Title: Ransom
Rating: PG-13
Author: Mac
Disclaimer: All characters from Stargate SG-1 are property of MGM Studios and many others who aren't me.

"Dr. Frasier, General Hammond would like to see you ASAP," the young airman told her.

She nodded as her heart leapt into her throat. That usually meant someone was gravely injured. "Thank you, Airman," she replied trying to sound calmer than she felt.

Twenty minutes later, she was geared up and ready to leave Earth with SG-12.

Apparently Colonel O'Neill had called. She was grateful to learn that no one from his team were sick or injured. Instead, one of the community leaders on P3Q 583 had been attacked by an unknown assailant.

The doctors on Malovia (the planet's real name) had never seen such injuries as their world was crime free. That's when Corrina, the victim's daughter, asked for Earth's assistance.

General Hammond decided to send SG-12 along as well so they could help search for the assailant. When they arrived on Malovia, Major Carter greeted them. She explained the situation. "Novall is about 35 years old," she said as she led them towards the city.

"He was taking a walk last night when was attacked. Whoever, or whatever, left the scene pretty fast." Sam took a breath. "Anyway, he was severely beaten. Since no one around here has ever seen injuries like he has, they don't know how to treat them."

Janet nodded. "Has he been conscious at all?"

"Briefly. We didn't want to risk Gate travel because we weren't certain on his condition."

They walked in silence the rest of the way, meeting up with Jack and Teal'c. "Doc," Jack said with a nod as he took her to Novall's home.

Daniel was sitting with the family when they arrived. He introduced Janet to Novall's daughter, Corrina. "If you'll come with me," Corrina said.

When Janet finished her examination, she had some good news. He was well enough for transportation to Earth. "I have to run some tests that I can't do here," she explained to Corrina.

The young girl nodded, taking Janet's hand. "Thank you, Dr. Frasier. Our city is eternally grateful."

Janet found Daniel on the back porch enjoying the cool night air. "How's Novall?" he asked.

"He'll be all right as soon as I get him in my infirmary."

Daniel nodded. "That's good to..." he trailed off.


"Did you hear that?" he whispered. She shook her head, eyeing him curiously as he pulled out his handgun. She realized he must think the assailant was back.

"Maybe we should get Colonel O'Neill," she whispered back to him.

"By then it will be too late," Daniel replied. "We can't let anyone else get hurt."

She nodded in agreement and followed him. Janet suddenly felt someone behind her and, before she could react, was roughly grabbed, a hand covering her mouth. She watched in horror as they hit Daniel over the head. He fell to the ground, his weapon flying from his hands. She struggled and bit the guy's hand.

He turned her to face him, squeezing her face. "That wasn't very nice. You do that again and we'll kill your friend, do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes," she gasped out.

"Leave the note and let's go," the man said, pulling Janet with him. The other man nodded and picked up a dazed Daniel from the ground. "Move," he growled, shoving the archaeologist ahead of him.

Janet silently prayed that it wouldn't take long for the SG teams to figure out they were missing.

"Colonel," Sam said. "Have you seen Janet? They're ready to take Novall through the 'gate."

"I saw her about 15 minutes ago. She was heading out back with Daniel."

Teal'c walked over to them. "O'Neill, we have a problem."

"What is it, Teal'c?"

"DanielJackson and DoctorFrasier are missing."

Sam stared at him. "Are you sure, Teal'c?"

"I am. Corrina found signs of struggle, DanielJackson's weapon, and this," he said, handing a piece of paper to Jack, "in the gardens behind the house."

Jack couldn't make heads or tails of the wording. "What is this?" he asked in confusion.

Corrina joined them. "I'm afraid it's a ransom note, Colonel O'Neill. It states that they will not return your people until my father is turned over to them. According to this, they want him in one week or your people will be killed."

Jack took a deep breath, muttering something about Daniel being a trouble magnet. "All right, that's a problem. Let's get Novall to Earth first and we'll speak with General Hammond. Teal'c, you'll stay here with SG-12 and see what you can learn about the kidnappers, if anything. Corrina, you're welcome to come with us."

"Yes, I would like that," she responded with a weary smile. "Thank you."

"Carter, let SG-12 know what's going. We leave in 20."

"Yes, Sir."

Janet watched as Daniel was shoved unceremoniously on the ground next to her. She reached out to check on him, but the taller man (Grentas), pulled her away from him. "Do not attempt to help him," he growled.

She glared at him. "You won't have hostages if you kill them!"

"Silence!" Grentas exclaimed, slapping her across the face. He walked over to Daniel, yanking him by his hair. "I only need one..."

Janet's eyes widened, shaking her head. "Please, don't kill him!"

Grentas looked over at her. He saw tears forming in her eyes. This one could be of use to him. He shoved Daniel back to the ground and walked over to her. "What would you do to prevent me from killing him?" he asked.

"A-anything you want!" she exclaimed before thinking.

"Hmm..." Grentas looked pleased and helped her to her feet. "Such beauty. Yes, I think I know what I want. Myak, get over here and bring this one to my tent. Find something appropriate for her to wear."

Myak grinned evilly. "Sure thing, Grentas."

Janet glanced once more at Daniel. He was looking at her through pain-filled eyes and she could tell he wanted nothing more than to attack Grentas. She shook her head. No, she said to herself, it won't help, you're too weak.

She took a deep breath when he seemed to have understood her. "Let's go!" Myak growled.

Daniel watched her being taken away. His body just wouldn't respond to any commands, but he knew he had to help her. He saw her shake her head. She didn't want him to do anything. He nodded slightly and gave into the darkness.