Title: Baby Boom! 1/18

Author: Mariann

Rating: R

Pairing: Sirius/Remus

Category: Between Fluff, Fun and Fighting

Summary: Sirius and Remus grow up, find love, start a family and fight the Dark Lord

Disclaimer: Belongs to JKR - no money's made from my poor attempts at writing

A/N: AU - The Willow Incident does not happen in this story. Peter is loyal and a spy for Dumbledore. Remus and Sirius are destined to fight Voldemort - will they succeed? A fair amount of children are born in this story - to spite the Death Eaters of course!

Baby Boom!

1. Remus

When Venetia Lupin noticed she was pregnant again she had mixed feelings. Together with her husband Richard she already had four children, the youngest of them was now twelve and in her second year at Hogwarts. But she could not get herself to terminate the pregnancy and when the baby was born in September 1959 it turned out to be the cutest baby boy anyone could want. Richard and Venetia named him Remus.

Remus' older siblings, Richard Jr., seventeen, Samantha, fifteen, Roxanne, fourteen and Julia, twelve, had to leave for Hogwarts just days before their youngest sibling was born. Richard was this year's head boy, a Hufflepuff, Samantha had followed her mother into Ravenclaw, Roxanne and Julia were Gryffindors like their father. They were not happy. On the platform they all chided their mother gently.

"How unfair! We wanted to see the baby, mum!" Samantha said.

"Well, I can't force it out before it's time, love, you know that it's the baby who says when it wants to join us. It won't be long and I promise that you'll be allowed to come home over the weekend to meet it, alright?"

"I don't suppose we can get anything better than that, mum, so - yes, it's alright. Love you!"

"I love you, too, Sam, have a good term! I'll miss you all, as usual."

All four children back at Hogwarts gave Venetia a few days to recover from the stressful summer months and get ready for the birth. Remus made it easy for his mum and came smoothly and quickly. Richard was happy about his second son. He held Remus on his arm and beamed at his wife. Then he teased her:

"It's about time that the contents of testosterone in this household rises a bit! You ladies are keeping us much too downtrodden!"

"What about Sam's boyfriend, eh? He was around for most of the break, I was already beginning to wonder if he had been chucked out at home."

Richard chuckled and replied:

"Nick doesn't really count. He's all nice and everything, but he's completely under Sam's thumb! I saw his mother at the Ministry a couple of times, she was fairly glad that she got some news about her son from me! He must have been missed there after all."

"Well, both of his parents are fully working and he's an only child, so it might have been very good that he spent a lot of time here, at least he was under someone's supervision" Venetia remarked.

Richard nodded and blew a little kiss on baby Remus' forehead.

"You've just got yourself in deep trouble, little one! You were born into some hell of a family! There are three teenage girls and they'll all smother you with their love, believe me! Not to speak of your mum and myself."

Richard was hard to be separated from his baby. It was even harder for him to return to his work at the Ministry after his leave. The first weekend after Remus was born he went to get his older children from Hogwarts. As expected the girls were completely taken with the baby. Remus got cuddled and pampered day in and day out. Fortunately he was a very calm child. He hardly ever cried, took most things in stride and just looked at everyone in the family with his huge brown eyes. Eyes that were mostly brown with some dark green flecks inside. He was the perfect mixture between his parents who both had light brown hair, Venetia's with a touch of blond inside. She had green eyes, her husband had dark brown eyes, Remus' were something in between.

The baby grew into a delightful little boy who charmed his parents and siblings alike. He was everyone's favourite and it was hard to say who spoiled him more, his parents or his siblings. But over all Remus remained to be a quiet child who loved to hear stories and who read quite fluently at the age of three and started writing at the age of four. His first magic showed when he was barely two and everyone in the family recognised he would be a brilliant kid.

But when he was four a tragic event changed his life dramatically. His parents took him for a camping trip to the Italian Alps over Easter while the older children were at Hogwarts or working. Young Richard had become an Auror and was on duty over the holidays, Samantha was out on a vacation with her latest boyfriend, Roxanne and Julia were still at Hogwarts.

It happened in the last night, when little Remus left the protected campground and snuck out to take a little walk in the nearby forest. Half the campers on the campground joined his parents in the search for him. They all froze, when they saw Remus being attacked by a wolf. Two of the wizards who were in the group quickly cast a spell to kill the wolf, but Remus had already been mauled. The dead wolf shifted back to a human and in that moment everyone present knew that Remus had been bitten by a werewolf.

