The Consequences

Dedication: To Hairy Gregory who suggested the title for this fic. Thank you for saving me from naming this fic 'Aftermath' (I don't care who actually likes that name. I'm writing about how decisions affect these character's lives, not about after a hurricane or 911). Also thank you for being the best reviewer and critic of my PPG fanfics. You've really helped make my writing this series worthwhile.

I also thank the rest of you who've reviewed my (properly) serial this far. I really appreciate it.

For those who still haven't realized it, this is a serial. The last in the serial actually. Here's the earlier two. Please read them before, I really don't want to be bothered by people not understanding because they didn't read the prequel and sequel before reading this trilogy. Also this Trilogy now shows the PPG's and ext. years later at the age of Twenty-Five.

1) How Much I hate You- Prequel (Unfortunately FF Admin deleted this story recently. They said something about grammatical punctuation error- I still don't understand the reason for deletion 'til now. I'm trying to find where I stored the story on diskette- I have a VERY unreliable computer- and until I do I can't repost it. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

2) Repercussions- Sequel [Pretty much how things from the sequel affect them years later when they reach High School).

Chapter One

Boomer kicked a can angrily he couldn't believe that his Mercedes had broken down with him, and in Cityville of all places. The one place where the use of Superpowers was banned.

"Well at least the Tow Truck will take of it," Boomer muttered as he continued walking, "no one dares to try and steal a car that belongs to Boomer," he said simply and sighed in relief as he neared the reconstructed Cityville's Bridge, "I'm not too far away now," he said with relief, "this walking isn't so bad but I have to hurry home to my wife," he said with a slight laugh as he continued walking home.

(Meanwhile at a Bar in New York)

Butch took another swig of beer and burped loudly. Life definitely changed since Princess ended their engagement. Everything seemed worthless then, but life was better now. He'd miraculously got back his sight Three Years ago. Unfortunately in exchange he lost all of superhuman abilities. He could still fight above regular human level but nothing near what he was able to do before or after he became blind. Hell, if his Kindergarten self could come right now he'd get his ass kicked no doubt about it.

He was currently doing Music Gigs with this to be honest rather mediocre unknown Rock Band. But Butch loved playing the electric guitar. His band mates knew money for him wasn't an issue since he earned millions before he lost his powers doing 'errands' for people who paid handsomely. His money had now dropped to mere thousands now but he had invested more than half of it in stocks, bonds and special bank accounts by the time he was Twenty- One. He ensured that he couldn't touch half of that money before he was Thirty-Five and the other half could only be touched by him after he became Forty-Five. He didn't care if he went broke and had to scrub floors for a living during his young age. But he was going to ensure that has he was well taken care of in his old age. He wasn't going to sit and wait for Welfare and Government to take care of him. No way.

"Hello handsome," a female voice said sultrily from behind him and Butch turned around, "what?" he asked rhetorically when he saw who it was, "What are you doing here?" he asked softly and in total confusion.

"Can't old friends catch up with each other?" the lady asked him innocently as she sat on the stool beside him.

Butch simply sat there with his mouth hanging open. Him in a Rock outfit of torn blue denim Jeans pants, white shirt with Areosmith on it, sleeveless dark blue denim jacket, spiky black hair and black shoes made him look like some Rock crazy hooligan compared to what she was wearing. The lady that now sat beside him was wearing a cream business suit with a skirt that barely passed her knees when she sat down. She also had on a pair of expensive black shoes and the makeup and hairstyle and overall looks oozed sophistication and class. Why would she be here and more so to see him? Years before he never even saw it necessary to talk to her. Why would she want to see him?

"Not all relationships based on love and trust last, right?" the lady asked him suddenly, "I mean Love isn't everything?" she asked even though it sounded more like a statement.

Butch simply sat there staring at her as she ran a well-manicured finger over the rim of the Bloody Mary that she had ordered.

What the HELL is she talking about? (Butch's thoughts)

(One hour later at an Apartment in Cityville)

"Pass me the formula will yah!" Buttercup demanded angrily to the nanny who timidly hurried for the formula and gave it to her, "I can't believe that you gave her strawberry juice!" she cried incredulously at the Nanny, "after I told you that my husband's allergic to Strawberries and I'm not sure how that'll affect the baby," she said in annoyance, "do you listen to me or do you just work here for your money so that you can get your daily fill!" she demanded angrily and the young nanny fought the urge to cry.

"I forgot, I'm sorry," the nanny said softly in a heavy voice, "I thought that it was the grapes that you're husband were allergic to," she said honestly as she lowered her eyes from Buttercup's almost glowing ones, "I'll understand if you fire me," she said humbly and bowed her head before Buttercup in defeat.

