A.N - Hey people! Thanks for clicking on my story! This is just basically a diary of Steve's. It's meant to be short at the beginning, don't worry. . Enjoy!


Tongue moist.

Scars -fingers - all ten.

See photos below:


Met Hurston? Faked death?


He has become a


Funeral tomorrow. Will wait. Watch.

Kill him.



It's been a week since Darren 'died'. One whole week since he was put under the ground, dead. One whole week since he was buried.

One whole week since Hurston dug him back up again.

I never believed this could happen. I was the one that was meant to become the assistant - not DARREN! I tried going there - I tried killing him - but how can I kill the person that has been my best friend since when we were little?

I hate him.


But I can't kill him. Yet. By the cross on my hand, by the blood I spilt that day in the cemetary facing Darren, I swore I would train and train and train, that I would learn everything there was to know about vampires, and even if I had learnt everything, I would learn more, until the day I would face him again. Until the day I will kill him. I don't care how long it takes me - I will hunt him down and kill him. I want to watch his face writhe in agony as I pull his limbs apart, as I peel his skin from his flesh and sew his mouth shut with garlic.

I want to see him begging for his life in front of me. I want to hear him scream. I want him DEAD.

And it will be by my left hand that I will kill him.


We lost today in soccer. It was the first time in - well, ever - that we lost. The team... they really miss Darren. I admit, for a second, I almost missed him too. And then I looked at my hand. And then I remembered. I had vowed to kill him. There was no way I was going to waste time in missing him - just because we lost a game in soccer.


Annie keeps asking questions. She knows something strange is up. Should I tell her? Should I tell her?

No. I won't tell her. She's too young - she's only nine, for crying out loud! And plus, she's a girl. She won't be able to handle the truth. The truth that her 'oh so beloved' brother has become a creature of the night. Killing people just to survive. It sickens me to think that he would become like that.

What sickens me more, though, is that I wanted to be the same once.

I don't care. I don't care. I don't CARE.

I'm not like that anymore. I don't have 'evil blood'. I don't kill people! I'm just wild - ADHD, that's all, dammit! I DON'T GO AROUND SUCKING PEOPLE'S BLOOD!



She found my diary. Read it. Reckons I ought to go see the doctors again. Plus she got a phone call from school. They think I've gone crazy or something. Just because I'm staring at maps all geo lessons and making stakes in woodworks doesn't mean I'm crazy, dammit!

I'm driven, that's what. Driven to revenge.


Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years.

Its been four years since Darren died. I'm sixteen now. These last few years I've been looking through every bit of information on vampires I could get my hands on. Every website on the net, every book at the librabries - I think the librarians are sick of seeing me, actually.

But this is not enough. I need experience, real experience, before I can hunt him down and truly kill him. So I dropped out of school. I was packing my things when I came upon this diary. It was hidden down the back of my desk. I think I threw it there a few years back in a fit of rage - something my mother had said, probably.

Annie still thinks something's up. But I can't tell her. She's still not old enough. She's only thirteen. Yes, true, that was basically my age when I found out, but still...

Tomorrow, I go out and face the world.

Tomorrow, I start my new life.

Tomorrow - I am a vampire hunter.

I will kill Darren Shan.