Title: Baby Boom! 18/18

Author: Mariann

Rating: R

Pairing: Sirius/Remus

Category: Between Fluff, Fun and Fighting

Summary: Sirius and Remus grow up, find love, start a family and fight the Dark Lord

Disclaimer: Belongs to JKR - no money's made from my poor attempts at writing

A/N: AU - The Willow Incident does not happen in this story. Peter is loyal and a spy for Dumbledore. Remus and Sirius are destined to fight Voldemort - will they succeed? A fair amount of children are born in this story - to spite the Death Eaters of course!

This is now totally silly, but I needed some kine of a closure to the story, so I thought of a short review on some bits of their lives :)

18. Epilogue - "Most Special Couple"

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this month's emission of 'Most Special Couple of the Month', I'm your host, Belinda Carlisle."

Belinda walked into her set at the British Tele-Orb studio and the introductory tune stopped. She went on:

"It's January 2127 and this month's Most Special Couple is a very special couple indeed. We don't very often have a gay couple here, but you will find their names in the history books and in scientific books and why that is so we will find out in the course of the next two and a half hours. As is the custom on BTO's Most Special Couple program we will let them introduce themselves in a few words."

Sirius and Remus then walked in and received a welcoming applause from the audience in the studio. They sat down on a nice sofa next to Belinda's armchair. On a coffee table in front of them were their favourite drinks and it was Sirius who started:

"My name is Sirius Orion Black, I'm 167 years old and I have been married for 150 years."

Remus then went on:

"My name is Remus John Black-Lupin, I'm 167 years old and I have been married for 150 years."

"150 years of marriage. That is truly impressive, even in the wizarding world with an average life expectancy of 180 years! It is, of course, one of the many reasons for us to invite you into our program. So, let us talk about that and the reasons why we find your names in so many history and science books!"

Belinda took a seat on her armchair and shuffled her little stack of parchment slips.

"Let's start with your wedding. You got married one hundred and fifty years ago, in the middle of the crisis around one Dark Lord Voldemort. You were seventeen years old at the time. Why so early?"

Sirius and Remus looked at each other. It was Sirius who took the word.

"We never had an actual wedding ceremony. Our anniversary is the day we finished the mating rituals between my werewolf partner and I. We are the first life-bonded werewolf/human couple for over four hundred years and, to my knowledge, the only one in the past one hundred and fifty years."

"According to the Ministry standard Werewolf Code of Conduct the mating rituals represent a marriage contract and are registered automatically," Remus added.

"That may come as a surprise for many of our spectators! When I was doing my usual research for this program I of course started to brush up on my knowledge about werewolves a bit and found literally hundreds of sources, many of them say that werewolves always mate for life. But there was a more recent book written by yourself, Remus, and since you are a werewolf, I suppose you put down your experiences more correctly. Why is there so much folklore about werewolves to be found?"

"It's fairly hard to get the more folkloristic books off the market. It seems that people still rather believe the gruesome nonsense than the real thing, which of course sounds much less dramatic and even less dangerous. But my book has been sold very well for the past more than a hundred years. I wrote it, because I thought it was time that a werewolf speaks up with facts. Out of those hundreds of sources you just talked about only about four or five have ever been written by werewolves themselves."

"Obviously you being a werewolf is a big part in tonight's program. Especially since you are a very special representative of your kind. You were the first werewolf ever allowed a full education at Hogwarts. You were the first werewolf in more than four hundred years to mate and you and your mate were the two people who vanquished the Dark Lord Voldemort in 1981. You are also rumoured to be one of the most powerful wizards not only in Britain, but in the world and yet you have never felt the need to overpower anyone but Lord Voldemort. Tell us, why he is so special, Sirius!"

Sirius looked at his mate. Both of them were dressed in fitting dress robes, Sirius' were a bright orange, Remus' were burnt orange and they both still had long hair, now totally white, but still shiny. Sirius wore his in a long and intricate braid, Remus' was open and went just below his shoulders. Sirius took his husband's hand and said:

"He is special, because he's the most loving and tender person in the world. He is calm, rational, intelligent and powerful. He is passionate and extremely protective of his loved ones. He's one hell of a lover and one hell of a good father. And, as you mentioned, he's devilishly powerful when he needs to be."

