The Consequences

The Consequences

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Chapter 16: Things Come to a Head

(10am at a three-story home in the suburbs of Townsville)

(Rayne's POV)

I burst into my father's study. I was done being the cold quiet girl. But to my surprise it was crowded with lawyers and personal staff.

"Rayne?" Miss Norris asked.

"Rayne dear I…" Jane started.

"Be quiet Jane," Miss Norris ordered, "Rayne, your parents are both performing business they'd rather keep private."

Rayne frowned. She knew Miss Norris was picking her words carefully she wouldn't be pinned as a liar.

"I want to see my father," I said loudly.

The bustling room went silent. I recognized most present and they were obviously shocked by my current behaviour. I was usually much more subdued in public. Especially when my father was involved in legal affairs. A parting of the crowd soon revealed my father.

"Rayne?" Boomer asked.

"I need to talk to you," I said, "now," I added.

My father looked back at the crowd present. He seemed torn between staying here and following me. I waited quietly, I wasn't moving.

Boomer sighed.

"Okay," Boomer said, "wait for me on the roof," he told me and disappeared in the crowd.

I stood there for a moment longer. I was certain I'd be stood up.

"If your father says he'll meet you of the roof," Miss Norris said, "he'll meet you there," she defended him.

I sensed she wasn't lying. But I could also tell she was unhappy that I thought my father was.

"Fine," I said and went up to the roof.

I was shocked to see Brenda there. Even more surprised that she looked angry.

"What do you want to talk to daddy about?" Brenda demanded angrily.

"You were there?" I asked surprised.

"I was listening in," Brenda told me, "now what are you asking daddy?"

"That's none of your business," I said frankly, "now please go," I said, "and I'm having a private conversation with father," I added to warn her not to listen in.

Brenda's face went bright red.

"You think poorly of me don't you?" Brenda asked suddenly, "you think of me like daddy does."

"No I don't," I defended myself, "I think very good things of you Brenda," I said, "you're my sister, my blood," I added.

"Why do you have to say it like that?" Brenda asked with a look of disgust, "no wonder mommy thinks you're weird."

"Who's influenced by who?" I countered.

"I'm not influenced by anyone," Brenda said her eyes now slits.

"Then tell me what you think of our parents," I challenged, "tell me both their faults," I pressed.

Brenda's face went pale. She started looking around as if she expected someone to swoop in and save her from my words.

I smirked.

"You're both pathetic."

We both turned to see Henry standing above us.

"I thought you were above dumb squabbles," Henry said staring at me, "I was wrong, you're worthless."

"Rayne's not worthless!" Brenda cried, "now get inside!"

"Shut up imbecile," Henry hissed, "you want dad to find you out here?"

Brenda went from angry to fearful.

"Just go inside," Henry said, "Rayne wants you gone," he added.

"Rayne has a mouth of her own," Brenda protested, "and we're twins," she added.

"Brenda, go inside," I said.

"What?" Brenda asked sounding hurt.

"I need to tell Henry off," I added.

Brenda flew inside after sticking out her tongue at him.

"Idiot," Henry muttered.

I flew up and slapped him across the face.

"You will respect your elders," I told him, "mother and father have let you get away with it too long," I said firmly.

Henry touched his face. Soon he was crying.

"I'm not taking pity on you," I told him.

"I'm sorry," Henry blubbered.

I looked at Henry in surprise.

"I saw daddy always being mean to her," Henry said, "I thought it was okay."

I soon took a sobbing Henry in my arms.

"Well it's not," I said.

"Okay," Henry said softly.

"Let me see your face," I said kindly, "and Henry, my secret power is that I can sense when others are lying."

"Is that so?"

I hugged Henry close and looked down to see both my parents on the roof.

"She wanted to come," Boomer explained.

"Your father and I are getting a divorce," Robyn revealed.

"You don't have to snap at her," Boomer said angrily, "she's not a dog."

"I never said she was," Robyn spat, "your father and I are having an amicable divorce, I get custody of both you and Brenda," she declared.

"NO!" Henry screamed and clung to me.

My eyes widened in horror.

