Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho respectfully belongs to the wonderful Yoshihiro Togashi.

A/N:  -snicker- It's not BAON, but I was having a grand good time being absolutely silly with Litchick and we were tossing out ficlets… So the two I wrote for her are getting posted to be shared.  Not to be taken seriously, but just a moment of mindless, purely Yu Yu Hakusho fun.

No Bet Too Small

Hiei and Kurama stared with intent concentration at their marked quarry, expressions tense and waiting for the first sign of anything out of the ordinary.  A flinch, and sound... the first move to instigate a response of action.

Hiei, growing impatient, started to shift his weight only to have Kurama's hand snap out and grab his wrist to hold him in place, "Wait." 

Hiei scowled, "You lose, Fox..." 

Kurama shook his head, eyes never leaving that one focused spot, "Not yet.  Just wait." 

After what seemed an eternity, a faint sound filled the stillness of the air, soon joined by another as Hiei scowled in frustration.  Kurama let out a shout of triumph, preening as he held out his hand to the hybrid and smirking as he counted out the agreed upon number of coins.  "See?  A watched pot still boils," Kurama drawled smugly.

Hiei rolled his eyes and stalked away.


Yuusuke's eyes narrowed as he stared at Hiei across the short distance separating them, feeling a bead of sweat roll down the side of his face as those unblinking claret eyes continued to bore into his own.  Neither moved or blinked, hands poised and waiting for just the right moment to strike...

His first attempt blocked, drawing a curse from his lips as the hybrid let a faint smirk quirk his lips upwards. 


And again.

The crack of wood sounded unnaturally loud in the pristine stillness, both men focused on the victory waiting just beyond reach until finally Yuusuke felt his fingers lose their grip.

He stared in horror over the edge of the table as everything seemed to happen in slow motion, opening his mouth and reaching out too late as the twin sticks fell to the floor, bouncing twice before settling with a clatter.

Hiei smirked, turning his own chopsticks down to the plate only to scowl in confusion when he heard the unsatisfying tink instead of locating that last prized piece of sushi.

Startled, his eyes darted up just in time to see Kurama swallow and give him his most innocent expression, "What?"