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Shiroi Hikari: Wolf's Rain is my favorite anime, but I had to research some more before I could start a fanfiction for it. But be warned, the characters may seem OOC a bit, as I've only seen the episodes they have shown on Adult Swim, and a few things that I have researched. Also, this fic will probably be pretty slow, as I tend to get writer's block often, and almost always it has been when I am in the middle of writing a chapter.- Anyways, here's some more information on this fic:

Name: White Evolution

Genre: Action/Adventure/Alternate Universe/Romance/Angst/Mystery/Humor

Rating: PG-13, might go up or down in later chapters. (I'm always changing my ratings around.)

Pairings: Kiba/Oc (Not 'till later chapters)

Summary: It seems that young Toboe has a sister, and she is not at all like her younger brother. Will this feisty she-wolf melt the white wolf's heart? Or is she planning something much more dangerous? It seems that poor Kiba never knows what's going on inside Cheylie's head...especially if she always seems to be changing emotions faster than a pregnant woman...

Cheylie's name is pronounced 'Shay-Li'. You can find more information on her at the end of the chapter. Oh yeah, most of the fic is going to be in Cheylie's POV, but if it changes I will let you know. And now that stupid doesn't allow special characters, you will have to figure out for yourselves where things change. If you can't, just head on over to http: and search for 'Animechick8'.

Pig's fly!

White Evolution

Chapter One


I crouched low as I shifted myself into an offensive position, my natural instincts taking over. The wind ruffled the black fur of my coat, the scent of my prey floating with it. I bunched my hind legs up under me as I prepared to leap, the unsuspecting bird pecking the ground for food. I leaped, but suddenly felt a pain course through my veins. My golden eyes widened slightly, the aftermath of the gunshot still hung in the air. My body flopped to the ground, my original prey was now long gone. I struggled to get my legs under me, the blood was now flowing out of the wound freely. A sharp bark rang through the air and I instantly crouched into a fighting position, bearing my teeth in a snarl at the dog that stood in front of me.

"Blue! Did we get her?" A male's voice called out. I flinched at the sound. The dog, Blue, let out a low bark and a man came into my bloody view. I growled as he smirked at me, and cocked the gun again, preparing to shoot. Suddenly a different voice rang throughout the cold air. My head whipped towards the sound, my senses overwhelming me. A large white wolf plunged out of the fading light in the alley, and attached it's mouth to the man's arm. The man howled in pain, and moved his gun so it now faced the white wolf. I quickly launched myself into action as I charged towards the man, and sank my teeth into his warm flesh. But I had forgotten about Blue. I yelped as the large dog bit into my hind leg, and in return I had let go of the man's gun arm. Everything froze as the shot rang out, I closed my eyes tightly, thinking this would be the end. But suddenly another wolf was there with me, a small brown wolf with three silver bands around his front leg.

"Come on, Kiba will take care of Quent." He said, I blinked in confusion, but followed the little wolf anyways, only glancing back to see the white wolf rip the gun out of the man's, Quent's, grasp. I heard a howl of rage behind me as I followed the little one through the alley, and then leaped onto the roof, where two more wolves greeted me. I sat and caught my breath for a few seconds before the white wolf joined us. I barely managed to stand up before the strange wolves were off again. The small brown one from before looked back at me.

"Follow us." I nodded at his request, too tired and confused to realize that I didn't even know these wolves, yet I was following them to who-knows-where. But that little brown wolf...he seemed so familiar...

Okay, not bad for the first chapter, though it was sorta short. I guess it's sorta like a prologue. Don't worry, the next chapters will be WAY longer. Here is some more information on Cheylie:

Name: Cheylie

Gender: Female (Though Tsume seems to say differently...)

Age: In human form, around 17. In wolf form...

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Black

Hair Color: Raven Black

Eye Color (Wolf): Gold

Eye Color (Human): Dark Green

Height: Around 5'5"


Attitude: Always seems to be changing emotions. Is nothing like her younger brother Toboe. Lives by the rule 'Kill Or Be Killed'. Doesn't know what to think about Paradise (or the boyos for that matter...). She and Tsume always seem to be nagging at each other and getting into fights. Cheylie and Hige seem to get along well, and both have the same appetites.

I might add more information later, but the above is mainly it.

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