Author's Note: This should just be a Sam/Jack/Jaffer story, unless I change my mind in mid-telling (which wouldn't be the first time) Rated for any language I inadvertently put in, and maybe a little sexual tension, but really, it's probably only PG. I just like to over-rate them, just in case something happens. That way there's no surprises.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sam, or Jack, or any of them... BUT I do own Jaffer, Jack (the dog) and Shawn (who may or may not make an appearance)


The gate flared and the iris closed as the security teams gathered around and the alarms blared. No one was due back for at least another few hours, and everyone knew it. Hammond turned to Sergeant Walters, who was manning the main computer as he normally did, and the younger man turned to him.

"It's SG-1, Sir."

"Open the iris."

SG-1 wasn't due back, yet, so something was wrong, or they'd come across something interesting enough that they thought they needed to bring it back immediately. Either way, Hammond was always one to be prepared for the worst.

"Medical team to the embarkation room."

The order was passed as Hammond made his way down the stairs and through the doorway, just in time to see figures emerging from the gate.

Daniel Jackson came first. The archeologist wasn't holding his gun at any sort of defensive angle, which told Hammond that they probably weren't being chased back through the Stargate, and allowed him a chance to relax just a little. Whatever it was, it wasn't going to require them to slam the iris shut. Probably. Then he saw the next figures to come through, and he felt a stab of concern.

Teal wasn't carrying his staff weapon when he came through the gate. He was carefully cradling Major Carter in his powerful arms, and she was looking very much the worse for wear. She was awake, but there was a definite look of intenseness in her features that told the General immediately that she was hurting. Her face was bloody and scratched, and she was dirty and mussed. God only knew what else was wrong with her, or she'd never had allowed Teal'c to just pick her up and carry her.

O'Neill came through the gate just as Hammond walked up to ask what had happened. The Colonel was carrying his own weapons, Carter's weapons, and Teal'c's staff weapon. He looked very imposing, since Hammond knew he could use any of them with equal facility, and it showed in his bearing. Of course, there was also the look of concern on his face when he glanced at Carter, who was still held by Teal'c as they waited for the medics that were undoubtedly already on their way.

"What happened, Colonel?"

"Carter fell."

Hammond looked over at Sam, who sighed, and closed her eyes, leaning her head against Teal'c just enough that Hammond knew she was really hurting.

"That must have been some fall."

"She fell off a cliff, Sir."

"Actually, she fell into a ravine of some sort," Daniel interjected. "It was probably man-made, even though we didn't have much of a chance-"


Jack hushed him, and Jackson gave them a chagrined look, realizing that it probably didn't really matter what kind of ravine it was and that he was rambling, maybe, a little.


Fraiser and her medical team arrived before anyone could say anything else, and Teal'c handed the Major over to a couple of corpsmen.

"Watch her leg," Jack said. "It's probably broken."

They nodded, and eased Carter onto a gurney, where Fraiser began checking her vitals even as they rolled her out of the room.

"Will she be all right?" Hammond asked Jack, who looked concerned, but didn't rush after the medical team, as he would have if he thought she was in real trouble.

"She was talking to us when we got to her, Sir," Jack said. "It looks like she hit every rock on the way down, and the landing at the bottom sounded bad even from the top, but I don't think she did any permanent damage."

Of course, he wasn't a doctor. But he did know injuries, mainly from past experiences of his own. And he knew Sam well enough to know if she was really hurting, or just sort of hurting. She would almost definitely be okay.

"What did you find out about the planet?"

Jack looked over at Daniel, who stepped forward as O'Neill handed Teal'c back his staff weapon.

"It looks to be deserted, but there are ruins all over, and we found several signs that would appear to indicate a pre-Mesopotamian culture. This planet very well could have been one of the earliest depositories for human slaves by the Goa'uld."

"So, is it worth going back to?"

Daniel nodded. "I'd like another shot at it, General."


"It's deserted, Sir. There's rocks, and sand, and some brush, and one big- ass ravine that sucks unwary Majors down into it. It's not going anywhere, and we really can't either, until we find out how Carter's doing."

"We could send another team, General." Daniel said. "If Sam's leg is broken she won't be able to do much of anything for weeks..." It was obvious that Daniel wanted to go back immediately.

Hammond looked at Jack, who shrugged. He wasn't going anywhere until he knew how Sam was, but if Daniel wanted to go, Jack wouldn't say no. He hadn't seen anything on the planet that was a threat to the archeologist – and Jack never would have agreed if he had any doubts of that, since he was just as protective of Daniel as he was of the other members of his team. Hammond knew that as well.

"Very well. We'll send SG-11. But not until tomorrow." That would give Daniel a chance to make sure Sam was going to be okay, and give them a chance to read the data coming back from the MALF to see if there was anything on the planet they didn't know about yet.

"Thank you, General."

Hammond nodded, and knowing that Jack wanted to go check on Carter, he waved them all away.

"Go check on Major Carter, Colonel. Until SG-11 brings your archeologist back, SG-1 is on stand down."

"Yes, Sir."

Jack pivoted, and headed for the door, with Daniel and Teal'c right beside him.