Bhree...Or Dragon Lady9...Whatever, has been busy and in a predicament, so it's been a while since any updates. I guess I have to tell you why.

I have some sort of bone condition, nothing life-threatening or anything, which causes my bones to grow out in odd directions, like knots or cists. I have quite a few of them all over my body, legs and arms, and they grow with the bone. On my left arm I have three. One on the bone that sticks out where the arm meets the hand, one below the wrist which is quite large but doesn't bother me, and one growing between the humerus and ulna (bones in the arm). This of course, causes me pain. But today I feel pretty good so, I WRITE!

Blah – writing

/Blah/ - thinking

Hotsuma's Admirer

By: Dragon Lady9

Hotsuma, though we live here in this cardboard box by the road...I still want you. When you are here...I can withstand Bhree-Dono, even when she takes it upon herself to talk about herself in third-person. You keep my good-natured self preserved.

Though we are from different times, I still find myself attracted strongly towards you. The way you dress, it is different than anything I am used to. You are the most scantily clad ninja I know, and for that I can barely contain myself around you.

Hotsuma, you are everything to me, though you don't know. Someday you will. You will be mine...


''s only you, Bhree-Dono...'

'What're you doin'?'


'Woo. Me too. What excitin' lives we lead...Hey! What's that?'

'What's what?'

'That lil' book ya got clutched to yer chest! Lemme see?'


'Why not?'

'I Don't.'

'Are you afraida what I might do if ya let me see it?'


'Then lemme seeeeeeee!'


'HAHA! Raikoh...geez, you write lika middle-aged, unmarried woman romance novelist!'

'Hey, Bhree, whatcha reading?'

/No! Not Hotsuma...HE CAN'T SEE THAT! NOT YET!/

'Give it back! It's MINE!'

'Raikoh has a diary! Aw man, I have to see this!'

'NO! Hotsuma, Don't read it, please!

/It's too late. He's life is over..../

'Whoa...Rai. I never knew. have to go.'

'I'm just gonna go play some Nightshade...
You left as soon as you realized how I felt. I suppose my life is over...But since when I have I ever given up?

I just have to explain to you. I still have a chance!

'Hey, Raikoh?'


'I'm sorry about before. It was a little much to take.'

'I can see why.'

'So we're cool, then?'

'Yes, I suppose we are.'

'Okay then. See ya later.'


I suppose it couldn't hurt to wait a while longer.
Please be gentle with the reviews. This was an experimental fic.