NOTES: This story is product of a way to long science class and mass boredom! Hence, it's stupid. Lastly, "RFB" stands for Rachel Faith Black.

RFB: Also, I'M here!!! And that means it's even MORE stupid!!!! Yay!

Lomesir: Give me the keyboard, Rach. I have a reputation to maintain.

RFB: Then why are you letting me help? Geez, haven't you read my stories? Ok! Here we go!

RFB: It was a bright and stormy night-

Lomesir: What?!?! That's stupid!!

RFB: Well, sorry. Pouts Well then I'LL just go over here, since I'm so stupid! Grabs Beast Boy and zooms in her cloud of flowers to "The Village" (The bestest movie EVER!!!) HAHAHA!!!!

Lomesir: Yeah, whatever... Like I was saying:

It was a bright and sunny day and the Teen Titans were relaxing at the park. It was very similar to the day at the park in "The Sum of his Parts". Cyborg and Robin were playing tackle football, and Raven was meditating. Only Starfire seemed concerned of Beast Boy's whereabouts.

Starfire: Where is our friend, Beast Boy? He is not here, nor is he responding to my calls!

Robin: (whose voice is a bit muffled 'cause he had just been tackled by Cyborg) Dunno. He's probably at the tower playing videogames or something. I don't know why he would, though. It's a really nice day.

Starfire was convinced. She put her fears at rest and joined "in the playing of simulation killing". She beat Robin and Cyborg in about ten minutes. Raven obviously thought it was funny, because a park bench exploded when Starfire stiff-armed Cyborg and then completed her eighteenth touchdown. Little did any of them know that Beast Boy was involved with a new crowd. A crowd commonly called "Real People"...