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Chapter 1

Family Ties

Baby Chris was a week old Leo has become the girls whitelighter again and vowed never to be an elder again for his family, in the back of his mind though lerks the tormenting memory of his youngest child dying in his arms. 'Why couldn't I save him?' Leo had asked himself several times, "Its not gonna happen again little one, I'll protect you better this time around."

Piper walked in as he had said this, "What do you mean? Didn't Chris just go home?" Leo hadn't had the heart to tell his wife about their son's death. "Leo?"

"I'm sorry Piper, I don't really know how to say this to you, but, Chris died right befor he was born. Giddeon stabbed him when he was protecting Wyatt, I" Leo began to cry, "I was too weak to save him." Piper looked at her weaping husband and began to cry with him.

"We'll save him next time Leo, he isn't going to end like that. Both of our boys will live long wonderful lives." She reassuered him.

"I'm sorry Piper, thats not good enough, I want to know he is safe." Leo demanded. He picked up his son and kissed him, "Com'on Chrissy-Boo, Daddy is gonna go check up on you." The three of them went to the attic and made a time traveling spell, "Ok Piper, now I'll only be gone a little while. Don't worry he won't know I'm there. I'll be like a shadow." He kissed his wife and went though the portal to Chris's time. Leo was standing in what would be the attic in 23 years.

All of the sudden Wyatt orbed into the attic, "Chris come out, we are far too old to be hidding from one another like this." With that Chris magically appear from behind Wyatt. "There you are little brother, you never told me what Mom and Dad did for your birthday. So spill, what laviash gift did they get you this year?" he asked.

"Oh Wyatt, I know you know, the three of you always plan out my present." he said, Leo was more then happy, his son was alive and both of them were happy and safe.

"Come on little brother your party is tonight and you haven't told me anything." Wyatt joked with him.

"Just the same, brother, you haven't told me what you got me either." Chris responded, hoping to get some info on his gifts.

"Chris! Wyatt! Piper! Daddy's home." the Leo of this time called from downstairs. Both boys orbed downstairs to the living room. Leo followed them as well.

"Hi dad!" Chris and Wyatt said in unison. They tackled their father to the floor.

"Well guys that is a bit much isn't it?" Leo asked as he laugh. Past Leo laughed as well. 'Look at us he thought, we are perfect.' The Leo from this time said, "I belive one of my sons is having a party tonight, isn't he?"

"Yea, so tell me, what is Mom planning this time?" Chris asked, he had been 23 for a week now but they couldn't have the party becuase Wyatt was out of town and Piper refused to have it with out both of them.

"Your not getting anything out of me young man. But I will tell you this........" befor Leo could finish his sentence a 40-something year old Piper walked in the room.

"Giving away scerets are we? Well Chris we'll just have to cancell your party if you can't wait." She joked.

Chris looked at his feet, "I'm sorry mother I'm just really excited."

"Stop being so melodramatic, Chris, sweetie you have got to lighten up, now come here and give me a hug befor i get mad at you." Chris ran to his mother to hug her, "I love you Chris"

"Love you too mom." Chris still had all of his memories from going to the past, every time he saw his mother he would light up. 'I saved my family.' Chris thought, but he could feel the other Leo's presence. "Well, mom, I know you need to decorate so I'll go to my room and pretend not to be aware of whats going on."

Piper smiled at him, "Good boy." with that Chris went to his room.

"I know your here Dad, come on out." with that Leo appeared, he ran to his son and hugged him so tightly. "Miss me did you?" Chris almost laughed.

"Like no other, don't worry you healty and wonderful, I love just sitting with you, its amazing." Leo looked at his youngest son, "Your mother and I are having a great time keeping up with you and Wyatt, he's running around all over the place, and orbing, your well your a week old but you keep moving objects around, Pheobe has giving up on every finding her keys again."

"So we're just regular children then?" he laughed.

