Usagi will be referred to as Serena, because I wanted to use the name O'Donnell… so everyone say hello to Serena O'Donnell. :-D

Ages: Serena (21), Sam (50ish), Kiba (around 22), Rafe (40s), and Jane (30s). Characters that arrive later in the story will have their ages posted.

Sam the doorman, Rafe and Jane the couple belong to me. Any other character belongs to their respective owners.


Chapter one:

A Dog, or A Wolf

Slipping her coat over her shoulders, Serena moved towards the door. Maybe I'll stop at the grocery store? Checking her things, she made sure she had everything on her. There wasn't time to come back for anything.

"Have a good evening Miss O'Donnell." the elderly doorman smiled as she reached the front door. "You too Sam," she called back to him. He held the door for her, and she slipped out into another dreary day. Some summer this was going to be.

Serena shuffled her purse, and stack of books, as she stepped down to the sidewalk. Nodding to a passing young man, she turned right. Its kind of cold. Maybe I'll go tomorrow to get food.

Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, she glanced around her apprehensively. It was still early, but that didn't keep the thieves in their holes.

Daylight is just as dangerous as the night.

She nodded in acknowledgment to another pedestrian she passed. It was nice to know there were some nice people still out there, though.

"Jane, I think maybe you need to lie down." She hardly paid the voice any of her attention when she passed the steps leading up to a boardinghouse. "Those are only myths…" the voice continued.

"No I saw one, it was big, I tell you!" the second voice sounded almost hysterical.

The front door she passed flew open. "Jane! Jane!" A frantic male voice called out from inside.

A portly woman with a crop of black hair threw on her jacket, as she stepped out into the brisk weather. She was shuffling down the few steps, when an elderly man reached the doorway.

"Jane come back inside, its cold!" he sounded beyond worried, maybe a bit annoyed.

Serena hesitated at her spot, hovering there just passed the stairs. She was staring down at the ground in concentration. Anything that shattered the peaceful streets was news to her. Whether she was off work or not, she always found time to listen.

"No Rafe, I wont come back inside! I can't live with someone who doesn't believe anything I say." The woman had whirled on her feet, looking up at the man. It must be a reoccurring event, since no one else on the street stopped to stare.

"I saw it!" the woman shouted, "With my very own eyes. It was white, and it had yellow eyes. I know a wolf when I see one!"

A wolf?

Serena lifted her head to the couple. Surely the woman was senile… "It was probably just a big dog Jane. We both know wolves don't exist anymore," the older man with graying hair was trying to sound reasonable. Which he did. But Jane appeared to be unconvinced. "You'll see Rafe, I'll find it, and I'll prove it to you!"

Watching with wide curious eyes, Serena followed the young woman movements as she stalked off, going in the opposite direction Serena was heading. Above her, the door slammed, and Rafe was gone.

The scene was over, time to get on with life.

Serena started walking again. But now her mind was preoccupied. Wolves? In the city? But even if that was true why would one come here? This city wasn't fit for wolves, or any animals for that matter.

Hugging her arms over her chest, she hardly looked up as she walked home. Just another two block, and then I can snuggle up under my covers.

One more block, and I can eat a hearty dish of noodles and hot cocoa. She smiled at that thought. How that sounded good.

Looking up, she stopped suddenly. She stood at the mouth of an alleyway, which was next door to her apartment. But instead of continuing, and climbing up the steps to the front door she stood frozen in her spot.

Wh-what was that?

It sounded like breathing, heavy pants of something sleeping uneasily. Maybe just another homeless person taking refuge in the alley, she thought frantically.But even that didn't reassure herself this time.

Slowly she turned her head to the dark alley. It was still light out, but the tall two building cast dark shadows down the length of the alley. She saw it, just as she had when she caught sight of it from the corner of her eye.

It laid huddled near a dumpster, unaware of its surroundings. Hesitantly she stepped forward. It was big, big I tell you!

It was white, and it had yellow eyes.

It was definitely big, much bigger than any dog she had ever come across.

But it couldn't be a wolf right? she reasoned with herself. Wolves didn't exist in this world. It was too tainted here to hold such a beautiful creature caged in its walls.

She glanced around herself uneasily, hoping no one would see. She only had one choice to make, because any other would be too sinful to commit.


Serena pushed the door to her apartment open. Grunting, she bumped into it with her hip, before walking inside. Using her foot she kicked it shut.

The burden in her arms was getting heavier and heavier by the minute.

Drawing in a sharp breath, she turned around and headed for the kitchen. She needed to hurry, if she planned to eat dinner any time soon. Setting the bags down on the counter, she let out a sigh of relief. "What a chore."

Lifting her head suddenly, she turned to look behind her. Her new companion stood in the doorway. It was favoring its back leg, but that didn't stop it from looking dangerous.