"Drop the Melodrama you're not fired," Buttercup said in disgust, "but you better not make her sick again," she warned, "imagine if she got worse than a tummy ache or all three of them were allergic to strawberries!" she demanded incredulously, "I have three six month old girls and one four year old boy," she told the nanny, "plus I run a Bar," she continued, "I can't exactly be running home because of your carelessness Ms. Larson," she said seriously.

"Please call me Janet," the nanny said nicely as she started to blush upon her slightly tanned skin, "I thank you again for hiring me when they would have sent me and mother back to Germany," she said gratefully and Buttercup scoffed, "no really Buttercup, you knew that I was just a baby when my mother illegally ran away from deadly creditors back there and that with my severe dyslexia that most jobs are out for me and that my math skills would make new born laugh," she said truthfully and sadly, "you met me as a spectator of the races years ago and you barely recognized me when you saw my mother on the news and heard my plea," she said to Buttercup, "but you helped me and for that I thank you," she said and curtsied in front of Buttercup who rolled her eyes skyward wondering what she was going to do to convince the girl that she wasn't working for royalty.

"Jan I never recognized you at the time," Buttercup said truthfully, "honestly," she said between a few giggles which, slipped when Janet gave her a 'yeah right' look, "I recognized your life," she said almost reflectively as Janet raised an eyebrow, "you're four years younger than me and you experienced some things that made me almost grateful for some aspects of my High School life," she said honestly, "you've been working here for me for nearly a year and you show no sign to me that you never went beyond the first year of Junior High," she said frankly, "I recognized some of the hardships that you had to face and something told me that I had to help you," she said, "my husband was skeptical but I got my way," she said slyly and Janet giggled, "don't laugh, if I weren't headstrong you wouldn't be living in at my apartment and your mother living at the Bar for free working as my accountant," she pointed out, "I'm not asking for humility or servitude," she said quickly, "and while we're on that subject stop bowing and curtsying like you're in the presence of the Royal Family," she said to Janet who went red as she tried to stifle a fit of giggles, "if I were a member of the Royal Family, I'd be one of the first Princess's to drive around on a Harley in public," she said and Janet guffawed loudly.

"You'd let the dead Royals have fits in their graves!" Janet cried between laughs, "you can't be a Royal and ride around on a bike in Public," she said as she continued laughing, "a Harley no less!" she cried as she held her stomach and continued to laugh from her new position which was flat on her back not far from Buttercup's feet.

"Well if the Drag Racing taught me anything it was to be yourself whether it's moral, legal or neither," Buttercup said frankly, "I'll be the same Buttercup whether I was born in the Utonium home or in the bosom of Royalty," she said, "I'm not changing myself for nobody but myself," she said almost softly.

"Don't you mean Feline?" Janet asked with another giggle as she rose to her feet and Buttercup suddenly gave her a death glare, "I mean..." she tried to correct herself but soon gave up and looked down.

"Feline is in my past," Buttercup said firmly, "she's on the run for murder, remember?" she asked Janet who cringed, "she ran over a Police Man and didn't stop because she panicked when her father came here looking for her one year before she turned eighteen," she said, "with a machine that could sense when she used her power at any point," she continued, "SHE got lucky that Brick created something that permanently warped the machine's special wavelength which it needed to function," she said, "I'm a MUCH more sensible 25 yr. Old who has four kids and a loving husband working as a packer at the Cityville Major Plant," she said, "please don't mention this outdoors and get me into serious trouble Janet," she said, "I have a husband and family now and that poor police man is an accident that I'll always regret," she said her voice cracked momentarily when that night flashed across her mind.

"It just slipped out I'm VERY Sorry," Janet apologized her gray eyes filled with regret, "I'll never menti..." she continued but was interrupted when the door to the apartment opened.

"Hey Babe," Buttercup's husband said flirtatiously as he entered, "hope everything has gone without a hitch today," he said simply but gave Janet a reproachful look.

"Yes it has Ace," Buttercup lied and Janet tried her best to keep a straight face by smiling at Ace respectfully, "how was your day?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Ace asked her frankly as he came to her and kissed her cheek, "I work at a plant," he said with distaste, "not at a home of the 'Rich and Famous," he said sarcastically and Buttercup laughed and rubbed his shoulder gently.

"That's what you get when you don't even graduate Grade School," Buttercup said frankly, "but I still love you anyway," she said sweetly and kissed him on the cheek, "but cheat on me and I'll kill your ass," she said with a tone of high treat despite the fact that she laughed afterwards.

Chapter 1 Done

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