Remus smiled. Belinda looked at him and asked:

"The general conception of werewolves has changed a bit in the last few decades. I know you had a bit to do with that, but to this day most people would rather call a werewolf a raging monster. Yet you sit here and are the way your husband describes you, calm. Why do so many people mistake werewolves, Remus?"

"Basically because they usually don't know a werewolf personally. There are so many books that say how to recognise a werewolf, but 99 out of 100 people will not find out that a person they meet actually is a werewolf. They might, if they observed the werewolf over a period of time, usually it takes at least three or four months. But truth is that werewolves are just people. They suffer from the monthly transformations and it's that one night a month that gives them the bad name. In the past seventy years there has not been one new werewolf created in Britain. The main reason for that is the availability of the Wolfsbane potion and the changed laws that give werewolves full civil rights and free access to this potion. The success of these two elements is amazing. There are now no more than a dozen werewolves left in Britain and those are, like me, all older than or just below a hundred years."

"A truly remarkable development."

"I think so, too," said Remus, "and I have to specially thank those people who researched the Wolfsbane potion and have improved it over the years. The latest version was put on the market sixty-two years ago and since then I have not had one painful transformation anymore."

"How does the potion work for you?"

"It subdues the pain and then it keeps the wolf tame. I'm still transforming on the nights of the full moon, but since I was twenty-five I have not felt the rage and the blood-lust of the werewolf anymore. And I have never suffered from nightmares anymore, either. Because contrary to old popular belief werewolves do NOT enjoy being werewolves. There is, first of all, the transformation itself, which leaves us terribly weak on the two or three days around the full moon. Only one night we actually transform, but without the potion that is really nothing anyone would want to experience. So without the potion the fear of every werewolf is to actually kill or turn someone with a bite. It causes recurring nightmares of doing precisely that, most often to the werewolf's nearest and dearest. During my school days at Hogwarts I was haunted by the fear of harming my three best friends and dorm-mates."

"How do you spend such a full moon night?"

"Usually, after taking the potion on the morning before the full moon, I just go to my bedroom after dinner and wait for the transformation to take place there. Once I have transformed I spend the evening with my family and the night in my bed. Sometimes I still like to run in the forest with my mate, who is an Animagus and can transform into a cute black dog. We still like to have some fun."

"Both of you look very healthy and extremely well, even at almost a hundred and seventy years old! What's your recipe for keeping up a good shape and health?"

Sirius grinned.

"Lots of love, good food, fun, activity... we like to move a lot, so we go out walking once every day for an hour or so. We still spend quite a lot of time reading. We're still doing some spell crafting sometimes. And then we have a large family."

Belinda smiled, quickly shifted her slips and turned to Sirius again.

"That's one of the next topics of conversation. How about you tell us about your mating first, then your family?"

"Remus and I fell in love when we were fifteen. It was the summer before our sixth year and we had both just found out that we preferred boys to girls and, well, each other. It's such a long time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. He had the cutest nose and the way his hair always fell into his eyes made him look so sweet. Don't know what he saw in me, because I saw myself as a long gangly boy and not much more. Anyway, we did get together and once we were back at Hogwarts it didn't take long for it to become known around the school that we were a couple. During the Christmas break, which we spent with Remus' parents we were called to see the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, and he told us about the mating rituals which we could follow. He had to ask us whether we were both still virgins as that was the main condition for these rituals to have any effect. Upon telling him that we had not consummated our relationship fully he informed us about the life-bonding and that going through the rituals we would not only be bonded for the rest of our lives, but that this would boost our magical power by a factor of about ten."

Gasps in the audience were audible and even Belinda looked up, amazed.

"Wow. That's a lot of extra power. How did the mating rituals work?"

"Any werewolf can mate with any other partner, male, female, human or werewolf, as long as both partners are still virgins and want to commit themselves to a life long partnership. The rituals are all in a way sexual but won't work if there's no love. They are quite simple actually. In our case Dumbledore offered us a secluded room at Hogwarts for the week-long rituals. The books talking about werewolves mating for life usually mention that the first sexual partner a werewolf has is their life-bonded partner. It's not quite as quick as that. The two to be bonded partners have to spend seven full days and nights together, never once losing direct skin contact and keeping up a steady series of sexual intercourse during that week. That is, basically make love in intervals no longer than twelve hours apart and never stop touching. I think, we hardly had a stitch of clothing on for that week. We used something to tie our wrists together when we slept to make sure we didn't lose the contact in our sleep. It was an incredibly intensive week and definitely the basis for our relationship since then."

