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Chapter 1 : The lost and the found

Kagome happily lugged her overweight backpack to the bone eaters well, heaved it onto her shoulders, and hopped down the well. She was extremely excited today, she had finally earned enough money for her brand-new camera, and she couldn't wait to show it to her friends in the feudal era. In her excitement, Kagome stupidly forgot to zip her backpack. Unfortunately for her, Kagome's bike hit a bump in the road, and her camera sailed through the air to land in a very well placed bush in a clearing not too far from the god tree. When she got to Kaedes hut she started to search for the ramen she had promised to bring InuYasha, the currently absent hanyou. That is when she noticed she had forgotten to zip her backpack, and that's when she noticed her brand-new camera was missing. She sulkily sat down to search through her bag once more, hoping, she had simply made a mistake.

InuYasha ran through his forest at top speed. He new he shouldn't be upset or anything. It was just that he always became impatient whenever Kagome was back in her era. She was supposed to come back today, but that still didn't make him any less fidgety. So, to let off some steam, he was running through his forest, and contemplating his thoughts. He was so busy thinking, he didn't smell it when a familiar form stepped into his path. (A/N: I'll give you two guesses as to who it is.) InuYasha rammed into the person at full speed, and they both toppled to the ground at the force of the blow. Dusting himself off, InuYasha took a better look at who he had stumbled into. He wished they hadn't collided when he saw who it was.

"Koga...." InuYasha snarled. (A/N: heh heh, fooled you, didn't I? I bet at first you thought it would be Kikyo, Didn't chya?) InuYasha growled in a pitch so deep, that only he and Koga could hear it. Not that there was anyone else around to hear him growl any ways. Koga frowned at the site of the hanyou and retorted by growling back at him. That is, until Koga decided to have a little..... fun. "Hey dog boy, what's got you so pissed?" Said Koga, as he smirked in satisfaction that he had made the hanyou extremely pissed off. Which, of course, he had done just by simply appearing in the first place.

"What the hell are you doing here you mangy mutt."Responded InuYasha "I'd have figured you long dead by now. Or maybe ran away from all your battles and let the rest of your pathetic pack take care of any demons." InuYasha could tell that he had hypothetically dealt a hypothetically fatal hypothetical blow to the wolf demon. But then, Koga got that ' I have an idea that will really piss you off' type of look on his face.

"What do you think dog turd, I'm here to find my woman. After all, I'm not dumb enough to leave Kagome near you any longer than I have to." Koga was correct in his early assumptions that this would piss InuYasha off.

And InuYasha was more than pissed, He was furious. InuYasha snarled menacingly, and shouted so loud he nearly made himself deaf, "SHE"S NOT YOUR WOMAN !!!!"Koga, expecting this reaction, already had a comeback that was a little to perfect.

"Who's woman is she then? Yours? Don't make me laugh mutt face. You're just a pathetic weakling, a pathetic half breed." InuYasha would have normally killed anyone who insulted him about being a half breed by now, but this was different. He never really considered her thinking like that before, but what if all her talk about him being fine as he is was just a masquerade.

What if she really does think of me as a pathetic half breed? He thought as Koga continued at a leisurely pace toward the village. And who's woman is she really? Is it possibly if I haven't told her how I feel yet then she can't be mine... yet. But still, even until then, I sure as hell wont let that damn Koga have her. InuYasha was brought out of his stupor when he noticed a blinking red light hidden in the bushes.

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