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Chapter 19: Chances Lost

"You don't think-" Hermione said.

"He's the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; I know it." Harry cut in.

Before he could continue, McGonagall entered the castle with the three legged stool and a familiar torn hat. The first years were trailing behind her, talking in excited whispers. A few of them, probably muggleborns, looked extremely nervous.

Harry remembered how he had felt when he first came to Hogwarts. He thought it had been a mistake and he wasn't really a wizard. He now knew just how wrong he had been about that. He was now a member the Order of the Phoenix, and had a prophecy to fulfill. He had to defeat a Dark Lord. There was no mistaking the fact that he was indeed a wizard.

Professor McGonagall set the stool down and the Hall grew silent. The brim of the hat opened up, much to the surprise of some of the first years, and the hat began singing.

"A many, many years ago,
Back when I was made,
Lived four whom you may know,
Each one just as great.

Slytherin was cunning and sly,
Gryffindor brave and true,
Ravenclaw was the most wise,
And Hufflepuff was kind to the old and new.

Together, they made this school,
For young wizards and witches alike,
Muggles easily fooled,
Never to see the power inside.

Train each student to duel,
And battle in life ahead,
Some fighting against things so cruel,
And bringing Dark Wizards to an end.

They had one problem though,
That's why I'm here.
I'll tell you where you ought to go,
Place me on your head and have no fear.

Times are rough right now,
So join students of you kind,
Together you'll learn how,
Just let me look inside your mind.

I'll find the right place,
I'm yet to be wrong,
The decision may seem haste,
But I'll find where you belong."

The students throughout the Hall clapped as the hat finished. A few first years were still in shock. Professor McGonagall unraveled a long piece of parchment and faced the first years.

"When I call your name, you will come forward, place the hat on your head, and be sorted into your houses. Anders, Kimberly."

A tall girl with curly black hair walked over to the stool and sat down, placing the hat over her head. She was shaking. The hat studied her for a moment, before opening it's brim and shouting, "Ravenclaw!" The Ravenclaws all clapped and congratulated the next addition as she ran to join their table, nervousness fading.

Harry began to tune out the sorting. He just didn't care anymore. He was so furious with his dad for taking the job behind his back like that. Didn't he know of the dangers? Part of Harry felt his dad only took the job to spy on him. As Ball, Alisha became the first new Gryffindor, Harry was the only person at the table who didn't clap.

"I can't believe this, Ron." Harry muttered to his best friend as Brotemarkle, Carly was made a Ravenclaw and Coulter, Kayla became the first new Slytherin.

"Me neither," Ron said back. "but it's kind of cool still, isn't it?"

"No," Harry disagreed. "it means he's spying on me. And I don't need him to."

"Well, didn't he at least tell you-" Hermione started, but at the look on Harry face, she said, "oh."

"He didn't have to keep it a secret." Harry said furiously. "He promised me. I trusted him. He promised…"

"Don't know what to tell you, mate." Ron said, returning his attention to the sorting as Ford, Caitlin joined the Slytherin table.

The minutes of the sorting trailed on for Harry. He made one single glance at the staff table to find his father's eyes on him. He scowled and turned back towards his friends. That was just as Nolan, Michelle, a short girl with strawberry blonde hair, was made a Slytherin. The sorting was currently on Welchel, Emily, who was sorted into Ravenclaw.

The last student, Zarum, Jasmine, was sorted into Hufflepuff, and the Hall applauded for the new first years. Harry heard Ron mutter a "Finally" beside him as McGonagall took away the Sorting Hat, and almost laughed. Some things would never change. Dumbledore rose to make his usual start of term announcements, and the Hall grew silent.

"Welcome, welcome!" Dumbledore said. "To our new students, welcome to Hogwarts. To the old students, welcome back. I have a few start of term announcements before we enjoy the excellent feast our House Elves have so kindly prepared for us.

"First, I'd like to welcome both Professor Trelawny and Firenze back for the position of Divination." as this, a few students clapped, Parvati and Lavender being the loudest. "I'd also like to welcome Mr. Potter, who will be filling the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

At this, excited whispers broke out, and many students looked over at Harry. They all knew, of course, of James' return from the dead, seeing as it had been big news in the Prophet, but nevertheless, it was exciting. A few had heard a few slipped stories from the Weasley twins about Mr. Potter's greatness. Soon, the trio, as well as the majority of the Slytherins, were the only ones not clapping for the new teacher. Harry was sure his father had his eyes on him now. 'Let him look then,' Harry thought. He no longer cared what his father thought; he'd broken his promise. He'd betrayed his trust to Harry.

