A Short Incident

By Skye Dragon

Skye's Ramblings: Heh, this was actually meant to be a one-page comic, but I couldn't make the drawing good enough to satisfy myself.  So here it is as a very short (and hopefully humorous) one-shot.  Maybe I'll finish the comic-version someday.  If you like this, then I have another short one that will probably be out in a few days. 

            It was a book that held him too captivated to notice anything else around him, which was normal for Edward.  Winry knew that, so she wasn't surprised when he nearly jumped at her touch. 

            "Winry?"  He blinked owlishly up at her from his position on the floor.  Behind him, his younger brother twisted on the couch to look on.   

            The blonde girl smiled and offered a lumpy shopping bag to him.  "Here, this is yours."

            His hands came up to accept the bundle, even as the questioning tilt to his eye-brows remained.  "Oh?  What is it?"  He peered into the bag,"Clothes?"

            Winry's smile never faded.  "Yep, all yours now.  I figured you could use something in your wardrobe that wasn't black."  She winked.

            "Oh, thanks."  Ed hesitated, unsure exactly what Winry was getting at.  She'd become a bit strange lately, saying one thing while expecting them to know she really meant something else.  Al was of the opinion that it was a girl-thing.  Ed just thought Winry was going a little bit further into her weirdness.  She was already a little weird to start due to her automail obsession--perhaps this was just her weirdness growing.  At any rate, Ed returned her smile, if a little uncertainly, and took the bundle with him to the bedroom he shared with his brother.

            On the couch, Al shifted, causing his armored body to clang softly.  "That was kind of you to buy clothes for brother, but you didn't have to."

            The smile Winry turned on Alphonse was a sheepish one.  She gave a short, nervous sort of laugh, "Oh no, it's okay, Al, really."

            But Al was not reassured. "Still, I know you don't make that much money with your work shop to be wasting it.  Perhaps brother should pay you back?"

            "No, it's okay."  Winry hesitated and then glanced around the room once as if to make sure no one was listening. Then in a lower voice she explained, "You can't tell Ed this because he'd get mad, but I didn't actually buy those clothes for him.  They're some things of mine that shrunk in the wash.  Ed's probably the only one small enough to wear them now."

            Although Winry had admitted this to reassure Al, it made him panic instead.  "You- You gave brother your clothes?  But you're a GIRL!"

            Winry scowled at him.  "So kind of you to notice."  Then she struck him in the chest with her fist.  The sound echoed dully in the hollow armor.  "Listen, I only gave him some t-shirts and socks and things.  Nothing girly, so you don't need to panic.  Okay?"

            Al hesitated, considering it, then nodded.  "Okay."

            It wouldn't be until an hour later when Al stumbled into the shared bedroom and found Ed collapsed on the floor with blood still trickling from his nose and a pair of silky black panties clutched in white-knuckled fists that he would realize how wrong Winry was.


The author comes running by in a dead panic with Ed close on her heels, his automail arm transmuted into the blade and screaming at the top of his lungs, "WHO'S SO SHORT HE'LL SHRINK IN THE WASH??!?"

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