A/N: I like to call this story a book fic- I absolutely HATED the TV- series, but I enjoy the books very much. Also, Sabrina in this story DOES NOT look like MJH! She is taller, prettier, smarter, and she is not the happy-go-lucky idiotic bimbo from TV. Just so you know. :) How she does look? Imagine it.


"What do you think about white, Sabrina?"

"Huh?" Sabrina shaked her head. She'd totally missed Harvey's question.

"White roses for the cake?"

"I thought we said pink."

"I thought we both puked at pink?"

"Whatever you choose."

"White it is then."


Sabrina was marrying Harvey Kinkle. She couldn't believe it was really happening. She couldn't believe how happy she was. Yet lately something had begun to change inside her. She denied it was anything but cold feet. Three months left- and she was doubting everything? No way. Impossible...

"Don't you have some spell to keep you focused?"

"Harvey... you know how I feel about magic."

After her canceled wedding two years earlier, Harvey was the only one supporting her. He'd taken care of her through the lawsuit from the groom's family, and after a while they started to date again. But Sabrina decided not to use her magic anymore unless absolutely necessary. She was still called to the other round for obligatory witch meetings and such. Other than that, she'd left most of her witchlife behind. It was her magic that had shown her the future, when she was on her way to the church. Her husband would become abusive and drunken within two years of marriage...

"Oh, I keep forgetting. It seems you've had enough for today. Let's go home."

"I can't. I'm meeting my aunts. We're going to discuss Salem's celebrations."

"Is it already that fat cat's birthday?"

"No, Harvey," she snorted, "the celebrations of the fact that his curse is over. And he's not fat!"

"He's turning back human? Dear God," Harvey spat out, "gross!"

When Sabrina had dropped Harvey off at the apartment, she drove towards the old house that her aunts lived in. She had still not forgiven them completely for testifying against her in the lawsuit trial. They still refused to tell her why they did it.

She found her aunts up in the attic, where they were going through an old chest filled with antiques.

"Oh, hey Sabrina," Hilda smiled. "Look at this stuff. It's so much fun digging for treasure..."

"Hilda," her sister Zelda warned, "Be quiet. Sabrina, I'm so glad you could come."

"Well, I almost didn't..."

Right then, her eyes fell on an old photo. It was cracked and yellowed, but it showed the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. In her entire life. She stared at the masculine face while her brain suffered a shortout that made all her common sense fly billions of miles away. She'd heard of love at first sight. She'd thought she'd experienced it when she first met Harvey in High School. But that was nothing compared to this... she'd never thought anyone could fall in love with a face on an (apparently) 50 year old photo. But now she knew.

Floppy, dark hair above a broad forehead. Marked eyebrows. Brown eyes, dark with an intensity that seemed to burn into hers. The passionate, full lips showed a devilish, alouring smile. She was lost. Sinking down on her knees to pick up the picture, she tried her best to sound collected and neutral.

"Who is that?"

"But Sabrina, don't you know that?" Zelda asked, almost with an accusing tone.

"No...! Come on, is he a secret brother of yours or something?"

"No, it's me. Or, was me. And it will be me again, very soon."

Sabrina jumped to see who'd said the words. She spotted a black, shaggy cat on a table.

It was Salem.


Sabrina didn't remember how she got through the rest of the visit, but suddenly she was home. In her own flat. With Harvey. When she saw the stack of wedding catalogs, she felt sick. What the hell had she been thinking? She was marrying Harvey. Not a fat cat that was once a man. A gorgeous, amazing man... wait. This was going too far, too fast... Harvey came up to her from behind and put his arms around her waist.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, I guess it's just wedding nerves. It's nothing."

They made love that night, but Sabrina wasn't sleeping with Harvey. She was sleeping with someone else.

After Harvey fell asleep, she lay awake. She'd suddenly realized that the sarcastic, fat cat would soon turn into his former human self -for good, if he behaved. It didn't change anything, she thought. If she just avoided confrontation, her uncomfortable emotions would pass over. And she would become mrs Kinkle. Nothing could change that.

Weeks passed by. Sabrina's and Harvey's weddingday was getting closer. And so it came, the date when Salem the cat would finally become Salem Saberhagen, the witchmaster who wanted the world. Sabrina woke early that morning. She had some shopping to do. She could've used magic to put on anything she wanted, but these days she'd rather shop like mortals.

She brought her friend Sami. She was a fashion criticist, so Sabrina figured she would know what looked best. And she was a witch. That was a huge relief, not having to hide ones powers.

They found a gorgeous long, flowing red dress, with a deep neckline, red stones around the waist and matching satin gloves. The red shoes they found on "ShOo" was perfect.

"Why are you so tense today?" Sami asked when they got in the car to go home.

"I am?"


"What?" Sabrina knew her friend too well. She knew something.

"You don't wanna marry Harvey!"

"Yes... I do!"

"You're upset because you met someone else!"

"That's not true! I love Harvey!"

"We'll just see about that. I'll be coming to that party tonight. I'm assuming he'll be there."