"Yes, yes, welcome Mr. Potter. I'm sure all of you are already aware of the events of this previous summer." Dumbledore said, continuing. "I would also like to add that all restrictions placed by Miss Umbridge last term have been lifted, and all school activities are to be resumed. Also, Quidditch tryouts will be held at the end of the month. Anyone interested in playing for their House should contact Madam Hooch for more details. Finally, let us all enjoy the feast."

The Hall broke out in applause, and the plates and goblets before them filled with food and drink instantly. A few first years gasped, having never seen such a thing before, especially the muggleborns. Ron, never one to wait on food, immediately dug in and filled his plate, receiving a disproving look from Hermione.

"That's disgusting, you know that?" she asked.

Harry laughed as Ron just shrugged. Those two would never change. The feast ended up being quiet enjoying, and Harry had almost forgotten his anger towards his father. This mood lasted until the middle of the feast, when Harry was confronted by Professor McGonagall.

"I'd like a word with you after the feast, Potter." at Harry's nod, she added, "Meet me up in my office."

Minutes later, after finishing a piece a treacle tart for dessert, and waiting as the tables of food cleared themselves off, Harry bid Ron and Hermione goodbye, as they had to lead the First Years back to Gryffindor Tower, and made his way to Professor McGonagall's office. He knocked briefly on the already opened door, before walking in.

"Take a seat, Potter."

Harry obliged, wondering what this was going to be about. He couldn't remember breaking any rules on the train.

"I assume you are aware of what this is about." McGonagall started, but at Harry's obvious confusion, she added, "What it means having your father teaching here. I won't tolerate any special treatment of him compared to your other professors. You'll be permitted to speak to him after classes, but during class, you are to respect him as you would any other professor."

"I will if he does, Professor." Harry said, a bit spitefully.

"Harry, I don't understand what this is about, but-"

"Ask him, professor. Ask him, he knows, he promised me…"

"I assume this is a bad time?" James asked from the doorway. Minerva had called him down as well.

"He doesn't deserve my respect, professor, and he won't be getting it." Harry turned to James. "I gave you a chance, dad, and you blew it."

"Potter, I don't understand what this is about, but you're really crossing the line today… I'd deduct points, but as it is, Gryffindor has none at the moment. I'd like you to meet me here for detention tomorrow night. Never in my life, Potter… Not even Sirius and James managed it… A detention on their first day back."

"Don't compare me to him!" Harry said, not caring how childish he was acting. Without another word, he pushed past his father and left the room.

"Harry!" James called, chasing after his only son.

"No, leave me alone."

"Harry James Potter!" James said sternly, grabbing his son's arm.

"Let me go," Harry said coldly. James had never seen his emerald eyes shine less before. Not even in the hospital wing last month.

"Please, Harry, just hear me out first." James pleaded.

"Why should I? You took the job to spy on me, I'm not fooled. You've been doing it all summer! I don't need you to watch me though. I don't need you." Harry realized how cold the words were, but he didn't care anymore. He was well aware that he struck his father hard this time.

James visibly weakened. He released Harry from his grip, unable to hold on any longer. He couldn't bear it any longer.

"I just wanted to make you happy, Harry." he whispered, and walked away, leaving Harry feeling slightly guilty.

Harry just stood there for a moment. In a few short moments he'd landed himself a detention with McGonagall, and treated his father with hatred he wasn't even aware he had. He supposed the right thing to do would be to apologize, but his mind was no longer functioning properly. He just wished his dad would have never taken the job. Not behind his back at least. The thought burned in his mind. James was here to spy on Harry.

"He doesn't trust me…" Harry muttered, walking back to the common room. He faintly heard a portrait mutter something about disrespect and dungeons, but he ignored it.


"What'd McGonagall want?" Ron asked as Harry entered the portrait hole.

"I have detention tomorrow." Harry sighed.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked. "On your first day back?"

Harry had to hold back a laugh; Hermione was always concerned about school. "Guess so,"

The duo let it slide. Harry obviously had something on his mind. They knew he'd tell them soon. Though they figured it had something to do with James taking the Defense Against the Dark Arts job. They wouldn't bother him about it; not yet at least.

"Game of Gobstones?" Harry asked, changing the topic.

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