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Chapter 6 – Undoing the Knots


Yumi's heart raced in her ears; she couldn't believe it. This blonde haired, blue eyed beauty, who was so familiar, couldn't be him. He couldn't be her Takeru.

Wait a second, her Takeru?!

What else is he? You love him, don't you?

I do, but that's not the point. He could be married for all I know!

But you don't, and until that moment, you will think of him as yours.

Takeru, however, did not know of Yumi's inner demonic conflict. He tilted his head to the side, an unconscious habit, and stared at her with wide blue eyes. The whole stance and look was too familiar for Yumi, who had to control the blush that was trying to rise into her cheeks. Then he asked her a question.

One she didn't want to hear.

"Do I know you?"

Her heart sunk into her gut and she tried to control the tears she knew were coming. "Iie, you don't. Please forgive me for my out burst, your brother told me so much about you I felt like I knew you."

Lies, all lies. You know me. You know me better than I know myself, Ru-kun.

She bowed at the waist in a traditional Japanese bow, awaiting his response. She would only come up when he did that or forgave her, at the most.

She's lying, a voice whispered in Takeru's mind. She knows you. She knows it and we know it too.

But the question remained, who was she? He knew her stage name was Kanzaki Yumi, but what was her real name?

"Ah, it's fine Kanzaki-sama, but please," he bent down to place a finger under her chin, so she could see his face, "Please feel free to call me Takeru or add the –kun, if you wish."

The tears she had just repressed came back full force. Her eyes began to cloud up, but they didn't fall. She wouldn't let them. He was still so sweet, just like his eight-year-old self, when she had first met him. Exactly like he had been, when he had saved her from Pidemon ad helped Patamon digivolve into his final form.

And she would be damned if she let him slip through her fingers this time.

This time there was no Kali to try and break them up, no relationship before to mess up, or no friends pressuring them on. There was nothing and she would have been a fool to let it go to waste.

She had always believed in fate and destiny and chances.

And they were trying to tell her something.

But what about last time?

There was always the little nagging voice that sat in the back of her mind and she was getting ready to hurt it. It always made her doubt, making her ruin the first chance and she wouldn't let the second go to waste.

Sure, she still had memories that haunted her. Sure, she was scared like no tomorrow at the moment. Sure, she still was engaged to Ryan. But, she pushed it all to the back of her mind, firmly and successfully.

Coming out of her bow and taking her hand in Takeru's free hand, she stared at his eyes. Two calm blue oceans stared back. Just looking in his eyes made her feel lightheaded, and she had a leap of faith.

Hopefully, this time she would land safely.

"And you must call me Yumi or Yumi-chan if you wish."

And Takeru smiled.

A true smile, not the fake one he was used to. A real smile. Yumi smiled back at him and they did something, neither anticipated nor expected at all.

They leaned in and kissed.


Madam Rose's jaw dropped, Madam Leone's eyes held disbelief, Master Leonardo's eyebrows rose and Master Triton's hand twitched, for he had know this was going to come. Master Harold just nodded.

All because of her outburst.

Selene grinned.

"Now that you finally understand," she began, "I shall tell you a tale, a tale about Yamagi Hikari, heir to the throne of Light."

"She was in her last year of high school, and all I n the world was right. She had been accepted into a wonderful teaching school already, she had great friends and family, school was fine, and she had a wonderful relationship with her boyfriend, Takeru, or as we know it, the heir to the throne of Hope.

But then it fell apart.

Satome Kali or Rini, as she preferred to be called entered her class toward the middle of the second semester. Rini wanted something, something already taken, but she would do anything to have. She wanted Takeru."

Selene paused for a moment, taking in the faces of the council (mostly horror) and a deep breath and continued her tale of woe and heartbreak.

"Rini did everything in her power to seduce Takeru, but he was so in love with Hikari, he was immune to it. Then she took a look at the couple. In order to break the couple up, she would have to break the weaker link, Hikari, for she couldn't believe that Takeru loved her as much as he did. She decided something.

She decided to break them up for good. Right then and there.

Rini threatened Hikari, who never told anyone, stole Takeru away from Hikari, making him doing things with her while he had to be with Hikari. She planted and grew the seed of doubt in Hikari's heart, and it bloomed, beautifully.

