Disclaimers: Same ole.. DJL...

I wrote this for a friend who needed to be cheered up. Short, fluffy, romance.. and gasp Jinny/Teddy, no CD&Nate!!! shocker, eh? ;)

A Day Off

Jinny woke up to the ringing of her alarm clock. "Damn thing!" she muttered and tossed it off her nightstand. Then she felt her lover's arms encircle her from behind and his kisses in her neck. "Don't tell me you set that thing." She muttered sleepily.

"As a matter of fact I did." He answered and caressed through her hair.

"Teddy, why?" She whined. "We have the day off!"

"Uh huh... but I have a surprise for you." He kissed her temple and got up. "Go take a shower while I'm making breakfast." He said and left her bedroom.

She groaned. "That'd better be a damn good surprise." For a split second she considered to turn around for another five minutes, but the sooner she got up the sooner she'd be with Teddy again. So she got up and took a quick shower, got dressed and joined him in the kitchen and grinned broadly. "Now where's the promised breakfast?"

"In here." He held up a basket and smirked.

"What?" She looked at him puzzled. "That's a basket."

"A picnic basket." He grinned, took her hand and dragged her out and to the car.

"Teeeeeeeeeeeeeddy." She whined again. "I'm not even awake yet!"

"Then doze some more." He kissed the top of her nose and put a scarf over her eyes.

Upon being blindfolded she growled again. "I hate surprises."

He just grinned and drove to their destination. Once there he opened the cardoor for her and picked her up. "Okay, take it off. We're here."

She took the cloth off her eyes and smiled at him. "And where is here? This is just a house... a beautiful house though." She looked around and he carried her inside.

"Wrong." He sat her down as they were inside. "This is our house. I bought it."

"Whoa... what?" She was stunned.

Suddenly he got down on his knee in front of her and took her hand into his. "Jinny Louise Exstead, I love you with all my heart and I bought this house because I was hoping you'd say yes when I'd ask you to be my wife..." He took a deep breath. "So... will you please marry me?"

Of course that stunned her even more. She flung herself into his arms. "Hell yes!" She exclaimed before passionately kissing him.

The End