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AN: Takes place three years after the finale. Hunter does some thinking as he attends Blake and Tori's wedding. This is my first time attempt at writing a story through the eyes of a character.

As I stand in the beautifully decorated church surrounded by many different varieties of flowers, listening to Kelly sniffling on one side of me and Cam sneezing on the other one thought comes to me.

My little bro finally got the girl.

I'm happy for Blake because its obvious Tori is his soul mate, there was a time when everybody could see it and thought Blake would never get the courage to tell Tori how he felt.

Being three years older I've always been protective of Blake and have always been ready to step in with advice or to just lend him a sympathetic ear.

It has been an interesting journey sometimes great, sometimes filled with pain but through it all we've had each other.

Our adoptive parents died when we were little kids, and a man we had always known as Sensei took us to a place called the Thunder Ninja Academy, and it was there he taught us to be ninjas.

Then shortly after Blake's nineteenth birthday we were taken prisoner by Lothor but when he saw we had been given morphers, he made us believe that the Sensei of the Wind Academy had killed our parents.

Days later we were in Blue Bay Harbor and Blake laid eyes on Tori, and I had never seen him react that way to a girl. Soon Lothor was revealed to be the true creep he was but by then the damage was done.

Blake had used Tori to find the way into Ninja Ops and needless to say after we all had to work together their relationship was strained.

After awhile we all noticed it was transforming into a flirtation. I kept telling Blake to tell Tori his feelings but I guess he was afraid to ruin what friendship they had.

Then came the day Lothor was defeated and I watched Blake with Tori, come on you idiot! I wanted to yell at him tell her! But he didn't so I made my appearance to tell them I would soon be a teacher at the Thunder Academy.

But I knew Blake and Tori still talked on the phone and wrote letters and we thought he'd never tell her that was until she was in a car accident and nearly died.

I was with Blake when we both got the news and the look on his face was like nothing I had ever seen on anyone, he looked like he had been destroyed and the cry of anguish that came from him, I know I will never forget.

We both hurried to Blue Bay and Blake stayed by Tori's side refusing to leave and putting his career on hold, slowly Tori recovered and Blake was with her every step of the way.

Then one morning he called me up saying today would be the day he would finally reveal to Tori how he felt.

"Do you Tori take this man to be your husband?"

I snap out of my trip down memory lane just in time to hear Tori reply "I do."

I briefly catch Blake's gaze and it is one of happiness the kind I've never seen on him before, and I know now my little brother has come into his own, and no longer needs his big brother to look after him.

As they kiss Kelly begins to weep with happiness, "They're so perfect together."

"Yeah I know." I reply.

Cam's only response is to begin a series of loud sneezes.

As Blake and Tori walk by me he looks at me then at Cam, I have only told him my feelings for Cam and Blake keeps telling me I should tell Cam.

"After all you were always on me about my feelings for Tori," That was a conversation from three nights ago. Maybe I'll tell Cam my feelings someday but for now this day belongs to Blake and Tori.


AN: I'm considering doing a Blake fic from his Point of View as he watches Hunter and Cam. But I want to see the reaction I get to this piece and how many requests I get.