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Chapter Twelve: The Monster

Isaiah looked up, and squinted from the pale, artificial light that beamed through the door, blinding him. He closed his eyes and turned away, choosing to listen to the man's approaching footsteps rather then turn and face his executor. He glanced at the man's boots, and smiled softly at the sharp, orderly shine. Like brother, like sister, he thought to himself as he rose and swallowed to steady himself. It took him a while to ensure his face would be straight, composed. He had never been good at hiding his emotions, or his pain but knew displays of emotion would be frowned upon or pitied by this creature.

"Greetings." Isaiah said, turning to meet the man.

Eoin Malone was staring at him, with a calm, complacent look. The Kaga was dressed in a light tunic and pants and looked like an off-duty officer who was accustomed to weakness and leisure time. The bandages that covered his neck were yellow with the smallest bit of crimson coloring them. He looked pale, with his dark hair falling over his clear gray eyes that betrayed him and showed his distrust for the Vampire.

"I've been sent to release you." Eoin said, bowing as he motioned to the door. "If you'll follow me."

"Dracula?" Isaiah said, frowning. Despite all his preparation, Eoin had still been able to say something able to knock him totally off-guard.

The Kaga looked away, "Has been taken of."

"And the Brides?"


Another blow that caused Isaiah to stumble. His mind began to swim as if tried to glimpse what he was saying. The balance of power had shifted and refocused again and Isaiah was left to pick up the pieces again. His mind went to what mattered. "Erised?"

"Her fate is of no concern to you."

"I love her."

"You need a heart to love." Eoin said offhandedly as he continued to lead Isaiah down the winding passageways of the Castle's underbelly. Isaiah watched the back of his head with growing disgust. He was beginning to hate the way Kaga acted superior and untouched by the very things that seemed to tear them apart. "You think you're better then me?" Isaiah asked.

"No," Eoin whispered. "I think she is."

"You don't know your sister then." Eoin swung about, slamming his fist into Isaiah's jaw. The Vampire stumbled back and looked up, without reacting. He probably deserved that so he wouldn't fight it. Instead, he shrugged it off. "She came looking for me."

"She went looking for information." Eoin said, quietly. "She found you and she uses you for that. Do you really think she's capable of loving you? Do you really think there's anything in this world she loves? She's not capable of such a task."

""I don't believe you." He countered. "How can you say those things? She's your sister!"

"Because she is my sister." Eoin had stopped and turned, looking into Isaiah's deep blue eyes and searching for the right words to express the wealth of information that rested in his heart. He wanted to tell Isaiah the truth, wanted to strip away the guise of strength and devotion that were his sister's most powerful tools and expose her for the monster she was but could not.

Creations like her were never believed in to begin with so it would do no good to warn against her.

Bowing again, Eoin motioned to the floo. "My Lord Voldemort sends his greetings…"

"Send him mine." Isaiah said after a pause, and walked to the floo. There was a spooked expression on his face as if he had glimpsed for a moment the unspoken horror Eoin held but shook it off like a dream. "Till next time…"

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…" Remus was singing in his clear voice as Gabriel approached. The young werewolf was sitting on the stone balcony, with his guitar on his perched knee and strumming the chords to the old Beatles song. He looked up and smiled weakly, through the small cuts that were left from Dracula's struggle. Remus was sitting rigid for a youth, but despite the pain he must have been in, and exhaustion he must have felt, the boy sang sweetly and softly, invoking all the right emotions and doing so easily. "Now it looks like they're here to say. Oh, I believe in yesterday…"

"How you feeling?"

"Suddenly, I'm not half the man I use to be. There's a shadow hanging over me." Remus sang softly. "Oh yesterday came suddenly." He smiled and stopped playing. He motioned behind Gabriel towards Irvan who was sitting in the room staring at a wall while Kuso talked with Dumbledore and Jean Andre. "What's going on? Is Irvan okay?"

"Kuso says he's probably just upset that they haven't left yet. But it's fine."

"Where's Erised?"

Gabriel swallowed and looked away. "She left about early this morning, Dumbledore said it had something to do with a Necromancer she was hunting for." He held open his hand, letting a small brown cord fall from his fingers. Dangling on the end of the rope was a small silver pendant of St. Michael. The Archangel was poised with a dragon underfoot and spear in his hand waiting to strike. "She left me this."

"St. Michael protect us. Although Gabriel does seem to have it covered." Remus joked, glimpsing up and smirking. "The Left Hand of God." He said with a mixture of serious and taunting awe. "Leaving us already?"

