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Treasure Buried Deep Within

A Yu Yu Hakusho x Inuyasha crossover

Summary: Shuuichi Minamino is through with the Spirit Detectives, so he thinks. He is now starting graduate school doing archeological research about items that once would have sparked Youko's thieving nature. His research partner is Kagome Higurashi and her obsession with the Shikon no Tama is contagious.

Chapter One:

Shuuichi Minamino looked back down at his college senior ring while he continued to drive his jeep to the site. He was about to meet his research partner. All he knew was that the last name of the individual was Higurashi. Hopefully it wasn't some short, pencil pushing, wimpy guy. He really didn't want to have to deal with any more of those types after spending three years at Tokyo University in the most advanced courses offered being the only one there not in that category.

He smiled as he remembered how proud his mother was of him for graduating Summa Cum Laude. His perfect 4.0 grade point average tarnished by that one blasphemous C he had earned in an Archery kinesiology class. Who would have thought it would be so hard to aim a little stick at a big red circle?

It had been four long years since Koenma had requested his help for anything in the Spirit World. He smiled as the sandy hills of the West coast of Turkey passed by. He didn't know much about this Higurashi fellow, but knew that he too had graduated from a top of the line university in three years with a bachelors in ancient archeological studies. Now they both were earning a masters degree in that same subject.

Shuuichi's inner Kitsune was only appeased now-a-days when the prospect of hunting ancient, obscure treasures was waved under his nose. His days as Kurama, the Spirit Detective were over. As a result, it was getting harder and harder to control his alter personality, Youko Kurama.

As he pulled the jeep up to the front of the digging site he noticed that there was only one other vehicle. It was still early, as a matter of fact, the sun had only risen about half an hour ago and no one was expected to be here until an hour from then.

He grabbed his satchel and tossed it over his shoulder as he locked his jeep and went in search of the other archeologist. He didn't have to look long when he stumbled across someone sitting with their back against the recently excavated dwellings. They were wearing very loose fitting clothing, a baseball cap, and a pair of hiking boots, their attention was drawn to the rising sun.

They seemed to notice him as he approached and removed their hat that obscured their view. Kurama dropped his satchel at the unexpected sight of the sapphire eyes and long obsidian tresses that cascaded down her back as a beautiful smile seemed to light up his world.

She stood before him and extended her hand. "Hi, my name is Kagome Higurashi. You must be Shuuichi Minamino." Kagome smiled at him and he shook her hand firmly, trying to calm the unsteady beat of his heart when he felt that electric connection from when their skin touched.

Looking completely calm on the exterior, he flashed her a heart stopping smile of his own. "It is a pleasure, Higurashi-san. Please call me Kurama."

Kagome frowned at the odd name but a smile quickly masked her confusion. "No need for the formalities then. Call me Kagome. Why do you go by Kurama?" She inquired, finding it would make a very odd middle name to fit between Shuuichi and Minamino.

"It's just something my close friends in high school used to call me. No one else is allowed to use it, but I figure if we're going to be working so close with each other you might as well use it too." Kurama replied as he finally realized they were still holding hands, though they had ceased shaking a while ago. He retracted his appendage as if it were burned.

Kagome looked down at her hand in puzzlement before quickly placing it behind her back. "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Kurama. Would you like me to tell you what we've started to uncover?"

Kurama's emerald eyes shown with a brief burst of excitement at the suggestion before recovering and appearing as calm gemstones. "Yes, I believe that would be a good idea."

Kagome grinned at him, obviously thrilled at what she was about to share. "I must warn you, in college I focused mostly on Japanese history, but just recently became fascinated with some of the greater wars that have been fought during the history of mankind."

"Have you already read Homer's tale?" Kurama inquired, having a feeling that he knew where this line of thought was headed.

"I admit I only read the book The Iliad because I heard about the filming of the movie." Her smile grew as her sapphire eyes locked with his emerald ones. "I believe we found some pieces of the wooden horse."

"Seriously? They were preserved?" Kurama asked with a slight sense of disbelief. Normally wood would only be preserved after so long in an arid climate, while modern day Turkey was far from humid, this site was near the coast. The salty sea didn't speak well for preservation of such perishable items.

Kagome nodded excitedly. "By all counts all the wood should have been consumed in the fires that destroyed the city, but it makes sense with all the sand that some of the flames wouldn't destroy everything. After the pieces were buried under the pile of ruble they were protected from the elements. We both know the city was abandoned shortly after the great battle."

Kurama rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he allowed his gaze to drift towards the beach that was a few miles away. The Kitsune in him was excited at finding a piece of history. The battle of Troy took place long before even he was born. He respected such artifacts even though he preferred jewels to dead trees. As a matter of fact, if it was a living tree he wouldn't mind so much. Perhaps he could speak with the spirit of the deceased tree. He shook his head at the idea.

"Hurry up, you don't have time to stare off into space. You and I are only going to be working on this site for a little over a week before we get sent to some Mayan ruins," Kagome told him as she tugged on his sleeve to gain his attention. "There is rumor that treasures still lie deep within those American tombs."

With that bit of information offered, Kurama followed her. He could feel the excitement of Youko driving him on to explore the mysteries of the past left behind to endure the elements of the Earth.