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The sound of cloth ripping rent the air.

"What the hell, I liked those!"

Xeny smirked at the indigant tone the blonde used. Poor blondie, he couldn't decide whether he wanted to stop or to continue. She would just have to make up his mind for him.

A pale pink appendage slipped forth to dip into his bellybutton. Chris tensed for a moment before shivering. Damn that woman, he thought. She was agressive. A trait he normally associated with men. It was strange, it was erotic, and she was driving him insane with her slowness. Even now she trailed a slow path down to his thighs. Then suddenly, a white hot flash of pain.

"What the fuck?"

She just smirked up at him. Which he found irritating and not at all sexy and ohgoddoitagain as she nipped at the fleshy part of his inner thigh. His brain switched to autopilot as a surge of pure pleasure traveled through him as she palmed his cock. Finally!

"So Blondie, what's your pleasure this fine eve?"

Chris shuddered at the way she purred at him while stroking his cock. I mean, come on. Did she actually expect him to TALK coherently while she was doing, well, that. God gave man a brain and a cock, and right now, all blood was headed in a decidedly southern direction. Groaning when she wrapped a hot tongue around him in impatience, Chris finally managed to half moan a response.

"Nndon't care"

Xeny smirked up at him, showing teeth. He was right where she wanted him. Boy was he in for a surprise! Her mouth dipped slowly, teasing Chris. Her teeth just barely grazed his cock right before she drew him in.

Lewd noises reached both of their ears, grunts, groans, and the slippery sound of tongue to flesh. Mm. What a sight he made. Strong, pround blonde, brought down by one lone female. The little noises that slipped past his lips she relished.

Barely hanging on to thought, Chris managed to groan out, "Gonna cum!"

The hand that seconds before was gentle, was now firm as she gripped him, her fingers binding at the base of his pride and joy.

"Ouch, what did you do that for?"

Licking her lips she smiled up at him, her hand keeping him in a firm grasp as she practically slithered up his body to push her mouth to his, tongue dipping inside, allowing Chris a taste of himself.


Leaning back after an exacting kiss, her hands left his body only for a moment as she lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, her pale breasts gleaming in the low light. His hands automatically came up to cup her breasts, only to find them slapped away by Xeny, a slow smirk forming on her face.

"Naughty, naughty. Musn't touch."


"Be a good boy now."

Her hand resumed her firm grip on his cock, catching Chris off guard. She slid down his body once more to kick off her shoes and socks. They landed on the floor beside the bed in a haphazard manner. Never releasing him, her other hand went to her jeans, flicking open the button with practiced ease. She grinned as she caught him watching, and proceeded to drive him insane pulling the zip slowly down.

Huh. Commando. Who would have thought?

Her jeans hit the floor as she pressed her body against his. Chris groaned, if he didn't get some relief soon, he was going to die! He tugged at the cuffs, bucking up against her.

"Not yet blondie," she practically purred, undulating up against him as she did.

"Can I trust you not to cum if I let go?"

Chris thrashed slightly as she spoke.

"Yes, yes! Just, please!"

Xeny's head cocked as she slowly released her grip on him. Sitting between his legs, she let her fingertips walk along his inner thighs, making Chris shiver with anticipation. Xeny smiled down at him as she reached beside the bed, pulling open a drawer, withdrawing two items. It was the second item that gave him pause.

"What the fuck?!"

Xeny just laughed at him.

"I did ask you what your pleasure was blondie. I believe you said, anything."

Two clicks were heard as the strapon was slipped into place.

"When someone says anything they normally don't mean getting FUCKED by a GIRL!"

She chuckled, a hand slipping around his cock.

"Are you complaining," she asked while giving him a few strokes,"because if you are, I'm sure we can stop." She looked blatantly down at the angry purple color of his cock.

Chris was pissed with a capital P. It was one thing to fuck the girl, it was quite another to be fucked by the girl. It wasn't as if he didn't enjoy both sexes immensely, but this was a new one on him. Still, he hissed as she stroked him again, bucking up into her hands.

"Good boy," she said, reaching down for the other item. Popping the cap, she slicked up her hands, then herself. Kneewalking between his thighs, she dragged a pillow underneath him and wrapped his legs around her waist.

"I don't know about this," said Chris, looking quite debauched himself.

"Liar. Weren't you trying to score with the and I quote, "hottie bartenders" all night?"

"That's one thing, but this is something way out ther- Ahhh!"

He cried out as she used his distraction to slip one slick finger into him.

"Jesus, you don't fuck around do you," Chris panted.

Xeny grinned showing teeth as she prepared him for what was to come. Chris hissed as another slick finger joined the first inside him. Her fingers began a scissoring motion causing him to groan. Then, lightening jolted up his spine making him cry out, bucking up against her fingers.

