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Light's Sojourn

Prologue: In the arms of Darkness

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Pairings: YY/Y, R/YB, and M/YM. Any others are still in debate and will be decided later on.

Yami to Yugi

{Yugi to Yami}

Nestled amidst silken sheets of a stone chamber in the heart of a place known only as the Shadow Realm, the dark spirit known as Yami stared upon his smaller lover. A fragile and beautiful creature that was the most precious and guarded of his possessions. A little one who could look upon his deep crimson with the purest amethyst and never know the fear that so many others did. Someone who loved him for who and what he was, even when he had to handle matters in less than pleasant methods.

To him, that made all the difference and thanks to that trait, there was nothing in the world mattered as much as the delicate little one that he held in his arms. For this creature, so pure and innocent, he would give anything to bring happiness to. For in doing so, he would bring joy to his dark and pathetic world enough that it would ease the sorrow that being a shadow often brought.

Then again, that was how it was supposed to be, wasn't it? The darkness, composed of loneliness, the unknown, fear, and perhaps a touch of evil in the eyes of some, was supposed to yearn for something that could bring relief. That relief was found in the innocence of darkness's opposite, the light. Light would relieve darkness's pain and in return, the darkness would provide and protect.

And provide and protect he did. Whatever his little light wanted, then the darkness would get it for him. If it were to be a kingdom, then he would slaughter legions of nobility to create one for his light to reign upon. If his light didn't want something like that and instead desired riches, then he would put all his other resources to the test in order to bring the greatest jewels, platinum, gold, and silver for his light's eyes to feast upon. This and more, if it would bring even the smallest of smiles to his light's face.

Thankfully, the light was never so vain as to want all of these things. His light was an extremely humble creature that preferred the simpler things that life had to offer. He would rather spend his time out in a garden picking flowers or just being in the arms of his lover as they sat in each other's company.

The latter, undoubtedly, was also among the dark one's favorite activities as well. He loved being able to hold his little light, to feel the soft strands of his hair against strong hands as they stroked blended gold, crimson and ebony. To know the sensation of aroused shivers as he caressed the pliant and alabaster skin that so often blushed at his tender touch. To kiss those sweet, intoxicating lips whose taste always drove his senses wild beyond reason.

Just the thought of such things immediately aroused the dark and made him wish that his little light were awake now. Then he would have a chance to do all of those things and more. Sadly, he knew that wasn't possible no matter how much he might want it to be. If his aibou were awake right now, then he wouldn't be able to watch the little one lying in peace and he would be depriving his loved one of his much needed rest.

So just contented himself with knowing that once his aibou was awake and alert, then they would be able to do everything as he wished. His light would certainly have nothing to complain about then. He never did. He always complied with the wishes of his darkness when they were alone in their chambers, just as the former complied with his in everything else.

A small whimper drew him out of his reverie and caused him to seek out the source that was closer than one might expect. Next to him, the little one he held whimpered lightly in his sleep. Tossing and turning every now and then, he unconsciously sought to evade whatever distressed him by burrowing deeper into his yami's embrace.

It didn't take even a moment for him to figure out just what was happening. His little hikari was caught in a bad dream yet again, something that irked and worried Yami to no end. It was beyond him where these unexpected visions came from. He certainly never allowed the little one to look upon such things that would upset him so much. He knew the effects that these would have upon a delicate psyche and took great pains to even remove their knowledge from his precious one's daily life. Something that he impressed upon everyone in his service to do, which most obeyed without question.

Those that didn't, well, it was best to say that they met with the nastiest side of Yami's temper. Exactly what his temper led him to do to the offenders was mostly unknown to anyone but Yami, since no one really survived long enough to tell the tale afterwards. The only things that were known about the situation is that it often tended to be lengthy and extremely brutal.

When it came to dealing with his hikari on a personal basis, Yami was anything but brutal. With him, the dark spirit was always gentle but stern when necessary. Something he demonstrated unconsciously as he cradled the little one against his chest and started to rock them both back and forth in an effort to soothe him. It was a motion that he had had to do on many occasions, so there was no flaw in his movements as he continued with his task. And soon, with an added bit of gentle coaxing on his part, he would have more than the desired effect.

With the delicateness of a butterfly, he proceeded to kiss the little one with a tenderness only the most devoted of lovers could hope to possess. He started at the forehead, brushing away golden bangs so that he might touch the silken skin beneath with his lips. From there, he moved down to the pale cheeks and tender skin of the neck. When these were touched, he felt familiar shivers of pleasure run through both him and the little one.

He went no further than that for the moment. If he did, then it most likely lead to him losing control and actually waking his hikari so that they could play a 'game'. So again, he just contented himself with continually kissing his hikari's face and neck for the moment.

Yet despite all the tender and loving motions that Yami had given him, the little one still remained caught in whatever nightmare was tormenting. It wasn't as extreme as some of the others that Yami had sensed in him before. This was considered somewhat mild compared to those. But it was still enough to cause him distress and that in turn caused Yami distress because his light was upset.

