Hey Everyone! Ok, This is really IMPORTANT so you MUST read it if you liked this story. Though it has been practically forever I would like to make a sequel to this story, but it will be what happens between the epilogue and the end of the story. But in order to make it, I need YOUR help. I must know, what is it that you liked about this one. your favorite parts, your least favorite, what I can improve on, and, if you think I should take a shot at some angst, which I have never really done before. Without reviews of your opinions and suggestions for the sequel, I wont be able to make it. Please, tell me your thoughts, and give me suggestions for a good title. I've actually decided NOT to put up the original song chapter cause I lost the sheet of paper with it on it. --v Anyways, if you liked this one, the sequel will be a blast, with new video clips of Naraku, Sesshomaru, Koga, Jaken, Rin, and Kikyo. All thrown into the mix. Plus, how they defeat Naraku. So send those reviews so I can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you all checked this out, I will tell you about an awesome author if you like to read angst and fluff. I don't actually know her personally, but I love her stories. SilverTailz is an awesome author and maybe more reviewers would get her to update sooner so check her out too! Damnit... I'm still a walking billboard, aren't I?