Summary: After the Digital World the gang split up. A few yrs later Tai & Matt come back to Obadai. They go to a BlackFire Casino and Matt is put into a private 10 minutes with a stripper room. That stripper turns out to be Sora! Will Matt be able to help her get her life back on track? Why is she like this anyway?

Note: The characters in here do NOT sound or act like the original characters but they will get that way, so either be patient and understanding or just leave and don't R&R! Thanx

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Now on with the fic.

Ch. 1

Welcome Home

As Matt and Tai drove into the parking lot to 'Weston Penthouses' they saw a blue low rider 'Dodge Dakota' truck. There were 4 guys in the bed of the truck. A chocolate haired guy with blue eyes...James. A Blonde with green eyes...Tucker. A black haired guy with hazel eyes...Chris. And last but not least of Matt's bandmembers a red head with green eyes...Tristan. Matt stepped out of his red Ferrari his blonde shaggy hair rustling with the wind. His blue eyes glimmered with life. Tai stepped out of the car his hair ruffling when the wind passed it by. His hazel eyes shining with excitement. This was their first time home in five years. They were eighteen now. They were taller and much more handsomer.

"Hey Tai, Matt welcome back" Chris greeted while shaking hands with both of them.

"Yeah, it's good to be back." Matt remarked.

"Well, since you guys are here and so nice to be the welcoming committee I think it would be right if you helped us move in and unpack!" Tai stated.

Everyone groaned and hopped out of the truck, hugging and shaking hands with their longly missed friends. All the band members said hi. Right then a Uhaul truck pulled up.

"And there's our stuff." Tai said.

Everyone moaned and sighed. "We were hoping it would get a flat tire." Tucker mumbled.

"I heard that!" Matt said.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

1 ½ later

"Hey Tai, Matt" James yelled.

"Ya" the two boys shouted.

"Since we've helped you move in I think you should go partying with us to return the favor." James yelled back.

"You thought we'd object to an invitation to a're more of an idiot then I thought you were." Tai stated walking into the living room.

Everyone sighed. "Where are we going?" Matt asked.

"BlackFire Casino" Tristan remarked.

Tai and Matt raised an eyebrow. "Now you've got our attention." Tai said.

"You can gamble there, enjoy some female company, and drink!" Tucker said getting all exited.

"Sounds good" Tai said.

"Uhh...I guess." Matt said.

"Great, we leave now!" Tucker said basically lunging himself towards the door.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

BlackFire Casino

Matt, Tai, James, Tristan, Chris, and Tucker all walked into the sound of 'Darling Nikki' by the 'Foo Fighters'. Matt got a beer, as did everyone else. He took a look around at all the gamblers, druggies, alcoholics, and stripper/poll dancers. It'd been awhile since Matt had been with a girl. He wasn't completely objecting to this place the gambling was fun, the beer was good, and the company was well...ok.

"Hey Matt c'mon enjoy yourself." James yelled slightly drunk.

"Well, I'm not heavy on cash at the time, I had a beer, and well ya." Matt stated.

"Come with me, I'll get you fixed up" James said with a slight smirk.

Matt followed James to a dark room. James placed a hundred-dollar bill into a machine and he sat Matt down in a chair.

"Enjoy you should get at least ten minutes of heaven" James said walking out of the room and shutting the door.

And that's when it happened, the music came on to 'Bad Girls', and the curtain went up and revealed......


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