Leo put his hand around his sons neck and looked into his eyes deeply, "You did the greatest thing any one has ever done, but now you are the hardest baby in the world to have. When your sleeping your my little mircle, when your awake, well your a regular kid, great set of lungs. We all miss you a lot Chris, the house was really empty until your mom and you came home from the hospital, I love you Christopher."

"I love you too, oh, and don't worry, your a great dad. Once you gave up your spot as an elder and came back to earth with us, you were wonderful. At times you could be a little too strict."

Leo cut him off, "And, when would that be?"

"When ever I was suspended from school for one reason or another." He tried to stay clam but couldn't keep from giggling.

"And, why little man did you get suspended?" he asked in a stren but amused tone.

"You'll find out later, but when I come home from school the first time, go easy on me, you nearly lost it." he said.

Laughing Leo said, "I'll remember that. So whats this big surpirse about?"

"Its my birthday and you and mom are crazy and have these silly family parties but they are lots of fun. I really want a new SUV, but I don't see that happening. Paige gets me something magical each year, Pheobe gets me a new girlfriend, which mom disapproves of so I end up getting a gift card for an eletronic store, Wyatt tends to get me little trinkets from all over the world, and you and mom get me something really big, and Grandpa gets me something I won't ever use, like a new suit." the two men sat in Chris's room laughing.

"Chirs? Is some one up there with you?" Older Leo called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Uhm ah, No, Dad, its just me, I'm watching tv." He yelled down to his father.

In unison both Leo's said, "Don't lie to your father like that." Leo at the bottom of the stairs continued, "You don't have a tv in your room, I took it out when you got caught kissing a girl at school, remember?" he said as he climbed the stairs.

"Sorry dad, but you really can't come in right now, I'm a......uh......not dressed." he said.

"Chris, I don't know what your up too, but your mom says dinner is ready."

"Thanks dad," Chris called to the door, he then turned to Leo, "Well dad, I gotta go, and you need to get back to your time and be the great dad that you are to me and Wyatt, and be there for mom, becuase you have something special to ask mom." Chris looked into his father's eyes and hugged him once more, "I love you daddy." he said.

Leo never wanted to let go but he had to, "I love you Chris." With that Leo returned to 2004.

Piper was glad to see Leo again, "So, what happend?"

"Piper, it was wonderful, Chris is happy, everyone is perfectly fine." Then Leo thought about what Chris had said 'you have something special to ask mom.' Suddenly Leo knew what it was, he bent down on to his left knee, "Piper, would you be my wife again?"

Piper began to cry, "Leo, there is nothing I would want more."

Three weeks later on Chris's one month birthday Piper was in her wedding dress again, she couldn't believe it still fit, her mother, father, grandmother, and even Leo's father was there to share in the rededication to their marriage.

Penny performed the ceremony again, "And do you Piper, swear to love Leo for all of time?"

"I do."

Penny wrapped a cord around their hands, "I bind you to together for all of time, apart but never seperate, independent but never alone. Ladies and gental men, Mr and Mrs Leo Wyatt Halliwell." everyone clapped and enjoyed the reception.

"Piper, come here there is some one I want you to meet." Leo called, Piper walked over and found Leo. "Piper, this is my dad, he is the one we named Chris after. Dad, this is Piper, my wife and mother of my children."

Piper extended her hand, "I'm very pleased to meet you Mr Wyatt, have you met the boys yet?" she asked. "Paige, get Wyatt and Chris." Paige brought the two children to Piper. Leo held Chris while Piper held Wyatt.

"This one is Christopher Perry Halliwell Wyatt. He is about a month old, and this one over here is Wyatt Mattew Halliwell, he is a year and 3/4 old." Leo was smiling like an moron.

"Leo, son, your more then I could have dreamed for, and these two are the most wonderous things in this world or the next." He reached out to hold his grandson, "You, Christopher, well I'm not sure what to expect from you but I know it will be great. Oh and Wyatt, you look so much like your dad, its like an old photograph." Mr Wyatt bent over and kissed Wyatt's forehead. "Piper, you watch out over my boys, make sure they are every bit as perfect as you and Leo."