"I've got you pegged now, blondie," she smirked as she played his body like a violin, ruthlessly pulling all the right chords. It was if she knew exactly how his body was mapped out, and which strings to pull to bring this symphony to it's climax. When a third finger joined, Chris gave a sort of whine. She was moving a bit fast. A hand stroked down his face.

"Poor blondie."

She kissed him, hand gripping his chin as he made noises, grunts and groans, bucking up against her fingers.

"That's it blondie," she crooned. "Fuck yourself on my fingers."

Embarassed but too far gone to care, he couldn't help but follow her instructions. Breath coming in short gasps, he undulated against her hand. He was so close! Then suddenly she withdrew, pulling back to slick herself up once more. She leaned over his body as he felt her press the strapon to his entrance. He had had enough.

"Fuck me!"

"With pleasure," she purred, as she slid slowly into his body. Chris groaned at the burning stretch. It had been so long since he was taken like this. She claimed his lips in a searing kiss as she drove to the hilt, her body pressing against his. Suddenly, she snarled down at him.

"Now, you're mine."

The smacking sound of flesh on flesh was heard as grunts and groans lit up the room, lewd slick noises. Her tongue slipped out to lave at his heaving chest. God, he was so hard he hurt!

"Yesss," he hissed out, bucking wildly up against her. Her voice joined his in appreciation of their coming together.


Picking up the pace, Chris barely held onto his sanity as suddenly white lights appeared before his eyes. He howled as she slammed into him, his control hanging by a thread until, she gasped out his name. His body arched up against hers as he came. She groaned as she slowed, her climax taking her by surprise. A few half hearted thrusts were made until she finally stilled, collapsing on him, their bodies still entwined.

"Holy shit," Chris gasped out.

She laughed into his chest, panting.

"I second that."

When she had her breath back she slowly slipped from his body, Chris wincing slightly. He was definitely going to feel this in the morning when he woke up. A few clicks later the strap on fell to the bed. He tugged at his restraints.

"Can you?"

She smiled at him as she reached up to release his hands. Groaning as he brought his arms down and grabbed her, pulling her flush up against his body.

"That was cool," she mumbled at him.

Chris laughed, he was beyond pyschoanalyzing himself at the moment. It would have to wait. Though, he did admit he liked the way her body fit against his.

"I don't want to move, but the bar is closing soon," she breathed out.

"Yeah, me too."

They held each other close for a few minutes before any attempts at moving. Stumbling about, they cleaned themselves up and hunted for bits and pieces of clothing. Finally dressed they simply looked at each other for a moment, before they both grinned.

"So, you should swing by again sometime if you're in the area," she said.

"I have a feeling I might," grinned Chris. He leaned forward to kiss her, they melted into each other for a moment before pulling back.

"Follow me blondie, I'll take you too your friends."

Chris nodded as he grasped her hand. The door shut with a click behind them and all was silent again, except for the whirring of a video camera in the corner. Pity he didn't notice that before.


Elsewhere, a grinning Dominick clapped at the t.v. monitor.

"Nice show bosslady," he said while whirling around to go find his petit amore'.


"Chris sure is taking his sweet ass time," said Trish as she held hands with the redhead, sipping her last beer of the night.

The soothing sounds of Natalie Cole crooning in the background was heard. They had returned to the bar after giving up on finding Chris. Well, after that and having a very tall blonde named John come up and inform them he was...busy. Adam and Jay had joined them finally, but were currently so wrapped up in each other it was unseemly in public. Though, when Jay did glance down at them to stare at their clasped hands, he raised one brow and grinned. Lita of course, just grinned back. Trish just clasped her hand even harder.

A cellphone rang behind the bar, the not so subtle tune of Final Fantasy VII playing until Morgan picked it up and placed it against one ear.

"Morgan here."

"Hello brat."

Morgan grinned into the phone.

"Hello Bosslady, what can I do for you."

"The blonde is heading toward the bar, free drinks for him and his friends on the house."

Morgan whistled.

"You must have gotten lucky," laughed Morgan. Mozelle raised an eyebrow at her brother grinning like a lunatic into his phone.

"Hn. Should I call Dorian and send him your way then," was the sly reply.


A throaty chuckle poured forth from the earpiece.

"That's what I thought. Now be nice, or I'll tan your hide but good."

"Whatever you say Bosslady," replied Morgan with some little cheek.

There was kissing noises heard over the phone then the line went dead.

Grinning, Morgan slipped his phone into his pocket. The urge to giggle inanely overwhelming him. Mozelle just simply gave him a look. Morgan shook his head at her. Later he mouthed. With a little nod, she turned back to cleaning up the glasses.

Chris wound his way around a few stragglers in the room, making headway for the bar licking his lips all the while. The bruising kiss Xeny had given him while extracting a promise to return had been, hmm, fun. This place was definitely right up his proverbial alley. In more ways than one.


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