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See You Again

Chapter 11: Owari

"Sakura!" Gaara muttered in his surprised voice. The girl he was thinking of was just in front of his eyes.

Sakura muttered a quick apology and glanced up to look at whom she bumped into. She was utterly shocked to see that the person she bumped into is no other than Gaara. Of all the people that she could bump into, why Gaara? (a/n: Sakura got her memory back but that doesn't mean that she forgot about the things she encountered when she still got amnesia... 'Kay?) Sakura was tensed. She wanted to evaporate from her spot.

Gaara couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. The person he longed to see was in front of him. Quickly he grabbed Sakura's shoulders and shook them, as though wanting to make sure that this wasn't a dream.

"Gaara! Stop! You're hurting me!" pleaded Sakura. At once, Gaara stopped shaking her.

Gaara, however, felt happy yet sad and angry upon meeting her again. Happy because he had laid his eyes upon her and sad and angry, because seeing her made him remember about Sasuke. The mere thought of him was enough to make his blood boil. But because he is Gaara, he dares not to show his inner emotions. He still remained cool.

Sakura was nervous. VERY nervous to be exact. She did not know what to do in front of Gaara. She couldn't just run away from him because it was him who took care of her when she still has amnesia, but now that she have gotten her memory back, she could not look at his face. Now that she remembers everything about her and Sasuke there is but one thing left for Gaara: rejection. But she couldn't bring herself to say that she has gotten her memory back and that she doesn't love Gaara. She couldn't say that so easily.

"Sakura, look at me."


"Do you... do you love me?"


"Answer me!"

"I... I don't... I don't love you Gaara! It's Sasuke whom I love and there would never be another!" Sakura cried and ran away from where Gaara was rooted.

Sakura ran as quickly as she could, tears blinding her vision. Saying those heartbreaking words was very hard for her, since Gaara helped her, and he became a good friend. But what should be said should be said. She must tell Gaara the truth... even if it hurts him.

Sakura finally reached their home. She knocked repeatedly on the door. The door opened, reveling a somewhat alarmed Sasuke. Upon seeing Sasuke, Sakura flung herself into Sasuke's arms and began sobbing uncontrollably.

"What the-"Sasuke managed to say. He was worried about Sakura. 'What could've happened to her? Maybe it was that Gaara freak again. Damn him for making her cry like this.' He thought as he ran his hands over her pink tresses. Sakura seemed to have relaxed a bit from his caress.

"Sasuke... I love you." Sasuke heard Sakura whisper.

"And I love you too." He whispered at her ear. He did not know what happened or why Sakura was upset when she got home, but he doesn't care anymore. What matters to him is that Sakura is with him and they both love each other.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (On Gaara)

Gaara was heartbroken. Of all the people, why him? He had lived a miserable childhood. He never learned to love. But no that he finally manage to feel that emotion, why does he have to be rejected?

He opened the door to his restaurant and sat at the nearest chair. He closed his eyes and let out a long, deep sigh. 'So this is how it feels to be heartbroken... you feel worthless and stupid.' He thought.

"Gaara?" a voice interrupted his thoughts. It was Yoko.

"What do you need?" he snapped.

"You... You don't have to feel about it." she said timidly.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I know what happened Gaara. It's all over your face. You don't have to grieve over someone you know that you could never have when there is someone who loves you with all her heart. Gaara I'm here for you." Yoko blurted out.

Gaara was shocked with what he heard from her, he felt relieved at the same time. Finally, a person who loves him for what he really is.


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