"That sounds rather impressive! And I think you both radiate of love and happiness..."

"Most people notice the bond between us. We are both very happy and have been throughout all those years since we have come together. Looking back on a century and a half of living together it feels like only minutes!" Remus said.

"Do you ever fight? Any pet peeves about each other or something?"

"Of course we do! We're like any other couple in this. He always leaves the tooth paste open, even when I've been to the bathroom first! I don't know how often we fought about that. Bathroom things are definitely my pet peeves," Remus said immediately.

"He never puts books back to the shelves! They stack up on his night table and if I don't put them back they just collect dust where they are left around our bed! That's another one..." Sirius followed suit.

"He used to let a lot more through with our children. But that might have been because he was brought up by a set of extremely abusive parents," Remus adds.

"Remus always skived off horse cleaning duties. We've kept riding horses after we moved into our castle and we cared for them ourselves. Something he absolutely hates, so he tried to get out of it whenever he could. That was okay once we had children old enough to do it, but once they were able to get around the horses they usually went off to Hogwarts, so when school was in session Remus still had to do it himself and still tried to get out of it for the most part."

"I was afraid of them!" Remus protested.

There was laughter in the audience now. This did sound like a very normal couple.

"So when was your last fight?" Belinda asked.

"Err... I don't know. When did we fight the last time, love?" Remus asked his mate.

"Must have been a while ago," Sirius just said, "and I'll be damned if I remember the reason."

"Neither do I..."

"You still seem to get along very well. When was the last time you travelled?"

"Actually we've just come back from our anniversary get-away. We've been to Hawaii for two weeks," Sirius said with a broad grin.

"That sounds lovely. Did you travel a lot?"

"Not overly much. We couldn't take all of our children along mostly, so when we travelled it was usually the two of us and sometimes we had the last one or two of our children with us," Remus said.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"We get a bit slower these days, but... this morning," Sirius replied without hesitating.

"Really? Wow..."

Sirius grinned again and added: "We're trying to never get sick of it. We've had so many good years together, spent so much quality time together and we want to keep that up."

"So you're having a very active sexual relationship?"

"You could say that," Remus replied, blushing a little, "To this day we prefer to be in close proximity and possibly touch. Skin or through fabric doesn't make much of a difference, but to feel each other is a necessity for both of us."

"That's amazing. What was the biggest change in your lives apart from the mating?"

"The consequences of the mating. First the power surge that came with the mating and one more later on after our first child each."

"How did that manifest itself?"

"Wandless magic for one, VERY powerful spell-casting both wandless and through our wands. For instance, if Sirius and I cast a Reducto spell together we're able to reduce a small cabin to rubble," Remus said.

"Holy priestess of Avalon! Did you ever do this?"

"No. Back then we mostly practiced on huge slabs of granite," Sirius said calmly.

"Dear me! That is indeed powerful! You said first, so what was the next biggest change?"

"That was another consequence of our mating. As we are both male the mating changed our bodies slightly. In the course of about a year after the mating all the internal parts of male werewolves and their mates, if they are male, receive additional reproduction organs. We are both fully functioning hermaphrodites. To the outside only our nipples have visibly changed, they are looking like women's nipples, but our chests are still like any other man's. Inside we have ovaries, tubes and an uterus. We are able to sire, conceive, carry and give birth to children. In such a case our body changes more to the female, as in the course of the pregnancy our penis vanishes to make place for the vagina and our breasts develop to allow nursing. Roughly two months after the birth the vagina vanishes again and the penis is back. Once we stop nursing it takes about another six to eight weeks until the breasts vanish to bring back the male outer appearance," Sirius explained.

"Wow again. That mating bond certainly has tremendous consequences. What would change if the partners were a normal male/female couple?"