Hikari grew jealous, depressed and bitter. But then she met up with four men visiting Japan from America. They had a band and needed a lead female singer. Hikari fit the bill perfectly. They were a bit older than her, but they got along wonderfully. But then it came time for them to leave and Hikari had to choose, leave or stay.

She chose to leave.

She took her last final, grabbed the last of her luggage and left a note for her family and friends before boarding a plane to America under the name Kanzaki Yumi, who over the next five years would become a famous singer, world famous to be exact, for her heart breaking songs.

Takeru, though, blamed himself and was heartbroken. He pushed Kali away, who disappeared. His friends and brother, helped bring him out of his depression, but he still falls into it every once and a while. They all do, because they lost their Light and most of their Hope.

Five years later, though, Yumi returns to Japan for a weeklong charity tour and will not return, ever again. She will marry Ryan, the lead male singer in her band. I'm trying to stop that."

The council was quiet. Neither of the five spoke, they didn't know that to say. They also knew Selene wasn't done. So they stayed silent.

"I know my other crimes. Falling in love with an angel, while betrothed to another is punishable by death, I know. I also know that I am still in my punishment, but Hikari's life, future, it all means more to me than that. I want her to have the happiness that I cannot. I want her to be happy with the one she loves.

Fate agrees with me, all three do to be exact. Takeru and Hikari must be together in order for the Digital World and Real worlds to connect and come together. I am to give the two a push. A push that will put their delayed destiny back on track. That is what and why I am doing this. I just want Hikari to be happy. Now I await your response," Selene quietly added the last part.

The four lower council members argued amongst themselves about what they should do and Selene's speech in general, but Harold just sat there, quiet and not moving. When the four were silent for a moment, he acted.

"I find Lady Selene not guilty of any crimes and that her punishment has been served, as has her lovers. There is no discussion on this matter," Harold stated and waved a land to two bottles. One pink and another gold.

He conjured up another orb and sent it off somewhere in a wave of his hand. Madam Rose, however, was not done yet.

"WHAT?! You allow her off the hook. She should die for he crimes against us and all angels in general!" she raged, glaring at Selene.

"Shut up," Leone ground out, "I will not listen to you say things like that to my daughter like that. Shut up."

Rose was taken aback, not use to having Leone protect her daughter, as was Selene, who gave out a laugh, harsh and cold, not suiting her personality.

"You disowned me years ago, 'mother' do not call yourself that or me your 'daughter'," she turned her attention to Harold, missing her mother's saddened look and glare at Rose, who looked away.

Then, the doors to the council room burst open and in walked Selene's punished partner. Her lover.

His blonde hair was messy and blue eyes were grave and white robes covered his tan body. White wings were folded against his back. He walked with measured, precise steps to the council standing area.

"Heero, thank you for coming so quickly," Harold smiled, a first for Selene, "We have heard about Selene's 'deal' with Fate and your part in it as well, and I have come to a decision."

Heero turned and glanced at Selene, who stared straight ahead, not turning. "Though, she has already heard it. You and Selene are set free of your crimes and your magic is to be completely returned to you. And your betrothals are to be annulled. You are free to finish the soul mate rituals."

He took the two bottles and opened them. Selene and Heero were covered in their respected colors, pink and gold. As a few minutes later, Selene was wearing a white-pink dress with her symbol, light, on the back and embroidered around the sleeves, neckline and train. She also wore a necklace and earrings made from a white pink jewel. Her hair was in a French braid, wrapped around her head. Her feet were clad in pink slippers.

Heero was wearing a yellow gold robe with his symbol; hope, embroidered on it and gold slippers. He had gold bracelets on his wrists (think Malik from Yu-Gi-Oh) and his appearance stayed mostly the same.

Selene rushed to Heero's arms and whispered, "Gomen. It's bit a tiring as of late."

"It's fine," he murmured into her hair.

The council watched and couldn't help but smile. They were truly in love. Then the strangest thing happened, they began to glow a silvery white.

"What is that?" Leone exclaimed.

The couple turned to face the council, smiles on their faces and replied, "Hikari and Takeru are together and realizing their feelings, as we are."

