Sakura..." Sasuke muttered under his breath followed by a sigh. Sakura heard what Sasuke said and was surprised to hear her name. She decided to ask him if he knew her.

"Sir? Excuse me sir." She inquired.

But Sasuke didn't answer. He was still deep in thought with his wife.

This made Sakura a bit mad. She wasn't used to being ignored. She wanted to get his attention so she scooted out of the restaurant.

"Where is she going?" Yoko wondered as she saw her exiting the restaurant.

Sakura was now outside the restaurant. "There!" Sakura sighed as she saw where Sasuke was sitting; she ran and stopped beside it. Then, she turned to face the sitting man. She bended a little so that her face was level with his. Then she knocked on the glass panel. This definitely caught Sasuke's attention.

Sasuke was startled with what he saw. 'Was it Sakura?' he thought. Then he remembered that Sakura was already dead. Maybe it was just his hunger. Maybe he was so hungry that he was hallucinating. He sighed and turned to face his table. There, he saw his bowl of ramen. "I didn't even notice the food was already here..." he said and started to devour his ramen.

Sakura skipped as she entered the restaurant again. There, she saw that Sasuke was already eating his ramen. She approached his table and put her hands on top of his table, smiling lightly.

Sasuke looked up to see who arrived at his table. He dropped his chopsticks when he saw Sakura's face. It was the same, exact smile. The same pink locks. The same emerald eyes.

The chopsticks fell... on the floor. Sakura bent down to pick it up. "Wait a bit sir. I'm going to get you new chopsticks." She said with a smile then she turned to take a step... but someone was pulling her hand. She looked back to see that the man was pulling back her hand.

"Sakura?! You-you're alive?!" Asked Sasuke in disbelief.

She became confused. Then she pulled her hand from Sasuke's grasp and turned to face him. "I don't know who you are, but how come you know my name?" she asked instead.

'Sasuke! Sasuke!' came a voice at the back of Sakura's head.

'Who are you?" Sakura asked the voice in her head.

'I'm your inner self, remember? Sasuke! You're here! Stupid! Give him a hug!' said inner Sakura.

'Why should I? I don't even know him!' Sakura told inner Sakura.

At that moment, Sakura felt her head aching. She slowly massaged her temple, but she could not stand the pain. Then she fainted and began to fall. Good thing Sasuke was there and caught Sakura just in time...










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