Predictability 3/3



Rating: HE

Couple: Usagi/Mamoru

What List?: Um… Moonlight Sonata & OHC

Series: No

Multi-Part: Yes

One Hour Challenge #: 56 "So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?" (In part 3) And # 51: One of your couple are hit with a dart coated with truth-serum and tells the absolute truth for the next 48 hours (In part 1)

Summary: When Usagi is infected with a truth serum will she be able to keep her secrets from Mamoru?

Usagi awoke the next morning an emotional wreck, having talked to the Senshi the night before to explain about her encounter with Mamoru and their subsequent appointment this afternoon. Her friends determined that the best way to distract Mamoru from his questioning was if they were all present at the arcade, that way they could hopefully keep Usagi from revealing anything too incriminating. Even Luna was especially worried about this meeting and had been giving her pointers for most of the morning.

"Usagi, concentrate." Her guardian ordered as she noticed Usagi zone out for the second time in under ten minutes. "Do you want to cause Mamoru to become suspicious? If he finds out you're Sailor Moon it could put him in danger."

"I know that Luna, but did it ever occur to you that I've hidden other things from him too." Usagi answered before she was fully aware of what she was saying.

"Such as?" Luna asked curiously.

"Such as the fact that I'm in love with him." Usagi answered, shocking herself more than Luna with the unexpected answer. For the last few months Usagi had convinced herself that she hated the jerk, until the truth serum forced her to face the truth of her own suppressed feelings.

"When did this happen?" Luna asked her charge in shock, not knowing the extent of the feelings she harbored for her nemesis.

"I've felt an instantaneous connection with him since the moment we first met." Usagi answered quietly, her eyes widened comically as she heard herself answer. "God Luna! What am I going to do?"

"We'll think of something." Her cat assured her, looking at the blonde before her in a whole new light.

Usagi arrived with Luna hidden in her purse at two o'clock outside the Crown Arcade. As she entered she carefully looked around for Mamoru, when she didn't notice him immediately she turned to go, but was too late as Mamoru entered the door and met her eyes.

Just as she was readying to go into full panic mode, her senshi showed up and forcible moved between Mamoru and their leader, ushering them all over to the corner booth in a deserted corner of the arcade.

"What's going on, Odango?" Mamoru asked curiously.

"Um, what do you mean?" Usagi asked nervously.

"What are they doing here?"

Before Usagi could answer truthfully, Lita answered for her.

"We were just coming to get something to eat and happened to see you two in here." She answered hurriedly, looking nervously at the others. "Right girls?"



"Of course."

"Well if you would please excuse us." Mamoru motioned for them to leave. "The Odango and I have something to discuss."

"She shouldn't be alone."

"Yeah she's sick." Raye put in, moving closer to Usagi in silent support for once. That got Mamoru's attention more than anything.

"How did you catch this virus, Usagi?" Mamoru asked looking Usagi in the eye as she stared at him uneasily. "Were they with you when you got sick?"

"We were all together fighting a -"

"Lot and her brother jumped on her. He had the flu you see." Amy, the usually soft-spoken senshi of Mercury interrupted, speaking loudly over Usagi's explanation. "It's contagious, so we really should get going."

So saying the blue-haired young woman forcible grabbed the blonde's arm and tried to pull her out of the booth. As all five of the girls quickly made their way to the exit Usagi stiffened as she heard Mamoru calling after her.

"I should have known better, Odango. I knew you were going to run away as soon as I got home last night and thought about it." Mamoru commented softly as Usagi turned to face him. For once his face was empty of its usual arrogant smirk. He looked almost sad as he continued. "You are so predictable, Usagi. Run scared rather than deal with what you told me last night."

Usagi marched back toward him her back stiff and her fingers clenched at her sides. She ignored her friends' protests as she came within two feet Mamoru. She glared up at him angry beyond all belief that he could read her so well.

"So you think I'm predictable? You think I can't surprise you in any way? Would you like to bet on that?" Usagi practically growled, pushing her fear to the back of her mind.

She then proceeded to kiss the stuffing out of a shocked Mamoru, and it was only when she began to draw away, noticing his lack of response that he pulled her into his arms and began returning her kiss enthusiastically. The others stared at them in shock; no one spoke in the arcade as everyone watched the spectacle the two were putting on without realizing it. The only one who wasn't the least bit shocked was Luna, who during their conversation had gotten out of Usagi's purse and was watching the proceedings with teary eyes.

"Good for you, Usagi. Good for you."