Sabrina didn't say anything. It was clear she could not keep anything from Sami. When Sami had let Sabrina off at the flat, Sabrina heard a phone ring through an open window.

"That's ours! Damn Harvey, just leaving everything like that..."

She ran up and got in just in time to answer. She noted Harveys Post-It about a quick bankvisit.

"Spellman-Kinkle residence."

"Sabrina. It's Salem," the cat's voice said.

She dropped her shoppingbags with a loud thud. "Breathe," she thought. "Breathe!"

"Oh hi Salem! Is something the matter?"

"I just wanted to know if you're all set for tonight? Remember to bring my last jar of tuna! After I've turned human, I'm never touching fish again," he continued, faking a puke.

"I wouldn't forget it for the world. So how will it all happen again?"

He explained between reminders of the tuna. When they hang up, Sabrina threw herself on the couch and tried to calm down.

She fell asleep and did not wake until Harvey pushed at her gently. It was time to get ready. She felt both happiness and disappointment that Harvey wasn't coming with her. He wasn't invited. The party was for immortals only. When Harvey saw Sabrina in her new dress, he snook up to her and started kissing her.

"You look amazing. I almost don't wanna let you go."

But he did, and she left.

The party was loud and crowded. Skeletons, mummies, ghosts- all beings available was there. A glittery tent was put up in the livingroom. At midnight exactly, the cat would go in and come out as a human. When Sabrina arrived, it was 11:30. Her heart was beating in an insane rate. She, as Salem's longtime friend, would follow him into the tent to pour some magic powder over him. That would set the transformation into action. When Salem was ready, Sabrina would go out and say some words before he introduced himself as human.

Sabrina walked over to the punchbowl to refresh herself. She wanted to talk with Salem while he was still a cat, but right now he was busy chatting with a group of witches that knew him before the curse. They knew how incredibly hot he would be, and already now they had started kissing his ass.

Sabrina took of her gloves and tucked them in her handbag. Magic never worked through satin. Then she secretly pointed at the tent, making it completely soundproof. In there was her only chance to talk to Salem.

Suddenly, Zelda motioned for a complete silence.

"It's time," she said with solemnity and pointed towards the tent.

"Oh, thank go-hod!" Salem meowed. "Thank you everyone for letting me stay here and live a cat's life," he said. "I'm sure we'll still have many more years together! An eternity, actually."

The crowd applauded and Salem went inside the tent. Sabrina reluctantly followed.

Salem waited impatiently. "I didn't see you come in earlier," he said. "How' you been?"

"Oh... good. Busy with the wedding, you know..."

"Yeah. Look, I just want to say thanks for letting me stay in your room and all that," Salem continued, a bit shyly.

Sabrina took him up and stroked his black fur one last time.

"Sure. We're best friends, right?"

"Of course," he spun. "Now pour that stuff over me so I can start changing already. Remember to close your eyes, I'll be butt naked when I'm done. I'll need some time to put the clothes on. Thanks for them, by the way."

Sabrina looked nervously at the white shirt and black pants she'd bought the other day.

"Okay, here we go!" she said and poured some golden glitter over Salem.

Sabrina pressed her eyes together. After about five minutes, the catsmell was gone and replaced with... an amazing scent, it wasn't perfume or anything, it was a pure male scent...

"Okay, I'm dressed", a warm voice said. "You can open your eyes now!"

Sabrina spun around, but she forgot that the tent was smaller now that they were two grownups in it. She found herself bouncing into a powerful, naked male chest. He had the shirt on, but unbuttoned. Sabrina realized that she had placed her hands on it. She looked up on an amused face and quickly removed her hands.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she whispered nervously.

"Can you help me button this? I'm not used to having fingers yet."

Sabrina began buttoning the shirt. She sometimes happened to touch the warm skin beneath it. Whenever that happened, she felt tiny shivers moving up her spine. Sabrina didn't notice how Salem stopped breathing everytime her fingers touched him...

When Sabrina was almost done, Salem suddenly grabbed her wrist. Sabrina was so worked up, that she gave away a little scream and jumped back. She fell on the chair in the corner, and since Salem still held her wrist, he fell too. Since he was very unstable on two legs, he held on to a pole that was supposed to hold up the tent, and as a result the entire thing collapsed.

Sabrina and Salem fell out on the livingroom floor.

Everyone stared at them in silence. Salem got up quickly and reached for Sabrina's hand. But she didn't take it, didn't look him in the eyes, she just grabbed her handbag.

"I can take care of myself, thanks," she answered with a neutral voice and rose quickly.

After a while, the incident was forgotten and the party was in full swing again. Sabrina stayed on at first, but she was so ashamed over what happened that she decided to leave earlier. Her aunts were nowhere to be seen and Salem... he was busy with the women. No one would notice if Sabrina left.

Outside, as she digged through her bag for the car keys, Sabrina felt she wasn't alone. Salem was leaning out the kitchen window. His dark eyes pierced her own blue ones.

"Goodbye, Sabrina."

Sabrina could only nod slightly.

"Bye, Salem," she said before she got in the car to drive home to Harvey.