Hey everyone! No this isn't the AU that I have listed on my upcoming stories list, this is just a spur of the moment thing... you know, when (this actually happened for me when I listed to a song) you get an image of someone (in my case OAV Clef hehe drool) in your head and you start fine tuning the details of the picture. With Clef I almost had no choice! LOL. Anyway he had that thoughtful expression on his face and I, of course, wondered what he was thinking. So I started making stuff up. Hopefully you'll enjoy the fruits of my labor and not tell Bob Evan's that I ripped off one of their service surveys to write the characters on the back. Hehehe lol!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rayearth. If I did, I'd be working on a whole new season. But if who would write the new season was up to me, I'd graciously bow down to Playing Scrabble With Orcs. If you read this I want you to know that, depending on where you go with it, yours would make a better season three.


A cast of characters will be posted after chapter 1

Without the Mask

Prologue: A Voice

So close. Sometimes as little as an inch, my shoulder but a butterfly's breath from yours. The wind from a hummingbird's wing would be enough to sway you my way. But a storm's gust sweeps through the streets and you stand as still as the mountain above the clouds. Nothing can touch you in such a place. Gravity holds no power over the wings on your feet. Like the mountain, gravity cannot pull you down to me. No force of nature can fault your grace as you dance that would make you fall, if only so I could catch you. Though I would shield you with my name if that were enough. Shield you from the cold stares the jealous maidens throw your way. Block the trail of lusting eyes from men that stand in your wake. They smile and snicker then their attention turns away as if you were never there, all because I am your shadow. Stalker? Is that the word those people use? Is that what you would say, my dear? No. I don't think that's the right term. Slave. Yes, slave applies very well. I am a slave to your will. A street beggar, pleading with the sun, moon, or stars to shine on you if you should ever smile for me. Your greatest admirer. Many times I have toiled into the light hours of the morning, trying to find the words that best describe you. None of them do you half the justice you deserve. So I can't help but wonder, am I the only one who sees you this way? My eyes can't help but grow cold when I see the men who would sooner throw you down in their bed than learn your name. That you love the white roses beside the sea. So why do I never pick one for you? Why am I so afraid to look deep in your eyes? I see you every day do I not? I have spoken with you in brief conversations. Our eyes have met before. But do you ever really see me? Do you... Umi Ryuuzaki?