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It was a cold rainy day for all those who had gathered in the New Gotham Cemetery for Wade Brickstone's funeral. Helena and Dinah were trying to comfort Barbara who was mourning the loss of her beloved Wade. As the minister was finishing up, the people started walking up to Wade's family to give their condolences.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Dinah asked Barbara as she continued the people walking towards Mrs. Brickstone.

"I'm doing this for Wade." Helena and Dinah watched as Barbara made her way to Wade's mother.

"Somehow everything seems more real now then it did before. I just can't believe he's really gone." Dinah looked at Helena and saw her teary eyes. "Are you ok?"

"This is all my fault. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be for Barbara."

"Helena, this wasn't your fault. We've been over this. You are not responsible for Wade's death."

"It's not that easy."


"Mrs. Brickstone?"


"I am so very sorry for your loss."

"Thank you. It means so much that you came."

"Of course. Wade was an amazing guy. I really cared for him."

"I just don't understand how this happened!"


The school bell rang and Dinah made her way to her seat. Miss Andrews asked everyone to take their seats. "We have a new student joining us today. Everyone, please welcome Cade Mathews."

I tall brunette wearing black jeans and a t-shirt with a chain around his waist walked in.

He looked around the classroom and as he made eye contact with Dinah for a split second, her heart skipped a beat.


"Hey Dinah!" Dinah turned around and saw her best friend, Gabby catching up.

"Hey Gabby, what's up?"

"Did you meet the new kid. He's got this whole punker thing going on. I think his name is Cade." She saw the blush come on Dinah's cheeks at the mention of his name. "Oh, I didn't know you had a thing for punker boys." She smirked at her.

"I don't!"

"Yeah right. I saw that look."

Dinah was about to ask 'what look?' when Cade walked up to her. "Dinah, right?

"Um.. yeah, yeah. That's me, Dinah."

"Hi, I'm Cade." He offered his hand and Dinah shook it.

"Hi!" There was a long silence as she felt herself drawn to Cade's dark blue eyes. Then suddenly she was broken out of whatever spell she had been under by Gabby's words.

"And I'm Gabby."

"Hi Gabby, " Cade smiled at her.

Then Gabby directed her attention back to Dinah. "So are we still on for the movies tonight?"

"Totally. I haven't had a night off in so long."

"It was Great to meet you Cade. Catch ya later D," Gabby said with a wave then turned to wink at Dinah. Dinah watched Gabby walk away. She looked back at Cade and felt herself being pulled into his eyes again.


Late after noon in the clock tower, Dinah was about to head out when Barbara caught up with her.

"Dinah? Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the movies with Gabby. Remember? I have the afternoon off. I'll be back later for sweeps.

"Hey, do you know where Helena is?"

"I don't know. Maybe at the park making out with Jesse!' Dinah started giggling.

"Making out?" Barbara felt like she was missing.

"Yeah, it's what couples do these days?"

"Couples?" Now she knew she was missing something.

"Oh! You didn't know?"

"How did this happen? When did this happen?" Barbara felt left out and a little mad at Helena that she hadn't told her this.

"Sometime after the New Gotham fashion show."

"That's almost two weeks. How comeI didn't know anything about it?"

"Maybe she thought that this wasn't the right time to tell you something like that. After all you're still mourning Wade. Plus I think she still feels a little guilty about that."

"She shouldn't. She's not responsible. I don't believe this. Helena and Jesse are actually going out?"

"Yeah. But we all knew something was bound to happen between those two sooner or later." They both start laughing.

"That's true."


As Helena served the already drunken customer another glass of beer she thought to herself: Kind of ironic how during my day job I get people drunk and during my night job, I get to beat the crap out of people that are doing crime who most of the time happen to be drunk!

"Uh miss? Can I get a refill?" asked the guy at the bar that was so drunk he could barely keep his head up.

"Actually I think I should call you a cab." Leonard sees the young bartender trying to chase away customers and rushes in.

"Helena, this young man has had a very bad day and he wants to drown his sorrows with alcohol and guess what? This is bar, we sell alcohol! Why would you drive the customer away?" He turned to point at the guy when they see him slumping over the bar unconscious.

"Just thought I'd save you the trouble of cleaning him up." Helena winked at him and walked to the counter to another customer.


Helena changed after her shift and walked out of the bar. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Jesse leaning against his car holding a single red rose.

"Hey," he said as he got up and walked towards her.

"Back at ya," she replied with a smile. He handed her the rose and kissed her on the cheek.


Back in the clock tower Barbara had been grading tests when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Miss Gordon? This is Gabby. Is Dinah there?"

"Wasn't she suppose to meet you at the movies?"

"Yeah, about an hour ago but she never showed up."

