The Moke, The Sphinx, and The Snidget

Chapter 5: Rebels' Court

By: GoddessMoonLady


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Snape: ::glares:: 20 points from Slytherin for hitting a fellow house mate.

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The Great Hall is abuzz with the usual chatter as the students eat their Lunch. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are sitting at the Gryffindor table with Harry and Hermione discussing their Charms homework and Ron talking to Seamus and Dean about Quiditch.

Across the room Draco was talking to Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkenson. Or rather, Parkenson was clinging to Draco's arm and he was trying to pry her off while Zabini laughed.

Suddenly a shriek whent up from the Ravenclaw table drawing everyone's attention. The Ravenclaws are all screaming or staring at each other in horror. The rest of the hall burst out laughing at the site.

All the Ravenclaws have sprouted different kinds of animal ears and tails. The site was hilarious. As soon as people start to calm down curious whispers about who did it flew around the room. With a flash above the prank, in blue writting apears the words, "Brought to you curtesy of 'The Rebels'"

Everyone cheers while laughing. More whispered questions cerculate the room. Harry, Hermione, and Draco are careful not to look at each other.

"Do either of you have any idea who could do this?" Ron asked trying to hold in his laughter.

"I have no idea, But it's very imature of them! Honestly! Doing something so cruel to the Ravenclaws!" Hermione huffed irritably.

"Aw, come on 'Mione! It's not like they're hurt or anything! I mean, look, they're fine!" Harry chided, trying to control his own laughter.

The teachers meanwhile are all but banging their heads against the table. All thinking the same thing 'It apears history is about to repeat it's self. Gods help us'.

Everyone was still trying to figure out who 'The Rebels' were as they were leaving the Great Hall for their next classes.

Later that night, Harry, Hermione, and Draco met at the main staircase on the 4th floor. They started wandering down the hallways laughing about their successful prank.

"And then Ron's like 'Do either of you have any idea who could do this?' Oh! You should have heard Hermione, Dra! She was brilliant!" Harry laughed as they walked.

Hermione laughed, "Yeah I slipped into the old tirade, 'I can't believe anyone would do such a thing to the poor little Ravenclaws! How immature! And Degrading!' When I wanted to say 'How Brilliant!' Ron tottally bought it!"

Draco burst out laughing, "Oh, shit. Pansy asked me pretty much the same thing. 'Oh, Dracy dear, do You know who pulled such an ingenius trick?' I swear I hate that Bitch."

The other two laughed at his highly accurate imitation of Parkenson. Harry leans agaist the wall and suddenly falls backward landing on his back.

"What the!?" He sits up and looks around him.

"Harry! Are you all right?" Hermione asks as she follows Draco into the room. Draco offers Harry a hand and hauls him to his feet.

The group look around. They're standing at the foot of a small staircase leading down to a door. They look at each other and Harry takes the lead. They walk down the stairs and stop in front of the door.

Harry glances back at Hermione and Draco, Whom nod, and reach out to open the door. The door swings easily on it's hinges and the trio step into the room. From the looks of it it hasn't been used in a few hundred years.

The trio split up and look around the room a bit. There are old chairs, tables, desks, chalkboards, and other various furniture scattered about the room. They meet in the center of the room and grin.

"Guys, I think we found our new hangout." Hermione grinned glancing around, "After a bit of cleaning of course."

"So, what'll we call it?" Harry asked glancing around.

"Rebel's Court. After all this will be homebase for our Prankster Empire." Draco stated. The other two nodded in agreement, "Well, we've a few hours, so lets get to cleaning."

In less then a few minutes they had the room spotless and transformed into a new hangout. The main room was rather large, Hermione had transfigured some of the old furniture into an assortment of Green leather, and maroon velvet couches and chairs. The tables she redid. Harry turned the old Chalkboards into trunks for their Prank supplies. Draco moved all the other things that they didn't have current plans for into one of the three adjoining rooms. The second room Harry stored the trick trunks in. The third room to their amusement was a working restroom, which Hermione charmed clean.

