Reality Check- Chapter 7

Lomesir: Here we are! And I even managed to get one of those fancy-shmancy announcer things that tells what chapter this is!

RFB: Wow! Sooo…pretty! …wait, we must get back to work…

Lomesir: You… care… about work? O.o

RFB: --

Lomesir: O.O Anyway… where were we? Oh yeah! We're going to break into the story, screw up the lives of the people who are making us plan their demise, and then we are going… to…

RFB: Make some cookies!

Lomesir: With the blood and bones of the dead, right? Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Good thinking, Rach. I like the way your mind works.

RFB: …and I'm scared about how your mind works, S.L.A.D.E.

Lomesir: pulls villain outfit out of nowhere I don't care if the story hasn't officially started yet! I'm tired of being a pawn in the hands of two uber-bored teens! This sucks! Runs to the top of Wayne Enterprises This ends NOW!

RFB: … I'm d-doing it because there's no cable here. LET'S GO!

Lomesir: You are my enemy, but I am willing to accept an alliance with you. Can you pretend to be a Titan? If you can, then we can jump into the story through the plotholes. They're big enough.

RFB: jumps over a plot-hole Too true, too true. I'm ready…

Lomesir: Geronimo!


Lomesir: ….goodbye, world of the real!


S.L.A.D.E: Listen up, Muffin Girly. I don't have all day. Slade has an appointment at Jolie Nails. And boy, is he cranky when his nails are chipped.

MG: rolls from under the computer Well, I'm sorry, but your computer seems to have been overclocked, your AMD Athlon card is fried. It's a 64 too, very cool.

S.L.A.D.E.: …I knew that. So, how much is it going to cost- OHMYGOD!

Hole in air appears. Two girls jump through, each one wielding a lightsaber.

MG: Where'd that come from? This is a Teen Titans fanfiction, not The Subtle Knife fanfiction!

RFB: Score one for random literary history!

Lomesir: Not now, Rach. We're trying to take over the cyberworld. Let's just make sure we don't get trapped in it.

RFB: We're smarter than Tsukasa, okay?

MG: Score one for random anime history.

S.L.A.D.E.: Guys, SHUT up. I'm beginning to get a headache. We'll start from the top. Who are you guys?

RFB: We are you. Sort of. Except that we say the disclaimers, and all the stuff.

Lomesir: Let me show you. Morphs into S.L.A.D.E. See? And yet again, there's another plothole. I had to dress into the costume a page back.

RFB: And you never took it off, did you? Yeesh. WE NEED TO KILL THE AUTHORS!

MG: The… "authors"?