He wasn't exactly sure just what his hikari was seeing at the moment, though he could have if he really wanted to. Thanks to their strong bond, it was relatively easy for Yami to peer into his hikari's inner thoughts whenever he wished. With this, he could understand everything about his lighter counterpart and his psyche even before the little one could.

This was an advantage in itself, but one that Yami did not often employ. He knew that hikaris were very trusting creatures that saw the decency in all beings and that they could forgive almost anything done to them. But break their trust, even once, and it would be enough to make them wary for the rest of eternity. For a yami, the one who was connected so deeply with a hikari, that was not a scenario that one wished into existence.

So Yami only used this tactic when there was no other open option. And since prying into a bad dream really didn't merit him doing that, no matter how much he might want to, this was a time that he would have to rely on other methods to help him figure out what was wrong. One these, actually one of the more effective ones, was a bit similar to peering into his hikari's mind but involved only words and emotions flowing through their link.

Shh. It's all right, little hikari. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just a dream, nothing more. It can't hurt you. I promise it won't, he whispered gently into his lover's mind.

These silent words, as they did in many situations, helped to bring a final calm over the little one once his drowsy mind heard them. The last few pained whimpers he had been emitting were finally silenced and were replaced by a sense of content and trust that radiated along the mental link they shared. This in turn brought relief to Yami's own mind, which he sent back without hesitation along with every ounce of affection that he could muster.

The affection was returned just as readily by the little one, who was now starting to partially wake. He stirred again against the one that held him. A pair of eyes opened halfway to reveal deep amethyst that looked up at Yami with sleepy adoration as a gentle smile crossed his face.

{Yami, you're here} a small voice said over their link.

Of course I am. Where else would I be? his companion questioned.

{I don't know. I just couldn't find you. You were gone} Yugi answered.

I've been right here the whole time, hikari. I told you that what saw was just a bad dream, Yami said gently, It's nothing for you to worry about.

{But it felt so real} his light protested.

Yami sighed. That was the problem with the dreams that his little light had. Regardless of whether they were good or bad, there was always a certain degree of reality to them that could convince the little one that the images seen were true. When this happened, it sometimes took a great deal on Yami's part to show him that what he saw was nothing more than a figment of his imagination.

Taking Yugi's petite hand into his own, Yami placed it palm down against his chest. Then he did the same with his own by placing it against Yugi's small chest. Beneath sensitive palms, it was possible for each to feel the rhythm of the other's heartbeat. In perfect synch, the set was strong and steady, pulsing with the immortal energy that was theirs.

This is the only reality that you need to believe in, aibou. The one that connects us for all time. No dream can ever compare to that, never, Yami said.

Yugi blushed slightly at his dark one's words. Yami always knew how to speak the truth and still seem a bit romantic at the same time. It made him feel better that his other half was there and would speak that way for him. It was then that he knew a vast part of the love that Yami felt for him and that he was safe with the dark one that so many others would fear.

Of course I love you, little one, Yami chuckled warmly in his mind, How could I possibly not? You're my hikari, my aibou, and the one that I would give anything for. I wouldn't trade having you for anything. You're mine.

Again, his lover couldn't help but blush at Yami's words and at his mistake. Without really meaning too, he had left his side of the link wide open. So it had been easy for Yami to pick up on the last few thoughts that had been running through Yugi's mind. It really wasn't such a big deal, but it certainly left the hikari open for more of his counterpart's soothing comments that made Yugi blush so much.

As adorable as he thought Yugi looked in such a state, Yami decided that it would be a good idea to get his hikari back to sleep. Doing so would allow them both to forget the disturbance and to be prepared for the coming tasks. Besides, there would be time enough later for Yami to watch his little one blush the next time they were alone in their chambers.

It's nothing that you need to worry about right now, aibou. Just go back to sleep. It will help you feel better, Yami coaxed.

{Are you sure it won't just make it worse, Yami? It didn't help the last time} Yugi complained.

I'm sure, aibou, Yami chuckled in his mind,I won't let it happen.

{You won't?} Yugi said hopefully.

I promise that I won't let it bother you again, hikari mine. Now go back to sleep, Yami promised.

{Okay} Yugi said quietly.

Smiling in relief, the little one snuggled closer to the one that held him for warmth and security as he started to drift off to sleep again. More than willing to oblige his companion, Yami simply held him more tightly. He smiled himself as he did so, glad that he was able to help his little one in any way that he could. To him, that always meant that things were right in their world and that everything would go smoothly from there.

He sat there for a moment, continuing to watch his little hikari like he had been doing before the nightmare had provided an unwanted but somewhat welcomed distraction. It still amazed him that someone so innocent and beautiful could ever love him. But then, that was how fate worked, wasn't it? One moment you were expecting it to give you one thing and fate ended giving you something that you least suspected but needed even more.

In his case, it was being given someone who loved him without question and who would continue to do so throughout eternity. For Yami, there was no greater gift possible. Something that he would forever be grateful for towards the forces that had brought them both into being.

You're my treasure, Yugi. Never forget that or that I love you, little hikari, he sighed as sleep once again began to claim his mind.

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