"We're not sure, but I think that all mated werewolf couples become hermaphrodites. In a female/female couple it would probably manifest itself in gaining testicles and a prostate and a penis at certain intervals, similar to the female menstruation. In a male/female couple the male would develop the same way as we did, the female the same way as two females. That's only a hypothesis though and we will probably never know as there are no young werewolves around anymore and our sources only talked of regular heterosexual couples but didn't ever mention the hermaphrodite bit. In fact I never found out how Albus Dumbledore knew about that consequence. I doubt that there are very many virginal werewolves around these days. And of course we're not going to make new ones just to find out about that," Remus said.

"I see. So you can be regarded as one of a kind?"


"You did mention children already, so now let's move to your family. It has started off quite early, hasn't it?"

Remus and Sirius both smiled, thinking fondly of their numerous offspring. They silently shared a few memories and then Sirius spoke up:

"Yes, it did. As I said, the physical change takes about a year. We were in our seventh year at Hogwarts when one day Remus didn't transform on a full moon night. I was with him of course, because being an Animagus allowed me to be with him without danger. He was almost frantic and terrified, because the transformation didn't set in and when the moon finally set and he still hadn't transformed he was sure that he had mixed up his lunar calendar. But it had really been the full moon and a subsequent examination brought forth that he was pregnant. That was in March before our NEWTS. The school nurse, Poppy Pomfrey, checked Remus up and on Dumbledore's recommendation, she checked me up as well. I was as pregnant as my mate was."

There was laughter in the audience again. Belinda wanted to know:

"You were both pregnant at the same time?"

"Yes, and we must have picked up at about the same time. My first daughter was born on December the fifth and Remus' first son was born a week later. We both nursed them for a good year. That was one of the most intensive years in my life! Vega and Polaris are now 148 years old."

"Now shock us all with the size of your family!" Belinda told them.

Remus swallowed, took a deep breath and said:

"Since a pregnancy freed me from transforming we decided on a large family, so that every third or fourth year I could enjoy a longer period of transformation free time. Sirius gave birth four times, he has three daughters and a son. I gave birth seventeen times, I have eight daughters and nine sons. The oldest, as Sirius just said, are 148, the youngest are seventy. The last child I had when I was ninety-seven. To my knowledge I'm the oldest wizard/witch to ever give birth in the British wizarding world."

"Our twenty-one children have given us a sum of sixty-five grandchildren, we have one hundred and thirty two great-grandchildren and seventy-one great-great grandchildren at the latest count. And at this moment we are waiting for the first great-great-great grandchild," Sirius said calmly.

One could have heard a needle drop in the studio.

"That certainly makes you one of the largest families anyone could imagine!" Belinda, who was only twenty-eight, whispered.

"Yes, I think it does. Even from our youngest daughter we have three great-grandchildren."

"Do you ever get them all to a family meeting at the same time?"

"That's as good as impossible. Many of them have moved all over the country, to the continent and even overseas. But we have a traditional week-long family get together during the month of July when everyone who can drops by for at least a day or two. We do get to see most of them regularly. Which is especially nice in the case of Vega and Polaris, our oldest. They are probably around the most often. Also, we moved to our home when we were just over twenty, together with six of our best friends, who had a few children among them as well. I bought this castle we're still inhabiting close to Scarborough back when we had our first four children and our best friend and his wife had their first. Among the six of them they managed a further ten children. We were lucky that the castle has about a hundred bedrooms. They were renovated and decorated for the children one by one when we needed them and now we have all of them made up and ready for everyone who ever drops in."

"I've of course known about the size of your family, after all I've done my homework, but it still sounds amazing. How do you maintain contact? I don't even want to imagine the size of your correspondence with just the immediate family alone!"

"It's considerable," said Remus, "but Dictaquills are quite helpful there. We do have a fairly big owlery though and own about thirty post owls."

"Are your friends still living with you?"

"James and Lily Potter do. Peter and Sabina Pettigrew went to live a bit closer to the Diagon Alley where they own a large apothecary. Peter died twenty-two years ago. Hope Foster died sixteen years ago and her partner Dari Sanchez died eight years ago. They had lived with us until then."

"Are any of your children still living permanently at this castle?"

"Yes, several of them even. It's still filled to the brim with life. Which keeps us alive, too!"

"Since you are a descendant of a very wealthy family money never seems to have been an issue with you?"