Gabriel swallowed and nodded. "I came slay a monster…Dracula's dead."

"You don't sound too happy about that." Remus offered. He tilted his head and smiled. "I mean outside of me and my motives, I'd thought you'd be bounding for joy."

"There was no cure, Remus." Gabriel said suddenly. He looked down, awaiting the torrent that would follow. He knew Remus would not take this news well and he damned himself for lying in the first place. Had he not been so sure of his mission, of his rightness and his choices in who was right and wrong, he would have never lied to Remus. He would never have promised this boy a release from a course that damned him. "We needed your help and that's the only way I knew…I'm sorry."

Remus was looking over at him, moving his lips slowly as if trying to find the words. "…I know."

Gabriel blinked. "What?"

"Come on, Gabe." Remus chided in an undertone. "I study Defense against the Dark Arts, and I've been a werewolf more years then I haven't. Don't you think I would have been researched for everything about you and your case? I already knew that whatever cure Dracula might have had went to the grave with the original one."

"I don't understand." Gabriel whispered. "Why did you help me?"

"I didn't do it for you, or Erised…or Albus." Remus said as he looked down, fingering the chords but not striking. "I did it for me."

"I don't understand."

"To prove to myself I'm not a monster." He looked back up. "You know it's funny. You get called a monster so many times you begin to wonder if that's true. The truth, that thing that buzzes from your chest in your head, gets quieter until you almost believe you can't hear it anymore…and you become what everyone wants you to be. You prove them right. You forget the truth and just get so mixed up with labels you don't see straight."

Gabriel looked away, "I don't think I know what the truth is anymore. Everything I know to be right and wrong is turned upside down here."

"Well, what do you expect in a place with talking hats and magic mirrors?"

"There's has to be a truth though, doesn't there?" Gabriel asked. He suddenly longed for the faith that had once cemented him in his place and made everything clear-cut. He longed for the simple truth and the merciful providence that guarded all things, especially him. "During this mission, I was helped by Vampires who probably saved my life more times then I want to know, was aided by a werewolf who sang the Beatles…and fell for a woman who probably was more evil then most monsters I've killed…"

"Why do you say that?" Remus asked quietly. He wasn't looking up, and maybe in truth, Gabriel didn't really care if he was listening or not. He just needed to say it, to expel it like a poison and maybe somehow understand it once it was out in the open.

"Because it didn't matter." Gabriel said, understanding. "At the end, without lip service or lies, she didn't care. Dumbledore could have lost this battle and she wouldn't have cared."

"How do you know?"

"Because I tried to kill the Dark Prince and she stopped me. And regardless of what the Vampires have done for us, they are still allies with the Dark Lord. Maybe they helped us today, but tomorrow? They didn't help us because it's right. They helped us for her."

"Does that make it any less of a blessing, Gabe?" Remus looked up, finally. "They helped. Isn't that enough?"

"Not in war."

"You're right." Remus said as he stood. He swung the guitar to hang on his back. "We're not fighting Monsters here, Gabriel. We're fighting a war. And a war's fought by soldiers, which in turn, is just another label for people. There are no monsters here for you, hero." He smiled, softly. "There's just us."

"Remus?" Called a voice from the doorway. Gabriel turned and regarded the man who was leaning casually against the doorframe with a grin on his face. "Remus, come on! We're waiting!"

"Coming Peter!" He called. He turned to Gabriel and smiled. "Sorry. I have to go. My friends are calling. I haven't seen them in too long." Remus said, hugging him quickly. "Thank you." He whispered then turned and walked away.

Gabriel watched as Remus jumped unto Peter's back to drag the boy down. His timing, Gabriel suspected, matched perfectly with his position and the added weight caused Peter to stumble, throwing Remus into Irvan's lap. The Vampire groaned angrily and threw Remus off. Jean Andre smirked and Kuso laughed, waving goodbye as the Wolf did a slight bow and left the office.

Turning back towards the balcony, Gabriel walked towards the very far end, where he could see the sun beating off the lake, making it shine like gold. The grass looked soft and inviting from this distance, and even the Forbidden Forest looked youthful and promising. Gabriel smiled at the beauty, folding his hands before him in prayer. He felt the St. Michael charm in his palms and brought it up to study it for a long time.

Then, releasing the cord from around his fingers, Gabriel pitched the necklace as far as he could in the direction of the lake. The necklace was so small he could not see it impact the water but that didn't matter. He had set things right.

That done, Gabriel tugged his coat over frame, readjusting it to hide his weaponry and turned to find his exit.