Hermione Transfigured some soft rugs and pillows out of the empty cardboard boxes lying around. In the end, they had the new hangout looking extremely comfortable.

"You know guys, Were going to need a guardian portrait for the main entrance." Harry pointed out.

"Right, good idea Harry, lets go look for one, I'll leave a mark on the wall so we know where the door is." Hermione commented as Draco nodded. They headed up the stairs, closing the passage door behind them. Hermione waved her wand and a green lightening bolt mark apeared on the wall.

They walked up and down the halls looking for a gaurdian for their new hangout. after a half an hour they gave up and returned to their hangout.

"None of those were good enough!" Draco whined, dropping into a green leather armchair.

Harry shot him a strange look as he lounged across a velvet couch.

Hermione sighed, sitting on the arm of Draco's chair, "Well, then why don't we make one." The boys stared at her for a moment.

"Um, Mione? That's a brilliant idea but we'd have to be able to 'draw' it first. You know, so we know how it's gonna look. I can paint well, but I suck with a pencil." Draco pointed out.

"Er-I can draw. A little anyways." Harry threw out.

"Good. And I'm sure I can find the way to bring it to life. Can't be that hard." Hermione grinned confident in her research abilitys.

"Well, it's getting late. We should all be getting back to our Common Rooms. Give me a couple of days and I'll come up with a few sketches for the painting." Harry commented rising from his couch and stretching.

"Right, We'll see you in the morning Moke." Hermione called as they whent their own ways.

"Night Snidget, Sphinx!" Draco waved as he headed down into the dungeons for a little rest.

Over the next couple days Harry draws a few drafts for the painting. hermione and Draco discovered that when he said he had 'some' tallent with a pencil that he was being modest. His drawings were incredible! His pictures where so life-like.

Finally, after a week and twelve rejects, they settled on the picture of a Huge green tree sitting in the middle of a clearing with a Sphinx lying stretched out on a treelimb, a Moke climbing up the side, and a Snidget zipping around through the air.

Harry handed the picture over to Draco whom would be painting it. He had hidden some of his painting supplies in their hide out so he wouldn't have to answer questions about the portrait. He worked on it every night while he, Harry, and Hermione hung out planning their next big prank. It took an entire week and a half to finnish. Meanwhile,urring the day, Hermione scowered the library for anything on bringing paintings to life.

"Finnished!" Draco called, grinning. Harry set aside his drawing pad, while Harmione marked her page in the book she was reading. They hurried over to see the finished product.

"It looks excellent Draco! Great job!" Hermione grinned as she pulled pout her wand and picking up the paper with the instructions on Portrait animation.

"Seriously, Draco. It looks even better then it did on paper!" Harry grinned wrapping an arm around Draco's shoulders. They watched in silence as Hermione whent through the complicated procedure.

When she finished they stood there, just watching it move. Finally, after 3 weeks their new guardian is finished.

"Come on guys lets hang this baby up." Hermione gently picked up the frame and moved up the stairs with harry and Draco behind her. She gently placed it on the wall with a sticking charm.

They stood back pulling out their wands. Hermione pointed hers at the Sphinx. Draco pointed his at the Moke, and Harry pointed his at the Snidget.

"Passadus!" They called together.

"Sphinx!" Hermione called, "Question:What has no voice of it's own, yet yells at people and is highly unwanted? Answer: A Howler" The Sphinx grinned nodding it's head.

"Moke! 50 Galleons, 14 Sickles, and 10 Knuts." The Moke shrunk then reenlarged showing acceptance.

"Snidget! Beater Bat!" The Snidget zoomed around the portrait to show it's acceptance of Harry's password.

The three looked at each other and grinned, the had long since agreed on their joined password. "Secret friends". The portrait swung open.

"We did it guys! After all our hard work, we finally have completed the 'The Rebel's Court'. Hermione grinned as she wrapped her arms around her boys. Harry and Draco high fived grinning their asses off.

"Well, Night guys. See you tomorrow for operation 'Huffen Puffs'." Draco grinned as he started off.

"Night, Dra!" harry and Hermione called as they walked off grinning.


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