Summary: If you love Chris/Leo moments, this is one for you.


Leo was feeding baby Chris. Piper was out with Wyatt for some fresh air since she claimed she hadn't been out for ages. Leo hoped she wasn't crying again. Ever since he'd told her about Chris' death, she'd seemed really depressed whenever she looked at the baby. She'd always ask him "He came back to save the future... and he had to die in order to save it? My son deserved better!"

Leo himself had trouble sleeping at night, always reliving the moment of Chris' death in his dreams and waking up in sweat. He knew that they'd changed the future, but the death of his son, no matter what the circumstances, was a hard blow. He was spending as much time as he could with baby Chris. He was now the girls' whitelighter again and was spending loads of time at the manor. Piper wasn't showing any signs of wanting to talk to Leo about their relationship and he didn't push her. With Chris' death so raw in his heart he'd made it a mission to make sure Chris will have the future he wanted, with both parents married happily and growing old together. But he wasn't going to press on Piper, not at a time like this.


Leo woke up again in the middle of the night, on the couch in the living room. Chris' face as he faded away was fresh in his mind. He tried to hold back tears as a voice in the back of his head whispered: 'You failed your son. You let him die. You didn't try hard enough.' He got up as usual and went to check up on baby Chris. He tiptoed into the nursery and orbed his son up to the attic so that he won't wake Piper.

Leo spent the next 20 minutes just holding his son, thinking about his older self's fate. 'He was never mourned properly. He came back to save his brother and didn't live to go back to the future he deserved. His entire life was a living hell and he died before he ever got the chance to enjoy it.'

Sighing, Leo orbed Chris back to his crib. He caressed his son's cheeks and orbed back to the living room. He lied down on the sofa and pulled the covers over himself, looking swiftly around the room and closing his eyes peacefully. A couple of seconds later, he opened them again in fear, looking straight up at the ceiling. 'It can't be.' he told himself. Unblinkingly, he turned his head to look at the sofa across the room. Leo gasped and fell off of the couch.


Chris suddenly appeared on the living room sofa. He looked up and whispered "thank you." He'd been stuck There for the last 2 weeks, ever since he'd died. After he'd faded away, he reappeared in a place he could remember nothing of. All he remembered were They. They explained to him that in order to change the future, he had to die since it awakened feelings in Leo that he'd never felt before, and so all the actions that follow had already fallen into place. It still hurt Chris' brain to try to figure that logic out. Wouldn't that mean that Chris would reappear in a changed future, with different memories, since he wouldn't have had any reason to go back in the first place? According to Them, since he died, it was a different version of himself that existed in his future now. Since Chris' is a special case, they couldn't decide what to do with him and therefore he had to stay There for almost 2 weeks until they came up with a solution. Since Chris' entire life was an insufferable hardship and given that he'd saved the future, he deserved to spend the rest of his life in peace and happiness. Therefore, they brought him back to life and sent him back to the manor so that he could spend as much time as he wanted to with his family.

As Chris sat there and thought about everything that had happened, Leo had come into the room, but Chris, so buried in his own thoughts, didn't notice. Then he heard a loud thump as Leo fell to the floor and he looked up.


Leo tried to get up but he was trapped in his covers. When he finally managed to untangle himself, he got up and looked at Chris shakily. Chris smiled happily at seeing his father again.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?" asked Leo weakly, not able to look into Chris' eyes.

Chris' grin vanished instantly. "Dad, it's me... It's Chris... I swear." he stammered, getting up from the sofa. "It's a long story, but since I altered the timeline a different version of me exists in my future... so They gave me a second chance to have a happy life, They brought me back to life... I swear..." he explained.

Leo finally looked into Chris' eyes and he saw the tears that were there. And then he just knew, he just felt it –this was Chris, his son. And he was alive and he was okay and Leo was getting yet another chance with his child. And he ran across the room and enveloped Chris in a breathtaking hug.

"Chris... Chris... it's really you... Chris..." he murmured, feeling his son's back and choking him in a bear hug. Chris returned the hug, smiling toothily and feeling like everything was like it was meant to be for once in his life.

Leo took a step back and looked at Chris' face. He then looked down and bit his lip, trying not to cry. "Chris... I'm sorry for letting you die... I'm sorry, I didn't try hard enough, I promised I'd get you home..." he said, his voice breaking.

Chris looked at his dad in awe. "It wasn't your fault!" he exclaimed, embracing his father.

Leo cried on Chris' shoulder, embracing his son as though he was never going to let go. "I love you... I love you so much Chris..." he murmured.

Chris teared up, hearing the words for the very first time he could ever remember hearing them. He remembered all the time in his future he'd hear his dad tell Wyatt "love you" right before he'd leave, and then he would turn to Chris and hugged him. But he'd never told Chris he loves him.

"I love you too, dad." croaked Chris.


Okay, so when I envision it it's much more heartbreaking, but you know, it's hard to put emotions and feelings into words. Please review! And let's all take a minute on every Sunday to think about Chris. Heck, a minute, I've been thinking about nothing else since he died on the show. This show needs Chris. It absolutely NEEDS Chris. He's ESSENCIAL for the show's very SURVIVAL.