Barbara's heart sank. What could've happened to her? "Thank you for calling Gabby. I'll try to find out where she is." She hung up the phone and rolled straight towards the computers. "Dinah? Dinah, come in." When she didn't get a response from her young protégé she contacted Helena. "Helena, report to the clock tower immediately!" She started tracking Dinah's signal and it ended up being at the New Gotham Park. "Don't tell me she ran into a cute boy and decided to go to the park and make out." Barbara just wondered out loud.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened and Helena came rushing in. "What's going on? What's wrong?"

"That was fast."

"Your voice sounded urgent. Now what's wrong?"

"Oh Dinah's not answering her comm."

"Well it's her night off. She probably just turned it off so you wouldn't interrupt her partying all night long. So why were you trying to reach her?"

"She was suppose to meet Gabby at the movies an hour ago but she never did."


Barbara just notices the rose in Helena's hand and a smirk comes on her face. "So who's the rose from?"

"Oh. Um...No one?

"Does this 'no one' by any chance happen to be a detective?"

"Oh, you know?"

"Yeah Dinah told me."

"Speaking of, I should probably go try to find her."

"Oh yeah. Her signal is at the New Gotham Park."

"She probably met a cute guy and went there to make out with him." Barbara chuckled. They had been working together for so long that they had started to even think the same way.


I can't believe this is happening! I can't believe he's evil. Why do all cute guys have to be evil? And I can't believe I almost fell for him. I can't believe I'm kidnapped! Dinah struggled to free herself from the chair she was tied to but couldn't. She was also blindfolded so she had no idea that she was in an abandoned building. Her head hurt from the rock Cade had hit her with at the park or at least it felt like it had been hit by a rock! Her mind was too foggy and she couldn't concentrate, she'd probably been drugged. She had been on her way to meet gabby when she'd ran into Cade.

The door to the abandoned building opened and Cade walked in. "Sorry Dinah. I don't really have a choice. I have my orders."

"From who?"


Huntress had gone to the park to look for Dinah. "Oracle come in!"

"I copy you Huntress. What's going on?"

"I found Dinah's comm. set. She's not here. I'm worried."

"You should be," said a very familiar voice from behind her. Huntress turned around and was stunned to see who was standing there: The Crawler. Although a more menacing looking one.

"You! You're suppose to be locked up in Arkham. How did you get out?"

"Now that's not important. What is important is that I'm out and as I recall we have some unfinished business." He started walking toward her.

"Where's Dinah? If she's hurt, you're going to pay for it!" Helena walked back as he walked forward. Something about him seemed different. He was different than the last time they met. He seemed more powerful, more evil. It somehow scared her. Crawler noticed the fright in her eyes and started laughing. He stopped and looked at her.

"She's fine but not for long. So how are things going with the great detective? It is him you're falling in love with right?" A huge smirk came on his face. "I think I'll kill him first just to see your pain and then finish you off."

"I won't let you hurt him or anyone else!"

"How are you going to do that? You're already too late to save Dinah. Pretty soon you'll see everyone you love die and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why shouldn't I do this? I had everything I loved taken away from me. Tell me, why should anyone else be happy when I'm miserable?"

"Because the world doesn't revolve around you! You don't get to decide who gets to be happy and who gets to be miserable. Why should other people pay for something that happened to you?"

He got more frustrated by every word Helena spoke. "It's not about paying. It's about realizing the truth. Love doesn't bring happiness! All it brings is misery and pain! People need to understand that! You need to understand that!"

"Just because you got burned doesn't mean you can play God with people's lives!"

" We'll see!"

"Huntress! I got a lead on Dinah's location," Oracle called over the comm.

"I don't have time for this but we'll meet again and until then you better crawl under a rock and stay there." Helena started running. Crawler started laughing.

"You can go to the rescue but you'll be too late. Or you'll be just in time to say Goodbye!"


Helena raced across the rooftops to the abandoned factory across town where one of Gibson's regulars had seen Dinah with a very shady teenage guy. Dinah had been going to Gibson's so often that almost every meta in town knew her.

"Are you ok?" Barbara asked over the comm. She had a hint of worry in her voice. She was worried about how Helena felt about facing the man that had almost killed her a year ago.

"I'm just great. What do you know about Crawler breaking out?" Helena tried to change the subject. She didn't want Barbara to know she was a little shaken.

"Apparently he didn't. He was released..." Barbara looked at the computer screen a little confused.

"Released? How did that happen?"

"A few moths ago he was transferred to a clinic out of town. And I'll give you three guesses as who assigned him there."

"Harley," Helena said with rage building up inside of her."

"Yeah, and this clinic isn't your normal rehab center. They were doing research on Metahuman!"

"Great! More people that want to kill us. All right I'm at the abandoned building. We'll continue this later, after we rescue Dinah."


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