"So you're awake." she smiled despite the spike of fear she felt in her heart. This thing could easily tear her apart, that much was obvious.

Serena turned back to her groceries. "You should be lying down, that cut looked pretty deep. The bandages should hold for a day or two," she was pulling out canned food, and boxes as she talked to him.

Humming softly to herself, she moved about the kitchen, putting away the groceries she had bought at the store a few blocks away. Pulling the panty door open, she peered inside. "Hmm I'm almost out of apples, I thought I had more." She knitted her brows as she studied the nearly empty spot for a second.

Serena sighed, and shoved the door close, before turning back around. Her guest hadn't moved from its spot. And the low growls it emitted, told her it was getting upset.

Laughing nervously, she inched towards the fridge. Golden eyes followed her every move. Lips curled back into a snarl, and she could make out its sharp teeth. No this was not an animal to play around with.

"You know…" she pulled the freezer door open and looked inside. "I bet you're hungry. That's probably why you're looking at me as if I'm the main course."

She lifted her hand and ran it through her loose hair in frustration. "Um, so what do you think?" Looking at her guest from over her shoulder, she smiled. "Pork, beef of chicken?" she asked. When she wasn't given a reply, she elaborated, "I would offer fish, but I ate the last of it the night before, sorry."

Serena peered back into the freezer. "I guess I'll take one of each. You look really hungry." She set out some steak, a chicken breast, and a package of pork chops.

"I'll warn you," she stated. "I'm still learning how to cook. I don't usually eat meat, so I don't try cooking this stuff as much. I prefer noodles, I'm a killer noodle cook!"

She laughed out loud at herself. "But since you're the guest I'll relent and give meat a try." She shrugged her shoulders lazily. "I usually under cook all my meat, when I try to make it, you know for like the holidays and stuff." Serena glanced back at her guest who stood in her kitchen doorway. "But then you probably eat it that way."

Carrying the frozen meat with her, she brought it over to the microwave. "Give me a few minutes to defrost them." Tossing the steak inside, she hit a few buttons before stabbing the start button.

The microwave clicked on, and inside the steak started to rotate as the heat kicked on. "Wow it sure is toasty in here. It usually takes forever for that heater to warm this place."

Shrugging out of her jacket, she moved to the small kitchen table and draped the coat over the back of a chair.

"Do you want some water? I don't know when you last had something to drink, so…" she looked over to find that the her guest wasn't snarling at her anymore. But his eyes were locked on her every move.

She moved to the sink, and poured some cold water into a pan. "That should do it," she exclaimed. Setting the pan down on the floor near the sink, she stared at her companion. "You may be a guest and all, but I refuse to feed you by hand. You're a grown…" Serena tilted her head slightly. "Well a grown something."

Sliding the pan forward, she kept her distance, not wanting to alarm it. When he didn't move forward, she stood, and took a step away from the water.

He sniffed the air, his snout testing the air, before he hobbled forward. "I really wish you would rest. That leg wont heal if you're walking on it." He snorted at her, making her scowl in reply.

She watched as it lapped up the water slowly, and she smiled. Turning, she moved back to the microwave. Opening the door she pulled the steak out and tossed in the pork. Setting the time, she hit start. Staring at the slab of meat, she felt her stomach rumble with hunger. She wouldn't mind having a juicy steak, herself. Even though she rarely ate meat.

"You could probably just eat it off the bone right?" she asked, glancing back at her guest. He had finished off the water, and was looking up at her. "I've never done this before, so if you can like give me hints, that would be great." She lifted a brow when he hardly even batted an eye at her.

Growling beneath her breath, she tossed the meat to the floor. "Fine, choke on it for all I care!" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Its been a long day, so I'm going to go lie down." Lifting her nose into the air, she stalked past the untamed beast, and entered her living room.

Serena kicked off her shoes, and stalked out of the room, heading down the hallway. She entered her bedroom, and not bothering to shut the door, moved to her bed.

A soft sigh escaped her, as she fell back onto the mattress. Ungrateful beast, she mentally shouted. See if she showed any kindness to another soul again. Serena scoffed, not if they're all like him.

"Well I'm not going to let him ruin my beauty sleep." by then, she was already drifting off. Unconsciously, she rolled over onto her side, and her eyelids began to droop. "I'll change the bandages in the morning…" she murmured, before she fell into a deep sleep.


Well this is my first Wolf Rain crossover, and one of the few that are out there. I've been writing this story for a while now, and I've decided that it actually seems to be going somewhere, so I thought I would put it up.

This story sort of spins off from the first episode of Wolf Rain. The timeframe starts in around after Kiba breaks out of the lab, and before he decides to get captured again. There wont be any sailors in this, just a few of the characters, mainly my favorite, Serena.

I'm not sure whether to have Cheza in this or not. I might add her, but she wont be a high priority. If you want her in here, you'll have to ask for her.

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