"No. Once we had the castle life became pretty cheap, to be quite honest. We have a small colony of house-elves, all of them free elves I'd like to mention, and they keep us very well fed and housed. Remus' parents didn't leave him very much, but he made a name as an author and his books sell quite well. He's also a specialist on personalised wards on houses and areas, he's done most of the last more than hundred years worth of the Hogwarts wards, for example. At times he was also a teacher, which earned him a bit of money, too. I did consider a professional career after the defeat of Moldy Voldie, but then we had all these small children and I much preferred to spend my time with my family."

"You have just mentioned the reason why you turn up in so many history books. When I got my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts I was totally shocked, I'm a Muggle-born witch, but I decided to read as much about the wizarding world as I could and bought a few additional books at Flourish & Blotts, among them Hogwarts, a History..."

"...does that remind you of one Headmistress Hermione Granger-Potter, Sirius?" Remus asked.

"It certainly does. And it reminds me of one Remus J. Lupin, who was about the only one in a whole generation to read that book - six times at least!" Sirius teased.

"Eighteen by now," Remus shot back.

Belinda laughed and continued:

"Well, getting to the end of the book that was probably the first time I read not only of the Dark Lord, but also of the two of you. It mentioned that you vanquished him and how. The wizarding world thanks you for a period of continuous peace of almost 150 years. That is the longest period without a war in our history!"

"I think, the rise of Voldemort was so terrifying that people started to cherish freedom and peace more and more and that's why we all worked on holding on to that peace. Even many of those people who sympathised with the Death Eaters back then had learned that such a regime only meant death and destruction. There are lots of old pureblood families who are now completely extinct because of this last war. You young people are so used to growing up in peaceful times you are probably not even able to understand how we felt back then. You wouldn't talk to strange witches or wizards. You didn't know who supported Voldemort and who didn't. You didn't know if a wizard or witch was a Death Eater, Voldemort's closest followers and enslaved to him through a mark they wore. If you were in their eye as a possible recruit you had to practically vanish from the face of the earth to hide, because saying no to an attempt of recruitment from Voldemort meant death or at least torture. My own brother became a Death Eater, but tried to get out of it and was killed for it. We had to be covered with extreme wards and a Fidelius charm. We were all members of a counter organisation to fight against the Death Eaters and aid the Ministry Aurors. Back then we had a group of at least three hundred Aurors, nowadays there are a few dozens only. Back then Defence against the Dark Arts was the most important subject at Hogwarts and we all learned how to duel and fight hard. We had to learn self-defence to survive a possible encounter with Death Eaters. Once we had left school Remus specialised on wards and was off warding many people's houses for them. Lily Potter and myself studied everything we found in every library available to craft new wards and aggressive spells. We developed the spell that finally brought Voldemort down."

"That sounds scary! You are right, I'm unable to understand this time! You killed the man, didn't you?"

"Yes, we did. We had to. I am very glad to say that I have never killed a human on any other occasion, but we really had to kill Lord Voldemort. We had developed a spell that conjured a lot of small, but extremely sharp knives. When Sirius and I cast this spell together we can conjure a line of several hundred such knives and direct them in waves so that a victim won't stand a chance of getting out of their way to the left or the right. We had to cast an anti-apparition ward and then we were able to throw these knives at Voldemort. Unfortunately just as he fell, one of his Death Eaters, probably the most fanatical one he had, threw himself into the hailstorm of knives and died, too," Remus said.

"But we don't regret using this spell. We didn't know how far on the way to become immortal he really was already and we were not about taking chances of him getting away. The spell practically shredded his body to pieces, one of the most terrifying views I've ever seen! You could just about recognise his face, but everything else was torn. I'm glad I never had to cast such a spell again!" Sirius added.

"I suppose that after that you weren't too keen on adventures anymore?"

"Not exactly. After that we concentrated on the adventure that's bringing up a big family. I don't know if you have any children yet, but if you have, you probably know that it is uncharted territory when you become a parent for the first time."

"I will learn one day, I hope. So far I don't have any children. You were very young parents."

"Yes, if you have your first child at nineteen it's even more difficult. But we were lucky. Remus' parents were a great help and about a month after our children were born we were back at Hogwarts to do our research work. Apart from the war it was a really good time. Both of us and our children were safe at Hogwarts. I only read myself about through the Hogwarts library and through some of the headmaster's private stocks in that time. Parenting was done alongside reading all those books. Luckily it covered the babyhood of our oldest children. It was pretty easy, because we had them with us all the time. Either both of us or I did," Sirius said.

