Long way.

Jubei chan does NOT belong to me, it belongs to Akiro Daichi.

Notes: I used an orginal idea in this story about Koinosuke, but I tried to keep the strugture of the story same as in the first season (and little bit of second too)

Hope you enjoy.


Koinosuke ran, as far as he could see was snow, tears trought his eyes, and his paws hit the hard ice. He jumped on the of the ledges and panthed, looking down at the siberian snowfield was like looking at broken mirror, millions and millions of light blazed as the wolf-god looked at them. He was so amazed that he began to thank the elder gods from this beauty, howling to the sky.

After the thanking, he ran down to contunue his long way, his paws again hit the very cold ice and he had trouble keeping himself in balance. His short. White tail was up and he jumped to get to the softer snow. Not so much luck, because ice cracked below his feet and he fell into the cold water. Now as ever, he wished he had just listened to his long gone mate and stayed home. But alas, now he just had to swim up, as he did, jumping off the icy water. Shaking his wet fur, Koinosuke again began running. He had lost some of his memories, including when he started this mission. And his loved ones names. He shook his head and continued running, farther to the icy hell of Siberia, off the memories he once remembered.

[i]Many years, many faces, many tits, how long will I have to go, until I will be free, my feet hurt. I don't remember anything but my name, my mission and this..Eyepatch, the lovely eyepatch. Yagyu Jubei made it to me to give it to plump-bouncy-bon-bons. This I remember. Sometimes, I hear call of the wolves, calling me somewhere. Where, I have no idea. Often, when I turn to the mirrors, I see my face, still young. But something is mission, something wild. Then I have to run, because I fell someone calling me, this must be gravity.[/i]

Miles and miles passed, many years, many scars. But he kept going, going to where? He never knew, his soul was empty. He had lost part of himself, the wolf. But also he had lost his past, only his mission mattered.

[i]Funny, even now I feel my body slowly failing me. Oh plump-bouncy-bon- bons, where are you?[/i]

Finally, he found her. She was young, pretty, and a bit dumb. She, thought, was what he had searched for.. 300 years, so long? He gave the eyepatch to her. She looked at it, he cried of joy, now, as ever, he would finally rest.

[i]Thank you, thank you miss.. Miss Jiyu. Thank you.....[/i]

" But, I DON'T WANT THIS!" she shouted and threw the eyepatch to the river, where KOinosuke thought he would die.

[i]SHIT! She does not want it, hey what did you say? You don't WANT it? It's not WANTING its destiny. Oh no...Royjijo samurai? But, they vanished 300 years ago.[/i]

" Hey thats the legendary eyepatch, miss nanohana I will do everything to get that eyepatch!" master Ozaki shouted, Jiyu was scared, but koinosuke was.

[i]WHAT-THE-FUCK!? Is that guy serious!?[/i]

Then the closed eyed Samurai attacked them and Koinosuke had to protect Jiyu from getting to look like a chopped pork. Finally, Jiyu used the eyepatch and day was saved. but now Koinosuke had to watch over Jiyu, for she could throw the eyepatch away anytime.

[i]Well, at least this beats death, ne?[/i]