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A few minutes later at the Park

Helena arrived at the park and she found Jesse unconscious on a bench. She rushed to his side. "Jesse! Jesse wake up!" Her eyes changed into fighting mode as she sensed someone behind her. She quickly turned around and stopped the attacker from hitting her with a metal pipe. She took the pipe fro him and pushed him into a tree. He hit the tree and fell on the ground. Helena looked him up and down and said, "Looks like a punk, fights like a punk, " He tried to stand up but his head spin and he fell back down. 'Oh yeah, he's definitely a punk! Oracle?"

"What's happening Huntress?" came Barbara's voice over the comm. set.

"I found the punk." Helena heard a groan from the bench, She walked towards it and say Jesse open his eyes. "Have a nice nap detective?" She had on one of her famous smirks.

"Yeah right!" He rubbed his neck and stood up. He looked at Cade who was sitting next to tree looking at the ground. "So what are you gonna do with him?"

"I dunno yet. Oracle what do we do with the punk?"

Meanwhile back at the clock tower

"Don't be too hard on him!" Dinah just yelled out.

Barbara and Alfred stared at her and Helena's voice came over the speaker, "What? He knocked you unconscious and kidnapped you and worked with Crawler to kill us and now u don't want anything to happen to him?"

"Well, he doesn't seem like the criminal type. I bet Crawler threatened him to help him!"

At the Park Helena was deep in thought. Something seemed very odd about what Dinah said. Then she remembered that Crawler said 'He got to you didn't he?' at the clock tower. Could it be possible he meant this punk? Is Dinah in love with this kid? She walked up to the Cade and grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Jesse walked up behind. "Where you working with Crawler?"

Cade just nodded his head and refused to look up at Helena.

"Why?" Jesse asked.

"He killed my parents and kidnapped my younger sister. He said if I didn't work with him he would kill her."

"Do you have any idea where he could be keeping her?" Helena asked

"No" he replied and shook his head. Tears were beginning to form in his eyes. "I never wanted to hurt Dinah or any of you guys, I swear!"

"It's ok. Calm down. We'll figure out something." Helena patted his shoulder.

Back at the clock tower

As soon as Dinah had heard about Cade's sister a thought had come into her mind. The only on who knew her whereabouts was Crawler and they still had him tied up and unconscious at the clock tower. She walked up to him cautiously and gently touched his hand. Flashes of Cade's parent's death came into her mind. And then she saw a little girl who she assumed was Cade's sister. Crawler was dragging her into a white truck. She saw that it was an ice cream truck. Then she saw a flash of a street sign. 'Rose Hill' She removed her hand and rushed towards Barbara and Alfred. "I know where he was keeping her. In an Ice Cream truck on Rose Hill!"

"How do you know that?" Barbara asked.

"I read his mind. How else?"

"Ok we'll discuss your punishment for that later. Helena? We have a location on his sister. She's in an ice cream truck on Rose Hill."

At the park

"An ice cream truck on Rose Hill?" Helena repeated.

Jesse looked at her and said "Wait, hold on! I'm remembering something about that. Yesterday someone dropped off a 6 year old girl. They said they found her wondering on Rose Hill."

"Where is she now?" Cade asked happily.

"She's at the Children's ward in New Gotham Hospital. She's fine though so don't worry."

Cade's face lit up.

"So now the question is what to do with you." Helena crossed her arms and looked t the boy.