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Who would have thought that chance would take me there?

The edge of doom to wallow 'out content.

What virgin hell had lead me to despair?

Out of time and space I twas to be sent...

I can't believe I'm 42, I am getting older. Me, a marauder! I don't get older, just one step closer to death. I remember my 16th birthday well. The other guys had smuggled in a bottle of firewhiskey and we polished that bottle off so fast that we were soon on our way back down the Whoomping Willow tunnel on our way to our firewhiskey source: Hogsmede. We never made it though. When we left my head was spinning circles and the tunnel in front of us swerved so sharply I though I was apt to lose the beef Wellington I had eaten for supper.

The other boys just patted me on the back saying it was alright. 'Take it easy... you'll make it.' With a smile they pulled me up off the ground, arms firmly supporting my unsteady steps we made it back to the castle.

Before they sat me on the bed they one of them said. "What would you do without friends like us Peter?"

I didn't answer then... I can't answer now.

I drain the last of my firewhiskey. The bitter taste is my silent sacrifice to you Lily and James, to you Sirius in you cell, to you Remus, the last Marauder. This is all I can give you...