The little boy survived, but the whole world around him seemed to have changed. A beast raged inside of him, causing him to become a mixture between a human being and an animal. He quickly noticed that his senses were sharpened. He would often cry out at noises, which were much louder to his ears than to anyone else's. He had to adjust to olfactory senses ten times stronger than those of a human. His eyes changed subtly, anyone who looked into them closer could notice them turning to a much lighter brown, with a golden undertone.

There were of course legal consequences. Remus had to be registered as a werewolf. He had to be brought into the Registry at regular intervals and he was taught what it meant to be a werewolf. It took him only about a month to realise that everyone he met and knew about his condition treated him with distrust and sometimes open hostility. He cried a lot in those weeks and when he transformed for the first time it was the most traumatic experience in his life after the bite. Up until the bite there had been nothing but love and sunshine in his life. After the bite he felt like he had been dropped into a dark hole.

But everyone in his family continued loving him, if possible they all became more protective of the little werewolf. He was their 'cub' and they wouldn't let him be miserable when he couldn't go to a regular school. Venetia taught him at home and whatever she taught him he sucked up.

And both parents decided that their beloved child needed siblings closer to his own age. Two years after Remus' bite they had another son, whom they named Rupert. Remus was happy to have a little brother to pamper. He turned out to be a very protective older brother and watched out for Rupert as well as he could.

"Mum, Rupert's awake," he'd call, "Can I take him out of the cradle?"

He was allowed to do many little things with the baby and it helped him over the distress of having to stay at home most of the time.

Rupert was almost two when another baby arrived. It was yet another son who was named Rowland. Venetia smiled when she looked at the baby and asked Richard:

"Well, are you happy now? The males win out in this household - at least in terms of head count!"

Richard only laughed. He loved his daughters deeply, but he had a lot of fun with his little sons. He was quite glad that in the meantime all four of his older children were standing on their own feet. He himself had done quite well at the Ministry and fortunately the fact that he had a lycanthropic son had not hindered his career there. He was now the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and earned a very good salary.

Remus grew up. He was a curious child who read an awful lot and his favourite outings were to the nearest Muggle library to get more books. He had a fairly well sized library of his own already, mostly magical, but he loved to read everything he could lay his eyes on. This pleased Venetia who took good care of Remus. She was there in the mornings after his transformations to free him from his cellar prison as soon as the moon had set. She healed him and learned everything there was to know about werewolves in the course of the first few years her son was one. She had found a lot of tricks to heal what wounds remained after the moon set. She learned that most of his wounds would heal within an hour after moonset, but the worst ones needed to be healed magically. Remus looked frail and his growth had been held up because of his transformations. They proved simply too much for him to grow regularly. But he was never ill. Apart from the transformations he was as healthy as any boy could be. And he was a very crafty little one. There was quite a lot of mischief in him, which was usually poured over his big sisters.

While Sam took that in stride, Roxanne and Julia paid Remus back in pranks. Remus adored them, because they wouldn't treat him like an invalid.

"Bet you anything, he'll be in Gryffindor!" Julia said one Sunday morning at the breakfast the family liked to share when Remus was nine.

There was abrupt silence around the table. Julia looked up, saw the sad expression on her parents' faces and asked:

"Did I say something wrong?"

Remus looked down on his plate stoically, saying nothing, but Julia detected a few tears on his cheeks.

"What?" she asked again and stroked Remus' cheek.

"Remus won't be able to go to Hogwarts..." Richard finally said in a small voice.

"What? Why not? He's a magical child! Just because he's a werewolf? Is that the reason?"

Venetia nodded sadly.

"We've inquired carefully with the Registry and the school governors. The Registry sees no reason why he should not go, the school governors don't really see one either, especially with his spotless record, but when we asked Dippet we were practically thrown out of his office," Richard explained, "and it's Dippet who decides."

"Oh no! I'm so sorry, Remus! I didn't know that! I can't believe that anyone can be so mean to you. You're only a child!"

"We've tried to reason, that he can be detained during the full moons, but he belongs to the sort of people who are more than prejudiced. If it were for him he'd not even let Muggle-born children into the school and he barely tolerates half-bloods," Venetia said.

