Robyn: Tigs... your first was a pretty big hit... you should write the second

Tiger: True. ...

Robyn: Well.... looks at him sternly

Tiger: ok, ok.... I'll get started! -

White Lion.

Chapter 2.

Momen, Zenith's Croc, is pretty young for a Godly creature. Only about 50 years old, an as their trains live for as long as they do, Zenith is not 16, he is about 66, but still 16 because he is stuck in t time 'bubble' thus temporality stopping time around him, so technically he is still 16. However Eve and Tazlor are over millennia in age.

Momen himself is muscular and slender, with a dark green sheen to every perfectly polished scale. His teeth, each one a crisp, pure snow white colour and not a scratch, or stain on any tooth. His personality is a little childish, attaching him self to his cuddly teddy bear, and would protect it with his life. However, putting his childishness aside, he is a loyal creature, full of pride but not always knowing what is right all the time. This could cause him to turn a little 'different' at times. This could prove useful at times, but highly annoying most of the time.

"Come on Momo"

Momen tilts his head on the side, looking at the still shocked Zenith thinking how he said that with out moving his mouth. Zenith turns his head a little to see his little sister, or his appointed partner trainer, in the corner of his eye, still transfixed on Tazlor. Robyn, She came from the Mountains small and agile she found a polar bear egg and was told to come to the main temple to train up the bear. She takes this gently snowing egg everywhere with her, hugging it tightly. She stands there in a creamy coloured jumper with Celtic symbols over it her Neko ears twitching on the top of her head, and her tail swaying side to side, with the occasional flick. On her lower half she wears a deep midnight blue pair of trousers, cut off below the knew to fit her. On her feet she wears a pair of light blue boots, carefully engraved with wings of light shimmering slightly in the subtle light of the caves reflecting in the stream behind her. Around her neck is a delicate sliver chain with a small cross, encrusted with 6 little diamonds hanging just if few, to say some for of message.


Zenith shakes his head, and turns to her. Realizing what she is wearing he asks, "Sis... why do you always wear Tiger's things?!"

Robyn blushes a little and replies, "you know why..." she pauses, and moves towards him an whispers into his ear, "and you better not tell anyone ok? ANYONE!"

Zenith laughs a little.

"Kay, kay.... Change of subject; how is you egg coming along, though of a name yet?"

"Don't know what to call him.... Or her. Thought of Flyith, but don't know about male. I think it is just about to hatch," she says, gently stroking her egg, "but Tazzy and Eve think it is just about to hatch. And Eve cannot wait to see a Polar bear around the caves again! She missed them ever since Xentith died...."

She looks up from her egg to see Zenith bright red holding the cheek that she kissed.

"I saw what happened you know..."

Zenith looks up, deeply embarrassed and curtain that no one was watching and then looks back down to the floor playing with a stone on the floor with his foot.

"And if you ever breath a word about me and Tigs, I am pretty sure that your little crush on Tazzy would go round like a Lightning on water!" she says with a smirk on her face.

"Yea... but... Nearly every male trainer fancies Tazzy... In fact even some female trainers do to!"

"But does she ever look twice on people she has kissed?"

Robyn nods up to Tazlor and Eve and as soon as Zenith gains eye contact with Tazlor she looks away, blushing madly. Robyn giggles, and brushes past, tapping his nose and singing softly into his ear, "and they called it puppy love!"

With this comment Robyn runs up the hill to Tazlor, and Zenith starts for Robyn but stops and shouts up to her "SHUT UP YOU! OR I WILL TELL THE PRIETS!"


Again I am pleased with this, and think it has gone well. This took me a little longer to write, because I had a little shock. Well, mail addy is