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Summary: To put it in very few words; Afterglow, stitches, and archery.

The boy woke up finding himself in the urgent need of another bath. He turned to see his brother lying beside him.

Hector rose shortly after, to the sight of the youth. Paris was staring at him with piercing orbs.

"We should do that again" he said. The eldest smiled sadly and gathered him in his arms. "What is it?"

"I don't want to rise"

"I don't think I can walk" said Paris blushing.

"We can stay here"

The boy considered the offering, after a minute he spoke again.

"You'll need to change the beddings"

Hector looked desperately for a solution that did not involve leaving his brother's side.

"I can carry you to your room" at the boy's nod, he fetched a short rob and put it on, then he wrapped a blanket around Paris' body and lifted him. He walked carefully to the door and checked the hall for any servant. The youth mumbled something, like a child wanting to go back to sleep.

After making sure the hall was empty, Hector rushed to his brother's chambers. When he reached the bed, he put the boy down and burst out laughing.

Paris sat up surprised.


Hector went to sit beside him, and controlled his laughter.

"I can't picture myself running down the hall with my naked brother in my arms" The boy smiled at that.

"Invert our roles and it'll be even funnier" Hector's chest shook with laughter. Paris discarded the dirty blanket and crawled under the covers of his bed. "I think I could" he said trying to keep a straight face "if it was really necessary".

'You wouldn't' Hector thought sadly as he tossed his robe and crawled behind his brother.

"Can we stay here all day?"

"As long as you wish prince"

Paris laid face down on the bed, the same way he had every morning for the past week, waiting for his brother to decide if his back had healed enough to take the points out.

"So?" he asked as Hector ran his fingertips along the scar

"I think it's time" The prince stood and fetched a small dagger to cut the thread. "It's going to hurt" he warned softly before lowering the dagger. Paris paled upon seeing the sharp-looking blade. He gasped as he felt the cold steel touching his skin and closed his eyes. Hector proceeded carefully, knowing that if he did it right, it wouldn't hurt the boy in the least.

"Tell me when you start"

The older prince chuckled

"But I'm already finished, princess"

"It didn't hurt!" said Paris happily

"Really?!" Hector stared at his brother in fake surprise.

"Yes, are you really done?" he craned his neck trying to see.

"I am" Smiling, Hector lifted the boy's hips so he could regard the wound. Paris stopped his attempts at turning and blushed.

"I'm going to break something" The prince put him down hurriedly. "Are you going to teach me archery today?"


"Will we be alone?"

"If you want" Answered Hector lying next to him

"I do"


"So, I hold it like this?"

"Tighten it"

"Aren't you supposed to give me something to shoot?"

"First you have to learn how to aim, I don't want you piercing your feet"

"I won't, I want to shoot" Paris could see a couple of kids watching intently from afar. Hector sighed, handing him an arrow.

"Be careful".

Paris nodded, aiming carefully at a nearby tree. He shot, and missed... by far. The boys giggled. Hector glared at them but said nothing, handing his brother another arrow.

"Thought we'd be alone" he muttered aiming again.

"I thought so as well little brother".

Paris shot again. The arrow went up and up and up, finally landing two feet in front of him. The older prince closed his eyes in frustration.

"Watch me" he muttered grabbing his own bow and tensing it "your hands and your shoulders have to be in line" he shot, the arrow piercing the tree. The boys clapped and crept closer. Paris nodded. He shot again, trying not to pay attention to the children. His arrow fell at the base of the tree.

"I'm useless" he said as he heard the kids laughing out loud. Hector felt his brother's anger and nodded.

"Do it"

Paris looked at the kids, not caring if his brother meant what he thought he meant. He took another arrow and shot, without even aiming. To his surprise, the arrow stuck in a tree just behind the children. Both boys looked at each other, then at the arrow, and finally at Paris.

Hector smiled at him, shooing the kids away.

"We are sorry prince Hector" said the older one

"Please don't shoot us" chipped the other.

The prince's smile widened.

"I wouldn't worry about me if I where you"

The children's attention moved to Paris, who had managed to change his expression of utter disbelief to one of indifferent cockiness. Hector laughed as the boys ran into the woods.

"You see is not that hard?"

"I missed, I was aiming for the tall one's head" he joked

"Close enough"

Paris looked at the direction where the kid's had gone, to make sure they had really left.

"It was a lucky shot" he said "I could've hurt them". Hector took the bow from the boy's hand.

"Yes, you could've. It was absolutely irresponsible and bold" he scolded.

"...and you told me to"

"I told you nothing"

"You didn't stop me"

"You are old enough to discern right from wrong"

"I'm sorry brother, you're right..." the young prince looked genuinely regretful for a second, then he stomped his foot childishly and pointed at the woods. "But they were mocking me!"

"And you, as prince of this land have every right to do with them as you please" he lifted a hand when he saw his brother opening his mouth. Paris fixed his eyes on the floor.

"I did wrong" he muttered

"And I'm sure it will not happen again"

"Can I have my bow back?"

"Here" Hector gave it back "and try to aim for the tree this time"

Paris did, aiming carefully, following all the instructions Hector had given him. He shot, and lost sight of the arrow as it went above one of the tree branches. Soon enough, a small animal fell from the tree. A squirrel.

"Nice, prince, now you have a fur"

"We don't eat those, do we?"

"Just during war"

"...guess I'll skin it"

"Right" Hector pointed "go get it" the boy nodded, hoping he hadn't just orphaned half a dozen of baby squirrels. The prince held back his laughter as Paris picked the poor thing from the tail with his fingertips.

"I made sure it was dead" he said trying to keep the animal as far from him as possible "I poked it".

"Prudent" answered Hector managing not to laugh.


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