From The Desert Sands To The Distant Stars

"So you're telling me that you figured out the trick to utilizing an ancient Egyptian artifact, and now you use it to save the world?"

The sandy-haired man nodded. "Pretty much."

Yugi snorted and shook his head. "Small world. I mean, my Millenium puzzle–" here he held out the golden pyramid-shaped pendant, "–is much smaller than your Gate of Stars, but you wouldn't believe how much trouble it's caused – and stopped."

Smiling back at the younger teen, Daniel Jackson said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of our trouble comes from other planets, but it's amazing how much trouble the rest of SG-1 and I can get into just on base. We just got back from this world where an alien being made robot copies of us. So there were two of everybody, kinda like you and your Yami."

Shrugging, Yugi said, "Except Yami and I pretty much share my body. We're working on creating him one of his own, but for the moment we're pretty much one person – with two minds."

"Reminds me of the time this other alien switched everybody's consciousnesses. My mind ended up in the alien's body while he ended up in mine, and Jack and Teal'c switched with each other. It was crazy."

"Yeah, but at least you could tell who was who," Yugi pointed out. "Before Yami and I figured out how to use magic to detect other Millennium holders, we had a hard time telling Ryou and Bakura apart."

"Speaking of magic – is that how you learned to speak ancient Egyptian?" Daniel asked. "I mean, Isis Ishtar is supposedly an expert on obscure Egyptian dialects, but even she couldn't help me with these symbols. The tablet used hieroglyphics I've never seen before, but you took one look at them and understood everything."

Yugi blushed and rubbed one hand against the back of his neck in modesty. "Ah, well, Yami used to be Pharaoh in Egypt about 5,000 years ago, and while he doesn't remember everything, he does remember the language."

Daniel blinked. "Whoa. And I thought dealing with aliens who called themselves Gods was a big deal. Isn't Yami having a problem with culture shock?"

Yugi shook his head. "Not really. I mean, he still thinks the telephone is magic and won't go near the microwave, but Yami was King of Games – and my grandpa runs a Game Shop. He's having a ball."

Daniel chuckled hollowly and smirked. "He likes games, huh? There was this planet we went to with this being who called himself 'The Gamekeeper'. He was a very sadistic man, and liked manipulating people's emotions. I'd like to see him go up against Yami, and get a taste of his own medicine."

Yugi's eyes flashed from violet to red, and in a much deeper voice than before, he said, "That could be arranged." Pulling a single card from his deck, he held it out to Daniel and asked, "Why not try this?"

Daniel burst out laughing as he read the caption on the card: 'Just Desserts'.