"That sounds rather enjoyable."

"It was. Not exactly relaxing though. I did quite a lot of nursing in those days. And that was probably the most enjoyable bit. Gave us both a wonderfully close relationship with the children."

"And once the war was over?"

Sirius grinned.

"As I said, main focus on family life. I used to be a very jumpy kid, overactive and probably a total nuisance for most others. But the kids have calmed me down early on. Living together with others and with a bunch of caring house-elves we did go out maybe once or sometimes twice a week, lots of opportunities to dance and move. Being independently wealthy was very welcome and for that reason we did enjoy all of our life. Especially Remus deserved it for all he had to go through with his transformations and all."

"He said that you gave birth to four children while he's had seventeen of that immense crowd of offspring you produced..."

"Yes, and I really loved each of my pregnancies... well, I could have done without the morning sickness of course, but over all... I loved it."

"Even giving birth? Isn't that a bit too painful to enjoy?"

Sirius shook his head and smiled.

"In that regard the second pregnancy was the most difficult one. I knew how it would feel and I was a bit afraid. But the third and fourth time it was pretty easy. No, I wouldn't say it was too painful to enjoy. And feeling a baby right after it's born is probably the most intense feeling you can ever experience!"

"And how did you feel about it, Remus?"

"Same. Actually it could have lasted for hours longer every time it would have still not been as bad as a werewolf transformation, believe me. There was only one downside and that was that I usually conceived shortly after a full moon and would give birth around a full moon again. On several occasions I had to transform on the day of giving birth. Mostly I was lucky and could hold the baby just long enough to spend one more transformation free full moon night. That usually gave me enough time to recover from the birth for the next transformation."

"But each time you had another child..."

"We did. And we love them. None of them has complained being around so far, which is a good sign, I think..." Remus said with a smile.

"How do the two of you spend your days?"

"Since we are not responsible for any children anymore we mostly sleep in until about nine, then we take our time for breakfast, which we eat together with whoever is around, mostly our friends James and Lily Potter. Then we either take a walk or go out for some errands, pick up a sandwich or so for lunch and see some of our friends after lunch. We do some baby-sitting if anyone needs us on some days. Sometimes we go for a game of darts or something to the nearest Muggle pub. We meet with the family for dinner and then usually spend the evening in their company. Lots of games, reading and we still enjoy our sexual relationship..." Sirius said.

"I don't hear any mentioning of the Tele-Orb here..."

"That would be because we don't watch any. There are some in several rooms, but not in the family rooms and not in our room, so we are pretty clueless about what's going on in this medium."

"That would be rare, I guess..."

"I don't even have an idea about that! We have so many things we enjoy, we wouldn't even have the time to watch. I'm watching my lover, that's better than anything anyway..." Sirius said and looked at Remus, who promptly blushed a bit.

"Well then. Obviously we couldn't possibly leave all your statements unchallenged, and for that reason we have invited a few guests as witnesses. The first one is your best friend from your school time, Mr. James Potter!"

James walked into the studio and was placed on an armchair right opposite of Remus and Sirius. He grinned at them.

"Good evening, James! It's very nice to have you here. Of course you've heard everything your friends said. What's your verdict? True? Mostly true? Shaky? Mostly exaggerated? Mostly untrue? Untrue?"

"You know, I do think they've got most of it fairly accurate. I do think, Remus didn't quite use the correct adjective when he called Sirius a 'cute' dog..."

"So he's rather an ugly dog?"

"No, not at all, just 'cute' doesn't really work on an animal the size of a small calf," James objected and grinned widely.

"Do you think, you could show us that dog once, Sirius?" Belinda asked.

Sirius sighed, stood up and a moment later Padfoot made his appearance. He received a great applause and trotted once around the coffee table, putting his front paws on Remus' knees and giving his face a quick lick. Remus pushed him off, but he laughed.

"Down, Padfoot!" he said.

Everyone around laughed at that. Belinda turned to James and said:

"Yes, I can see what you mean. But beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so I think, Remus is entitled to call that dog of his cute. Where does the Padfoot come from, Remus?"

