Author's Notes: Chopper hasn't joined the crew yet. Obviously.

Point of View
Zoro's certainly no doctor, but he's more than good enough in Luffy's mind.
by Alena
May 23rd, 2004

He wasn't a doctor; that was a plain fact. Zoro was much better at inflicting wounds than mending them, but even he knew that running around with a massive, bleeding gash on your side wasn't a good thing. The fact that he'd done it multiple times wasn't the point.

"Luffy, hold still! Stop stretching; you're making it bleed faster!"

"But Zoro," Luffy whined, wriggling against the ropes that bound him awkwardly, "Sanji just yelled for dinner! We're having steak!" He squirmed again, and yowled in pain, though that didn't stop him.

"Quit that, stupid," Zoro snapped, pushing away the hands that pawed at him. This wound was deep, and the bleeding refused to stop. Vaguely, he wondered if there'd been something poisonous on the end of the spear he'd pulled out less than ten minutes ago.

"Steak…" Luffy whimpered pitifully, though he was no longer stretching, instead curling around his side as much as he could; this worried Zoro, as even the worst of wounds never really seemed to faze his captain.

"It hurts, Zoro. Make it stop. I want my stea—yow!" he yelled in surprise, as Zoro's fingers slipped into the wound as gently as they could, and quickly yanked out a small purple stone.

"Aha," Zoro cried triumphantly, tossing the stone overboard—as soon as he removed it, the bleeding slowed considerably. With a barely-restrained sigh of relief, Zoro wrapped the bandages around Luffy's waist, pulling them tight. A small splotch of blood began to spread across the white linen, but did not advance far.

"Don't stretch your sides," Zoro ordered, though he knew the chances of the captain retaining that information and applying it were about as good as the chances of Sanji ignoring Nami. He undid Luffy's bonds, and expected the younger pirate to immediately dash for the kitchen. Instead, Luffy flashed his unmistakable grin and proclaimed,

"Carry me." When Zoro simply raised an eyebrow, Luffy stretched out his arms and repeated with a pout, "Carry me. I want my steak, and my side hurts, and you don't want me to stretch it. Carry me." As an afterthought, he added, "Please?"

With another sigh, one that he didn't try to hide, Zoro carefully scooped up the smaller man, knowing full well that Luffy would sulk until he gave in.

"Thanks, Zoro," Luffy said cheerfully, though he was looking earnestly at the door of the galley, which was getting progressively closer.


"It doesn't hurt as much when you take care of it." Zoro blinked, but Luffy continued, "Because I like you. I like everyone, actually, but I really like you. That's why it doesn't hurt as much."

There was a pause after this, as Zoro had stopped in front of the galley's door, surprised.

"Steak," Luffy reminded Zoro pointedly, poking him in the shoulder.

"Right." Zoro carried him inside, and just managed to get his limbs out of the way before Luffy pounced on the steak.