Hey everyone!  This is my first Troy fic, but hopefully I can think of more!  I really was interested in the storyline of Briseis and Achilles, so this story goes into a little more detail, and has an alternate ending to the film version.  It starts right away after Briseis has been captured.  (I actually haven't seen the movie yet, so if I'm totally off, please tell me so in your review! Thanks!)

Oh, and I don't own anything from Troy besides a few of the warriors names.

'this is a thought'

"this is speech"

            'What have I done?….  What crime-what hateful, sinful crime could I have done to make you punish me in such a way Apollo?…  It is no matter.  It is easy to see he has condemned me for some evil…  Perhaps it was my brief hate filled thoughts on Helen….  There is naught I can do now but to pray that I am killed swiftly by these men.  What use they could possibly find for me I do not know, but if I am to be killed in front of my own kin by Achilles, as I had heard earlier, then I shall die with the dignity of a warrior.  I only hope that it does not bring pain for my cousins to see my death…  These barbarians wish to show their strength by killing the innocent, so be it.'

            "Brave thoughts from such a quiet girl.  Her heart is lonely.  I can see it through all her courage.  She doesn't want to die, and yet she accepts death.  She wants to go back to her humble life.  She wishes to return to her beloved Apollo, the only one it seems she loves and yet has never met him.  Foolish Briseis!  You care so greatly for those around you, that you have left your own heart to perish."  Aphrodite contemplated the situation that was unfolding before her.  "If she will not listen to her heart, then I shall make her!"  The conniving goddess atop Mt. Olympus gave an evil laugh at her own genius.  She had grown bored from all the comings and goings of this silly war.  So much hate.  It could really get on ones nerves especially when you are the goddess of love.

            'Bartering over my life, this is what I have succumbed to?  Being tossed over to different men as if I am a satchel of breadcrumbs.  I have not even used my legs in days.  I fear if I try to run, then I will fall…  I wonder, which of these dirty scoundrels is Achilles?  No, he would not be here.  He thinks too highly of himself.'

            "What in the gods' names is creating such noise?!"  Achilles demanded, sparing no expense to get across the point of his annoyance.  He trudged to the center of the battlefield where Briseis was being fought over as if she were property to own.  'Oh no.  Not another captive.  Do they have no decency whatsoever?  I can admit to enjoying my share of pleasurable company, but it has its limits.' 

            He passed straight into the center of the circle.  Without a single word to anyone, he picked up the girl, who seemed to be unconscious.  The man, Noptimus, who has taken momentary ownership over her called after him.  "Give 'er back Achilles!  You ruin our fun!  You'll 'ave ta fight fer 'er if you ant 'er!"

Achilles rolled his eyes with his back turned.  Holding Briseis over his shoulder with one arm, he reached for his knife with the other.  Achilles always kept this knife hidden away in his breastplate in case any of the warriors acted up.  Barely making a turn, he threw it with accuracy that screamed with the skill from years of practice.  He hit just at the gap between armor on the shoulder.  Not even with a second glance, he turned toward his tent.

            'Oh of all the things to see when one awakes!  A warrior- no!  I mustn't put the picture in my mind.  I cannot even think it.  Let us just say, my pure eyes have never seen such sin.  He must have though of me as being asleep, or he would never have removed his armor and such in front of me.  Oh, there the picture is again!

            Achilles had thought she was still unconscious.  He lowered his battle-worn body into the bath that had been waiting for him before he straightened out the 'disturbance.'  His eyes, sharpened by war, detected the girl he had already forgotten in the corner.  Prepared for a possible ambush, he jumped from the basin to reach for his sword.

            Briseis released a cry when the blade of the sword touched her delicate neck.  His face relaxed.  "So you are awake?" he asked the obvious question.  Her answer was a gasp at his unclothed body, covering her eyes, and turning away.  He raised an eyebrow but it quickly fell, and he grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist.  "What's your name?" he inquired as if nothing ever happened.  She slowly turned her face back.  Achilles reached forward to brush the hair from her face.  She fumed at this.  Briseis reared back and hand and slapped him across the face with all her might.

            'Now I've done it.'  The only thing she could think of was to run.  She stood uneasily and ran to the leather flap door.  She was followed closely by Achilles.

            Briseis swung around the outside of Achilles' tent and grasped a support pole.  Her heart pounded faster than a newborn rabbit's.  It shrieked for a rest, but she dared not stop more than a few moments for she knew Achilles would not go through the day without someone to wait on his every whim, as she figured that is what she would be used for.

            Indeed, shortly after this thought, Briseis heard the clank of his metal clad boots.  'Some warrior he must be, I could have heard his steps from one of the far off tents.'  In any case, she swiftly moved around to the other side of the tent.

            Achilles was nothing like what Briseis had expected.  He seemed kind from what she had heard so far, and it was her guess that he was the one who rescued her from the humiliation on the battlefield.  She had thought of him as an ugly bulky brute, but he was nothing of the sort.  Dare she even say handsome?  'No!  Men are evil, I have devoted myself to Apollo, he is the only man I will ever need!'

            'This man is terrible.  This brutal killer is against everything I stand for.'  She reassured herself.  'He is the one who attacked my cousin's armies.  He disgusts me!  Then why does my heart flutter so?  I've heard so much of his cold-hearted killings; I thought he was not capable of caring for anyone besides himself.  Why then, does it seem that he does care for another, me?'

            The sound of Achilles' feet had finally stopped.  Briseis slowly looked over to the front of the tent to find no one.  She released a silent sigh of relief as she crept back to the front of the tent.  'Achilles must have gone to look for me elsewhere.'  No sooner had the thought crossed her mind, when a large, metal object hit her square in the face…

Teaser: (hehehe, I love to tease you!)

            "Careful of your words priestess, not many men in this camp would show you as much compassion as I."

            "Care would be wasted on you."

As you can see, there is a lot of thinking in this, hmmm.  I think right now they're thinking about how long it took me to type this….  Anyways, so far it's almost the same as the movie, like I said, I haven't seen it but I've heard about it.  So, don't hurt me!  It'll change, cuz I can't make the "loving" scenes as "passionate."  Sorry, no lemons, I'm upholding the PG rating!  Please read and review!