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Chapter One: Entrance and Exit

Monday has got to be the worst day of the week, Emily thought as she heavily dropped her schoolbag to the floor and threw her coat on top of it. First day back to school off the weekend and they give us twenty freakin' pounds of homework!

Emily's angry mumbling was followed a long, incessant stream of curse words.

She wasn't always like this. Today had just been a really horrible day. Or, worse than usual, anyway. According to Emily, any day but the weekend was awful, but she had awesome friends who generally agreed with her and they usually helped her bear them. Usually. Today had not been one of those days, which was why Emily was now lying spread-eagled on her unmade bed, glaring at her ceiling.

Going back over the day's events in her mind, she began to think that maybe she was overreacting slightly, although it is completely justified to be angry at the world when your friends ditch you on purpose and pretend they aren't aware of the fact (this happened quite frequently, but she had been extremely aggravated already), and you fail one test and get a B on another. And she could probably look forward to a letter from her dumbass principal in the next week because her grades were suddenly dropping ever so slightly.

Calmer, but still fuming, Emily sighed, rolled off her bed, and stomped her way into the bathroom. Stepping into the hot and steaming shower soothed her battered personal ego immediately, and gave her more time to console herself and defend her teacher's causes. Still, she'd never been happier to get out of school.

Twenty wonderfully long minutes later, the shower was turned off, and she stepped out and began to towel herself off. Right at that moment, the telephone rang. She quickly wrapped herself in her towel and ran to get it, but forgetting about the water on the floor, slipped and fell hard, falling in a tangled heap and hitting the back of her head on the (very hard and very flat) bathroom floor. "Ooooohhhhhh". The pain was excruciating and getting up was impossible. Had she busted a nerve falling like that?

Oww. Maybe I'll just...lie here for a second.... The pain still wasn't going away, and stars, actual stars, danced and glittered in front of Emily's eyes. That had never happened before.... Something was wrong.

Before that thought was complete, Emily's head gave a violent throb. The ringing of the telephone faded, and the whole world swam into black.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

Meanwhile, at the same moment in another time, Frodo Baggins narrowly escaped being shoved headfirst into a snowdrift outside the Green Dragon. His cousins, Peregrin and Meriadoc, had drunkenly decided that it would be extremely funny if Frodo, "that stiff-collared, gentlemanly bastard of a relative", got flung out of the bar just for being there.

"And don't come back, you miserable sod!" Those two. How he'd ever gotten related to them was beyond his comprehension. Frodo, smiling in spite of himself, dusted himself off and began to trudge home.

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