"Dad…I don't want to go with her," I told him.

"I'm sorry Rayne," Boomer said sadly.

"But I must have some say," I said loudly, "she doesn't want me!"

"Yes I do!" Robyn shouted.

At that moment I sensed it. My mother was lying.

"You bitch!" Henry shouted.

I looked to see Henry glaring at my mother murderously.

"When I touch her I can sense it too," Henry revealed.

I was shocked beyond words. I didn't know I could do that.

"What did you sense?" Boomer asked confused.

"She's lying dad," I revealed, "she doesn't want me, she hates me," I added.

"That's not true!" Robyn cried.

"You'd do it again!" Henry cried incredulously, "you're indecent!"

"No I'm not you speed demon weirdo!" Robyn shouted.

I felt an anger flow through my veins like never before. It was simple. I was going to kill her. I sent a deadly eye beam straight for her heart.

But something blocked it. More precisely someone. Brenda soon came in my vision, her shoulder smoldering.

"How dare you?" Brenda snarled, "how dare you try to murder mommy!"

I didn't flinch. I smiled instead.

"Your love of her will be the death of you," I told her, feeling cold all over.

"Rayne," Henry said fearfully.

I suddenly felt a wave of emotions rush over me.

"Henry?" I asked.

"Your eyes went empty when your mother said those awful things about Henry," Boomer said as he flew up to me, "did you know you had this ability?" he asked.

"No," I said slowly, "did I try to kill mommy?"

"N…you were angry," Boomer started to lie but stopped, "I'll get you the help you need Rayne," he said, "don't worry, I'll always be your father."

My eyes filled with tears. I was scared for myself, I was scared for everyone around me.

"What about mommy?" Brenda shouted.

"Get inside!" I exploded.

I soon heard a gasp then a whoosh as Brenda flew away. Probably took mom along.

"Rayne?" Boomer asked worriedly.

I calmed down.

"I'm never going to be normal am I?" I asked my father.

Boomer hugged me close.

"I'm not normal either Rayne," Boomer comforted.

"Me too," Henry added, "I can see in the past daddy."

Boomer chuckled.

"Well isn't this a surprise," Boomer said smiling, "I promise things will be better, for us, for your brothers, for everybody in this house."

"Where will mom go?" I asked.

"I've decided to give her the mansion," Boomer revealed, "she'll see the real cost when in a year I stop paying for upkeep," he added.

Soon we were all laughing.


(Noon at Buttercup's Residence)

"You told her didn't you!" Ace shouted.

"No," Janet said fearfully, "I swear I didn't Ace," she said.

"I don't believe you," Ace said, "I'm going to make you pay, I swear."

"Buttercup won't let you get away with that," Janet told him, "I may never tell her I knew you cheated," she said, "but I never promised to not tell her if you harmed me!" she shouted.

Ace punched Janet in the face causing two of her teeth to fly out.

"You dare shout at me!" Ace raged, "I was in a gang for a reason," he said and proceeded to beat her up.

Soon Janet was a whimpering mess on the floor.

"Get up," Ace snapped, "get up!"

Janet tried but fell back on the floor.

Ace soon realized he went too far. He called an ambulance.


(5pm at a Gated Suburb)

Brick answered the phone.

"A judge has granted me a hearing," Mitch said immediately.

"For what?" Brick snapped.

"Let's just say Rema's article hit in all the right places," Mitch responded, "for me at least," he added.

"That means squat no judge would…" Brick started.

"In Townsville, I got the hearing in Citysville," Mitch said, "and I got a little clout from a furious Mr. Morebucks," he revealed, "no judge in Townsville will hear her case."

"You bastard!" Brick shouted, "you think you can get away with this?"

"I already have," Mitch said, "is there a knock at your door yet?" he asked devilishly.

"A kno…" Brick started.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Brick demanded.

But there was only a dial tone.

"Who's at the door?" Bubbles asked floating towards it.

"Bubbles no…" Brick started but couldn't stop her.

"Hi Bubbles," Mitch said smiling as soon as the door was opened.

Bubbles gasped but became worried when she also saw several police officers.