"Why the glow?" Triton couldn't help but ask.

Selene grinned, "They're kissing."


The two broke apart quickly after they had figured out that they were kissing. Both blushed a deep crimson for different reasons. Takeru blushed because he barely knew this girl, even though he was falling in love. Yumi blushed because she couldn't believe that she was kissing Takeru and felt so much passion behind the kiss. They both knew one thing.

It had felt so right.

They moved away just as the doors opened revealing Ryan and the others, along with Taichi and Yamato. Kayla was at the back with Sora and Yolei. There were more people piling in. In short order, the whole group was there.

Yumi's cheeks got even redder, but she tried to control it, failing to do so. "Well, Yami-kun, when you say you're going to bring a few friends, I guess I should start thinking a few means thirty," she teased.

Yami-kun?! I'm slipping, let him not have noticed!

Yamato gave an innocent smile, "They followed me here, Mi-chan." He glanced at Takeru and his smile grew into a grin, "I see you've met my antisocial brother, Takeru."

Yumi raised an eyebrow at Takeru, "Antisocial. I can agree with that."

Takeru blushed.

The other Digidestin were staring at her in shock, aside from Taichi and Sora, they were amazed at how much she looked like Hikari. Taichi caught their eyes and nodded a 'no' to them. Their spirits dropped some, but then they all heard Yumi say, "Why don't we give them a mini-concert?'

Yamato looked thoughtful, but his eyes were playful, "Sure why not?

And so they did.

They had sung and sung their hearts out and Yumi had the last song. She stepped up to he stage and smiled out to the group, "It's been great to meet you all and I am really happy to give you a happy song." She turned to Ryan and nodded.

The music then, started up.

She sang again and finished up her mini concert. She chatted and got ready to leave. Just before she left, she grabbed Ryan.

"We need to talk," she whispered in his ear.

He nodded and grabbed his stuff. They left together and got in Yumi's car. Neither said a word, just listening to the radio for about ten minutes until Yumi pulled into a parking place at a near by park.

She killed the motor and opened the windows of the car. She turned to Ryan and twisted the jewel covered stone off her finger and handed it to Ryan, "Ryan, I need to give you this back."

Ryan looked at the ring for a bit and then smiled sadly, "I knew this would happen, as soon as I walked into the room earlier. I knew it. You still love him, don't you."

"Yes," Yumi nodded, sad that she had hurt him, "And I don't love you they way I do him. You're like an older brother to me, not really a lover."

Ryan looked her in the eyes, "I agree. We're too close friendship wise for a marriage to work."

Yumi stared at him, "You're so calm about this. Why?"

Ryan turned to look out the window, "I knew you didn't love me like you did him. I could tell in your kiss, touch, everything really. You changed when we came back here. It was evident, really."

Yumi nodded and turned the key in the engine and drove back to the hotel. It was silent the whole way. Neither knew what to say. So they said nothing at all.

Yumi parked and they both left the car, Yumi locking it and entered the building together. Just before they parted, Yumi turned to him, "Please, can we still be 'brother and sister', please." Ryan nodded and turned to his room.

He closed the door and moved to his bed. "Damn it," he hissed and punched his pillow.

Then it was silent.


In a place high above the clouds, a woman with dirty blonde hair sat on a cloud and watched all this play out between Yumi and Ryan.

"That was not suppose to happen," she growled. Her leathery black wings stretched in response to agitation. A raven next to her cawed, trying to calm her.

She turned green eyes to it, "Oh shut up!"

This demonic angel was ticked. No, beyond ticked.

Hikari was supposed to leave and never return and marry that stupid singer, but no. She has to come back and steal Takeru back.

She would not allow that to happen. Not after all her planning and watching.

She grinned and waved up a piece of paper and a pen. She scribbled on a piece of paper for a few minutes before blowing on it and folded it. She took a black box for right beside her and tied them together.

She turned to the crow and tied the package to its foot. "Take this to the angel's descendent. The one of light.

The crow flew off toward the direction of the girl and the woman laughed a demoic laugh.

Her name didn't mean dark goddess for nothing.

Her name was Kali for a reason.

No. It wouldn't end yet.

It was just beginning.

-End Chapter

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