Rating: HE

Couple: Usagi/Mamoru

What List?: Um… Moonlight Sonata & OHC

Series: No

Multi-Part: Yes

One Hour Challenge #:56 "So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?" (in part 2) And # 51: One of your couple are hit with a dart coated with truth-serum and tells the absolute truth for the next 48 hours (in part 1)

I hope I'm doing this right, if not let me know. I just joined and figured I'd give it a shot, so I'd appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions. Thanks guys. Here we go…

6:45 P.M.

Her life started to get out of control the night before during a battle with Zoicite. The youma had temporarily distracted her so that she didn't notice Zoicite move to attack until it was too late. Sailor Moon felt a pin prick on her neck hust as she was about to finish off the youma with her tiara. Thankfully this monster wasn't carrying a rainbow crystal carrier. Just as the other attacked it trying to distract it so she could move into range to use her attack, she fell to the ground feeling dizzy. The only one who noticed this and Zoicite's subsequent grab for her was Sailor Mars. Just before he grabbed her, Zoicite was hit with a fireball coutesy of Mars.

"Are you alright, Moon?" The purple-haired Senshi asked in concern.

"I'm okay, Mars. Just a little woozy." Sailor Moon answered, making her way to her feet slowly.

"Good." Mars responded sounding impatient. "Then maybe you can get around to dusting this Youma some time tonight."

"Arghh. I'm on it Mars." Sailor Moon grumbled, rubbing her neck irritated. "Moon Tiara Magic!"

The Frisbee hit the youma dead on target and before it could do more that scream it was dusted much to the joy of the other Senshi.

"You alright, Moon? You don't look so good." Jupiter asked, looking worried for their leader.

"No, I am not fine. I am sick and have a fever. I feel dizzy and my neck hurts. Not to mention that I am getting sick and tired of Mars always insulting and criticizing me." Moon all but growled at her astonished Senshi.

"Sailor Moon, calm down." Mercury said trying to cool the ire of their irate leader. "Why don't we all get home and eat dinner. I'm sure your mother is wondering where you went off to so late anyways. We'll talk more tomorrow."

"My mother couldn't care less where I am at the moment. She kicked me out of the house again because of my goddamn grades."

"What is the matter with you, girl?"

"I don't know, but it may have something to do with whatever Zoicite hit me with." Moon theorized softly.

Before the others could say anything else, Mercury had her mini-computer open and was trying to diagnose what was effecting Sailor Moon.

"Hmm, it seems that you were hit with some kind of poisonous dart."

"Poison?!?" Sailor Moon cried. "Am I dying?"

"No. Of course not." Mercury assured her, mumbling as she did so. "It seems that you've been infected with a truth serum."

"Oh no!"

"Oh god!"

"Hey!" Sailor Moon exclaimed. "Shut up, you guys! It will be fine."

"Sure it will." Mars grumbled as they all de-transformed. "You've got the biggest mouth this side of Tokyo, Meatball head."

"I don't have to stay here and listen to this, Raye." Usagi wailed as she stuck her tongue out at Raye before storming away, her pigtails flying in her wake.

She had only walked a few blocks towards home when she knocked into someone causing her to fall on her butt.

"Geez, Meatball head, can you not walk across town without falling into me? Am I that irresistible?" Mamoru sneered looking down at Usagi where she was sprawled on the sidewalk.

"You're not irresistible, you jerk. You're just extremely yummy!" Usagi yelled at him unexpectedly.

"Um… repeat that." Mamoru asked hesitantly.

"I didn't mean to say that!" Usagi wailed looking horrified at Mamoru's incredulous face. "Never mind. I didn't say anything."

"Did you just say I was yummy, Odango?"

"No… I said you're extremely yummy." Usagi answered before she could stop herself. "Kami, kill me now!" [Where's a youma when you need one?]