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Chapter 1

It has been so long. He doesn't remember but I do. It was so long ago. I was a small Wolf God, then. Though we were different, him and I were in love. I watched as Frigg, his mother, the Queen of the Gods, made him right and proper. He hated that type of attention. After she was done he ran off to play. A rebel.
He grew up with me. We learned everything about each other. But it seems as though the Fates had other plans. Loki, the God of Mischief, hated Balder. Balder knew so he sought his mother, Frigg. She told him she would make the whole world swear not to hurt him and that once they did they could truly not.
So she did. But, she forgot the little mistletoe tree. Loki used it to his advantage. He took a little thorn from one of its branches and, with it, made an arrow. Frigg had made it so that, no one who promised, could harm him. But she forgot the mistletoe tree. At the banquet that night, Loki took the dart he had fastened and shot Balder with it. It pierced Balder, causing him to die. Everyone mourned, especially me. My love...

Now I stand next to Iris, waiting for Chaos to finish. "Hurry up! Chaos, you take too damn long!" Iris wailed. Chaos came out of the dressing room. "Better?" he asked. Iris had been making him change so many times the outfits he started wearing were looking, somewhat, the same. "Mmm..." Iris examined, "No." She stated it like a fact. "WHAT?! Why not?" Chaos complained. "Because," she said, "it's too... violet." Chaos stared at her blankly. "Violet?" he asked. "Yes. Now change!" "No! I'm wearing what I want now!"
Chaos darted back inside the dressing room. "Hmph..." Iris pouted looking at me. "Yes?" I said. "I don't know what to do with him, Fenris." "What... do you mean?" I asked. "He's unbelievable! He saves my life so I treat him to whatever outfit he wants, since his old one's a mess, and these are outfits he picks!" She picked up an outfit or two that Chaos had picked out. "Look! It's... it's..." Iris stumbled with the words. I laughed. Chaos came out wearing an outfit he himself chose.
"How is it that your sense in clothing are so... different from my own?" "I like this outfit." Iris and Chaos got into dull bickering. We were walking down the street looking for a place to eat. "Guys! Wait up!" a familiar voice yelled. As we turn around, Lidia stopped dead in her tracks so she wouldn't run us down. Yes, for Lidia, this is possible. "Loki! HURRY UP!" Lidia yelled. Yes, Loki. This Loki is of the Assassin's Guild. Balder - I mean Chaos's other half. Their destinies are intertwined. And here I am, with love once more, and yet...
"Fenris?" Chaos says to me. I just look at him. "Umm... yes?" I ask. "Are you okay? You looked like you spaced out." "Oh, sorry." He doesn't remember. He doesn't remember all that we had shared, our tears, our joy, our worries, our strengths, our weaknesses, our love. He has forgotten everything. And yet... there is nothing, at all, that I can do about it.

We walk on and find a restaurant. The name reads 'PUB' and the logo is a fat face and two burgers parallel each other. We order some food; it doesn't really matter as long as it's food, and sit down at a table nearby. I look out the window that our table's next to. There were two children playing catch. One was male and the other female. I smiled to myself. It reminded me of the days when Balder would lead me to the high cliffs on earth.
Frigg would tell him not to go alone, 'The earth is different from Asgard.' But whenever I brought that up he'd just smile and say to me, 'I'm not alone, I've got you.' He said it with such a serious face. I knew he wasn't joking. Now he takes Iris's hand. He still is not alone. No. He has her. So I have this feeling. 'Un requited love'. Is that what they call it? I have such a great love for him but...
His memory... it has drifted far away and he will never feel those feelings again. I know this to be true. The Fates have made sure. He seeks his memories. Frigg has already appeared to us before claiming to be his Mother. He has already gained a few of his old memories, too. No one will ever know that the girl he saved... was me. We went to the earth that one time...

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