Her voice sounded pressed. She was still seething from the conversation they had with the headmaster. She had told him what she thought of him in the end and that was not nice.

Their inquiries at Beauxbatons had been just as fruitless. No school wanted to take a werewolf, no matter how spotless his record was. Remus had fallen into a depression upon learning that he was not allowed to go to any magical school. He would be allowed training at home but it was nowhere near the kind of education his parents wished for him to have.

Then he turned eleven and barely two months after his birthday Armando Dippet died suddenly of old age. The school governors and the Wizengamot appointed Deputy Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to be Dippet's successor. Dumbledore found a replacement for his Transfigurations classes in an old friend and former student, Minerva McGonagall. Minerva also took on the Deputy Headmistress' job and the head of Gryffindor, both of which Albus vacated as well.

One of his first tasks was taking out the Hogwarts Book of Names, where the enchanted quill noted all births of magical children and looking for children who were supposed to start their Hogwarts education the next year, because he knew that there was at least one who had not received a letter yet. He had tried to reason with Dippet on Remus' behalf, but his superior would have none of it. Albus sighed and had Minerva send a letter to the boy.

"But Albus! The boy is a werewolf!" she said.

"And so?"

"It's not that I would deny the child an education, but think of the other children! Think of the parents of the other children! I'm sure that many parents would take their children out of the school if they knew that we admitted such a creature."

"That is why we will keep it a secret. - Minerva, I already have an idea of how to keep the castle, the children and the staff safe when Remus Lupin has to transform. I plan to meet the young man personally before he comes to school. I've met his parents before, they're wonderful people and I know they have been distressed by the fact that Armando did not want to accept their son to school. Besides, they had talked to the Registry and the School Governors before and neither institution were opposing the idea. It was really only Dippet. If Remus is anything like his four older siblings he'll be a very good student, Minerva."

"Oh. Alright. If you have ideas about that, then I'm fine with it, Albus. What house were his older siblings? Have they left already, I don't know of any student by the name of Lupin..."

"Yes, they are considerably older. There is a twelve year gap between Remus and his older sister. The oldest son was a Hufflepuff, one daughter was in Ravenclaw and the two younger daughters were Gryffindors. And there are two more boys after Remus."

Minerva smiled.

"Anything possible then."

"Definitely anything. If you would hand me the boy's letter when you are done with it, then I will talk to Richard Lupin first before giving it to Remus."

"Certainly, Albus!"

In the afternoon of a cold grey winter day Albus Dumbledore left his office, an admittance letter for Remus Lupin in his pocket, to have a short conversation with Richard Lupin. He was welcomed at the Department by Richard's secretary who told him, that the Head of the Department was not available.

"I can wait for a while, Rhiannon. Do I remember you as a Hufflepuff student who left Hogwarts, let me see, if I remember this right... 1958, is that right?"

"That's right, Professor. - I will see, what I can do, but Mr. Lupin is in a meeting with his subordinates at the moment. It could take another hour or so."

"Then be so kind and ask him to give me ten minutes only. It is about his son Remus."


The secretary got up after asking Albus to take a seat. She went to the conference room and interrupted the meeting to ask Richard back to her office.

"It's Professor Dumbledore, sir, he says it's about your son Remus and would only take about ten minutes."

Richard's ears perked up and he said:

"We'll take a break and continue in fifteen minutes. I'll be right back!"

He followed Rhiannon back to her office and greeted Dumbledore. Being a member of the Wizengamot he knew that Dumbledore had taken over as the new Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Professor! How nice to see you again!" he said and shook hands with Dumbledore.

"Richard! Surely you have left Hogwarts long enough by now to call me Albus!"

"Fine, Albus, I'll do that gladly. Rhiannon said you wanted to see me because of Remus?"

Richard showed Albus to his office and offered him a seat. Albus pulled the letter out of his pocket, before he sat down and replied:

"Do you think your son would like to receive this letter? I had tried to argue with Dippet about accepting Remus to Hogwarts, but he would have nothing of it."

Richard sighed.

"We tried everything, Albus, but he wouldn't budge. Remus has accepted not to go to Hogwarts, but he's still very depressed about it. He's a very talented boy and I'm quite sure he'd make a good student. He has a solid mind in that little head of his and loves to learn. And I have the suspicion that there is quite a lot of magical power inside of him as well."