The three Marauders laughed and Remus explained:

"James and Sirius found out that I'm a werewolf some way into our second year and almost immediately tagged me with the terrible nickname Moony. So when they mastered their transformations and became Animagi it only seemed natural to bestow them with nicknames of their own. Sirius is Padfoot as you've just heard. James turns into a stag and was named Prongs by our fourth friend, who himself transformed into a little rat and had thus been named Wormtail."

"That sounds funny! Well then, let's call the next witness. This time it is one of the generation after you, I'm very pleased to welcome Alya Black-Miller, the third of your children!"

Alya came into the studio and sat down on the second of three free armchairs. She smiled at her fathers and greeted them.

"We've already learned quite a bit about your fathers, Alya, it would be lovely if you could give us some further insight into them. How about you telling us an anecdote or two about them?"

"We've seen so much together... obviously one of the difficult things for everyone in our gigantic family is to remember the names of all in the family. When we get to the level of the great-grandchildren in particular, where there's really a huge number they are both a bit overstrained and believe me, they're not the only ones. But one day dad actually mixed up my sister Leonie with my other sister Veronica at least three times on the same day and that got them quite miffed. They're only a few months apart, because like me, Leonie is Sirius' daughter, Ronnie is our papa's and the two look almost like twins. Leonie then called dad purposely papa for about a week."

"Did you ever walk into them being, well... occupied?"

Remus, Sirius and Alya all laughed out loud.

"ALL of us probably walked into that kind of activity at least once! We all liked to cuddle and their bedroom door was usually open. So, yes, I did."

"How was their attitude to these things? Were they open or rather prudish? Judging from what they said so far I'd think Sirius to be more open..." Belinda asked.

"Actually they were both able to talk about the facts of life without blushing or anything. They were always getting angry if people made those lame jokes about fathers getting into trouble when they had to give their sons 'the Talk'."

"What did they tell you?"

"You know, I don't even remember exactly, but I think they just waited for us to ask a question and then replied to that with a short answer. Then they elaborated when we asked on. That's what my husband and I did with our children later on. It was easier and didn't feel embarrassing. I thought our fathers' non-verbal statements were even more important. We all cuddled a lot and often hopped on their beds in the mornings. Don't know if I let out a great secret, but they sleep in their birthday suits, so that meant pretty much skin contact. They weren't touchy about that, so we learned early on to be natural about these things."

"That sounds quite easy..."

"It was. Have to really compliment them on that part of our upbringing," Alya said with a smile.

"Were there things that peeved you?" Belinda wanted to know.

"Certainly. But only back when we were children. They were actually quite strict parents."

"How did they enforce their rules?"

"Made us work around Mischief Palace a lot! Normally we only had to look after the horses, but if we were bad they made us muck the stable and things and of course it being during vacations there was no magic! Or they sat us in the library and made us read the most boring books. We couldn't not read them, because of course they would know the contents and question us about them! And they made us help the house-elves."

"But that's all quite clever. Did you adults support each other on that?"

"You bet! We had endless discussions and family meetings about disciplinary measures. If one lives together the way we do then you have to do almost everything on the basis of discussing. Mostly we agreed on the same things though, didn't we, James?"

"I think so. We did have our difference of opinion when it came on what we thought was more important. Lily tended to side with Hope when it was about the kids and summer homework. If it went her way then she sat them down right in the beginning so it was out of the way. We thought they just came from school it would be good to give them a break. But we also tried to decide so it fitted the child concerned. Summers were especially fun. The size of the castle and the size of the kids' rooms allowed them to invite friends in and they did that quite often. As Sirius says... it's still brimming with life! Which keeps us going just for another while."

"What are you going to do when it's about leaving this world behind and you have to decide who will take over the castle?" Belinda asked.

"I've not found a good solution yet, to be quite honest," Sirius said, "It's mine and I'm slowly asking my way through our younger generations to see who would be interested. One thing is clear, if they sell it they have to share the proceeds. But I do hope they will just return to either live there or go there often to spend time at their parents' or grandparents' home..."

"And that, I think, is the perfect word to finish our today's Most Special Couple show! Thank you very much for coming here and giving us this interview, Messrs Black and Potter, and Mrs Black-Miller. All that remains for me to do now is to wish all the best to you and still many good years together!"