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Setting: Probably right before Nemesis. So, vague spoilers up to season four.

Rating: PG13. References to sex.

Archive: Eh. Anywhere.

Summary: Jack's thoughts on Sam Carter, and uniforms. Assumes sex happening. (it's 3 am, you want me to be delicate???)

Dedication: SO A.j.'s, the evil bitch. Happy late birthday, although I think I'm still on time by Hawaii's time.

Buckled Down

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

It took Jack six months to work out the straps. Six months of Carter suddenly (and he'd thought, randomly) catching him off guard and subjecting him to a variety of methods which invariably ended with him making her scream silently in orgasm.

Then, one of the mornings when she was curled into his side, sleeping the sleep of the dead, it hit him.


Carter liked to wear straps when they went on a mission. Sometimes, she wore one, other times, two... And, there were certain times she wore three. And those times, he would find himself backed into a wall, a tree, a cave drawing. Hell, it had once been the side of an alkesh.

Oh, yeah. The straps suddenly made everything clear.


Sometimes, she wore two straps and... came screaming on his mouth.


A smirk of satisfaction lit his face. HE could make Carter scream. Silently, but he was kind of hoping she'd one day tackle him on Earth, where he could make her scream out loud.

He wasn't ever planning on pushing it, since, well, she had way more to lose than he did. And Daniel and Teal'c certainly weren't saying anything. Wouldn't, anyway. Daniel because he thought they weren't doing anything, and Teal'c because, well, Teal'c was his buddy. And if Daniel ever figured it out, he wouldn't say anything because Carter would kick his ass.

But he was distracting himself from the blonde-headed woman laying next to him.

She wore straps when she wanted sex.

He could so get behind this.

Technically, she wore three straps when she wanted sex. He could remember one marathon night when there had been four straps involved. Even he had felt worn out after that.... And two straps was... oral sex? Or, "I might wanna get laid."

It occurred to him that she'd worn three straps when they'd gone to Tollana. And he hadn't, uh, laid her there.

Could she and Narim...? Nah. The Tollan guy wouldn't know how the hell to--suddenly, her pissed off expression for a week after that made a hell of a lot more sense.

And here he thought she'd been upset about the Tollan's refusal to give them technology.

Carter had been pissed because she didn't have time to have sex with him on Tollana. He felt incredibly smug again. Oh, yeah, this whole straps thing was so his ticket to... always knowing what she was thinking.

Or, sort of always knowing. 'Cause, he had to admit, there were times when she was thinking stuff that was so over his head... But it was kind of cute, expecially when she got that animated little grin on her face.

But, at least, always knowing when she was thinking about sex.

Jack wondered when she had first come up with her strap idea. Or if it was something subconscious. Doc McKenzie would probably be able to explain, relating it to her mother, her father, or the super ego. Not that he'd ever let that wacko near Carter.

It could just be a bad theory. But he kind of didn't think so. This was Sam Carter, after all, and she always applied logic to her life. Even if it was a strangely anal logic about her sex life. That made him smirk more, since he was part of that sex life. And he was so handling that. Oh, yeah.

And now that he was aware of the strap thing, he could plan for it.


Ah, Sam's straps. I like 'em. ;)