"Ma'am, bring Titch to us please," an officer requested.

"What is this?" Bubbles asked.

"Didn't Brick tell you, I called him," Mitch said sweetly.

"Just now," Brick added, "Bubbles he's taking you to court for Titch."

"I'm going for full custody," Mitch told her, "and I have a court order that gives me Titch 'til the trial's over."

"No!" Bubbles screamed.

"Ma'am please," another officer said firmly, "if you get anymore hysterical we'll have to use the anti-chem gun," he said and Bubbles noticed for the first time a sniper aiming a gun at her from a nearby rooftop.

"W…you'd shoot me?" Bubbles asked in disbelief.

"He's under my employ," Mitch said in reference to the sniper, "if you look closely you'll recognize Blubber, he's an excellent marksman," he added.

"You expect me to be taken down by Blubber?" Bubbles asked as if she thought he was joking.

"The weapon was made by an old nemesis of yours," Mitch explained, "it won't miss."

"And we're Citysville cops," an officer added, "we won't treat you like royalty," he said darkly, "and we have jurisdiction, your city's cops were seen as too much of a liability," he continued, "probably would've let you escape with the boy."

"Have you met his father?" Brick demanded.

"Yeah, he's not like you high and mighty Townsville residents," the officer countered shutting Brick up.

"Please bring my son," Mitch said.

"Mitch please," Bubbles begged.

"Am I to pity you?" Mitch asked angrily, "you kept Titch away from me!" he shouted, "now where is he?"

"Daddy?" Titch asked as he flew from the group of kids he arrived with.

"Son!" Mitch cried, "come here!"

Titch happily flew over his father.

"Did mummy finally let you see me?" Titch asked excitedly.

"No," Mitch said, "I had to go to the police," he said, "your mother's a criminal."

"What!" Bubbles cried.

"You're under arrest," the officers revealed, "for kidnapping and extortion," he said, "the court order was only a ruse to get you to…"

Brick moved to grab Mitch.

There was a loud bang and he fell screaming.

"Brick!" Bubbles screamed.

"I told you he wouldn't miss!" Mitch shouted angrily, "what is he, crazy?"

Soon Brick lay shivering.

Titch was sobbing.

"Shh, he was going to hurt me Titch," Mitch said, "the man on the roof had to protect me."

"You monster!" Bubbles shouted.

"Don't fight them Bubbles," Mitch said, "you don't need Titch seeing you in Brick's condition," he added.

Bubbles froze.

"Now Titch," Mitch said, "this is what happens to criminals," he explained, "your mother took you illegally and threatened me," he said, "that's why you moved so much, she didn't want to get caught."

"You said you had custody!" Titch screamed at her.

"She got you for a week," Mitch said hatefully, "she ran off and paired up with this Brick because she knew he was stronger than me," he added.

"That's not true!" Bubbles cried as handcuffs were placed on both her and Brick, "Titch don't believe him!"

"You should both go to jail," Titch snarled.

"That's true," Mitch said, "did Brick pay for these moves son?"

Bubbles paled.

"He wanted mummy with him all the time," Titch said, "the best time I had was at Big Billy's candy store," he added.

"Well, well," Mitch said, "did Big Billy see you with her more than a week after she left with you son?" he asked.

Titch nodded.

"And he showed me his eye," Titch added.

"That's Big Billy alright," Mitch said, "I think I'll talk to him, want to come?"

"What kind of lies are you going to tell him?" Bubbles demanded.

"I won't lie to Big Billy," Mitch said, "I'm just going to ask if he'll admit seeing you with my son, and if maybe…you were ever in a hurry."

Bubbles face burned with fury.

"Why are you so bad mama?" Titch asked.

Bubbles gasped.

"Because she's a monster," Mitch said, "let's go before you get infected," he said, "oh and Bubbles, plead guilty and you won't do any jail time," he added and left with Titch.

"Titch!" Bubbles screamed.

"If she screams again shoot her!" an officer shouted as they escorted her to a police car.

A growing crowd watched Bubbles and an unconscious Brick being placed in separate police cars.

"She's worse than Blossom," one commented.

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