"I am quite sure he will take the chance then. So, if you would like to warn your wife I would like to pay her and young Remus a visit."



"Good. Let me give her a fire call then."

That done, Albus apparated to the Lupins' house directly from the Ministry. He knocked on the door, which was opened after a moment by a little boy who looked barely older than eight to Albus.

"Hello!" the boy said.

"Good afternoon, young master. May I come in to speak with your mother?"

"Please do! I'll call her right away."

The boy opened the door wider and let Dumbledore in.

'Very polite child,' Albus thought and wondered if that was Remus.

Venetia turned up immediately and welcomed him, leading him to the family room.

"It's such a cold day, would you join us for tea, Professor?"

"Thank you, Venetia, I would not turn down a cup! And please, call me Albus."

"I'll be right back with the tea, Albus!"

Venetia went to the kitchen, put a tray with biscuits and five cups together and added a pot of tea. Then she went back to the family room and called for Remus, Rupert and Rowland.

"Remus, come inside here for tea, please!"

The boy came back into the family room, his two little brothers in tow, looking a bit shy and sat down on an armchair next to his mother. He looked at the visitor out of the corner of his eyes.

"No need to be shy, Remus, this is Professor Albus Dumbledore. Albus, this is Remus."

"I am pleased to meet you, young Mr. Lupin. I have come to see you."

"Are you the same Professor Dumbledore who was my siblings' Transfigurations teacher?" Remus asked with interest and added: "Sir?"

Dumbledore smiled and confirmed that.

"That is precisely who I am."

"Oh," was all Remus could reply.

He took the cup from his mother who added a chocolate biscuit and then his face wasn't seen for a while. He looked down on his cup and nibbled on the biscuit.

"Hogwarts is a bit of a sad subject in front of Remus. You probably know why, Albus."

"Yes, I do know why. But never give up hope, Remus, because as I said, I came to see you. Look, what I have for you here! It might be the remedy to your heartache."

Remus looked up, just in time to see the Professor pull a letter from his robes, which he handed over to the boy. Venetia caught his cup in time before it shattered on the floor and placed it on the table. Remus stared at the letter, then he looked up to Dumbledore and asked, just to make sure:

"Is that letter really for me?"

"Yes, as far as I know it has your name on the envelope. You should open it, Remus."

Remus stared at the envelope for a moment longer. Mr. R.J. Lupin, Cub's Den, Halford House, Wales. His name, his address, even the nickname of his room. He smiled, but it quickly vanished as he opened the letter with trembling hands. Both adults watched him, his mother with baited breath. He carefully put the envelope on the table and unfolded the letter. Then he began to read. His face brightened immediately and by the time he turned to the second sheet he was beaming.

"Is that really true?" he whispered.

"Yes, Remus, that is really true. I can see that this means a lot to you?"

Remus nodded.

"Now, I take it that you would like to come to Hogwarts, would you not?"

Another nod. Eager this time.

"Very well. Then we will have to think of something to keep you and your fellow students as well as the staff safe on the nights of the full moon. I am sure I will come up with something that will serve all concerned parties."

Remus finally looked up again and asked shakily:

"Will the others know that I'm a werewolf?"

"No. Only the staff will know and whoever you want to entrust with your secret. All else will not know."

Remus sighed, relieved.

After a nice conversation with Venetia Dumbledore took his leave. He returned to Hogwarts and called Poppy Pomfrey, the school's nurse to his office and explained her about Remus and what she would have to do for the boy once he started his schooling the next year.

"I suggest you contact Venetia Lupin and learn what she does for her son. I hear there is quite a lot he needs after a transformation. It would be nice if you met them before he comes to school."

"Oh, that poor child! Yes, I'll owl her and then we'll go from there."

The first owl was followed by a meeting of the two ladies. One of her daughters watched over the three boys so Venetia could go to Hogwarts and talk with Poppy. The two ladies found common grounds immediately and a friendship was formed almost on the spot. Poppy promised to come and meet Remus after the next full moon night.

Remus was in seventh heaven of happiness. Dumbledore had noticed right away that getting a chance for an education meant the world to him. The boy had glowed of happiness when he got the letter. When he was shown what had been planned for his transformations he accepted everything with only a few small questions and then he couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts.