A/N As always none of these characters belong to me. They belong to themselves and Vince McMahon. Please don't sue! I must warn you now that there is a Mary Sue-esque feel in a chapter or two because, my imaginary self just had to make an appearance! I apologize beforehand. PG-13 for now. Enjoy!

"Earth to Trish!"

"Huh? Oh hey Lita! What's up?"

"So are you going to come with me or not?", Lita asked, impatience written all across her face.

A slight blush tinted her cheeks as she managed to stutter out a " W..What?"

Lita sighed. "Haven't you heard a single thing I've been telling you?"

Trish, having the good grace to look embarrassed at her faux pas, replied with a somewhat stilted, " Um, no?"

Lita stared at her for long moment, before finally speaking softly. "Is there something on your mind Trish?" Lita asked staring at her intently.

Trish cleared her throat before seeming to come back to her senses, an animated look playing about her face. " I'm a blonde honey. Don't you know there is never anything on our minds?" With that she gave a somewhat forced chuckle and smiled at the redhead who was staring at her skeptically.

"Sure Trish, whatever you say," replied Lita with a slim brow raised. A moment or two passed before the redhead began to speak once more. " I asked you if you wanted to come out tonight with a couple of the guys and me to a club."

Blinking her face took on a knowing look. " I should have known. That's all you ever ask me these days."

Lita managed to somehow take on a look of sheepishness before finally answering. " Well, you know how I get when I have all this extra energy to expel after a big match."

The blonde nodded knowingly and with a twinkle in her eyes managed to say in a totally serious voice, " You could always get laid you know, instead of dancing yourself into oblivion."

Lita blanched and then gave a throaty chuckle, her eyes dancing with mischief. "You're one to talk Miss I'm to sexy for the world."

Trish gave Lita a dazzling smile, tossed her hair back with her head, fluttered her eyelashes at the redhead and replied with a "Why Miss Lita, I had know idea you found me attractive! I'm flattered, really I I'm," in a fake southern accent.

Lita rolled her eyes with a smile. "You're accent is horrible."

Trish giggled merrily. "You're one to talk, or is that "tahhlk" ?"

Lita chuckled at her friend. "Them be fighting' words Ms. Stratus!"

Trish stuck her tongue out at her. "Bring it on hillbilly!"

They both stared at each other with mock rage on their faces for a moment before both starting to giggle like a couple of deranged maniacs. Lita managed to recover first and belted out a retort they both knew was coming.



Smiling at each other, finally Trish inclined her head at the redhead. " I guess I could go. Someone has to keep you out of trouble!"

Both laughing at her statement, the pair wandered off arm in arm to find their clubbing partners for that night. Little did they know that a pair of sparkling blue eyes watched from the shadows as they made their retreat.

A/N: I know it is short. I'm trying desperately to keep them in character. What do you think? Does it suck? Is it okay? Feedback is always welcome. I thought it was an okay start. Let me know what you think, or perhaps I'll have to send my Fluffy-kun plushie to nip at your ankles!

Fluffy-plushie: Insolate Human! How dare you refer to this Sesshoumaru as something so demeaning as Fluffy!

Inu-kun-plushie: Hahahahahaha!

Oh shut up! You're 8 inches high. What the hell do you think you're going to do to me?

Fluffy-plushie: ::levitates::

Wow! Neat trick! How did you-

Fluffy-plushie: ::eyes glow red, hand glows green::

Don't even think about it! I'll take away all your pocky privileges!

Fluffy-plushie: ::unglowish:: Humph!

::pets Fluffy-plushie:: Good Fluffy!

Fluffy-plushie: ::rumblepurr::

Inu-kun-plushie: ::makes whipping noises::

K-chan-plushie: Osuwari!

Inu-kun-plushie:: ::falls flat on his head::